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Returning player questions (comments)

Twelve Days of Crestmas - Day 4 (comments)

Need help with blighted build (comments)

Blade Dancer Build (comments)

Twelve Days of Crestmas - Day 3 (comments)

Returning player (comments)

Archeage Amish Paradise (Video i made 3 years ago, re uploaded it today) (comments)

Archeage Crestmas - Day 2 (comments)

brand new player needs help and friends.... (comments)

Returning player with a few questions regarding pvp/faction sizes (comments)

Nvidia Control Panel Optimization (comments)

Archeage 101 - What does the future hold? (comments)

Need help choosing the right class. (comments)

Twelve Days of Crestmas - Day 1 (comments)

Happy holidays, all. See you guys in 2019. (comments)

new player unsure what class to pick (comments)

someone help me please.. i cant get out of this spot... (comments)

12/12/2018 Whats the deal here?! (comments)

What questions do new players have? (comments)

I can not craft the rampage s200 lite anymore? (comments)

EU Fresh start (comments)

Day 1 player thinking about returning (comments)

There will be a holiday event this year after the patch on 12/19. (comments)

NEW TO AA, How do I build a Reaper for PVP? (comments)

Plate or leather for Melee PVP/PVE specc? (comments)

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