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Looking for an "active" guild on the Nui server NA (comments)

Discord raffle Aria Friday (comments)

Disconnected - Isolated to ArcheAge (comments)

Malediction builds (comments)

Gamingo deleted my forum post, help me here! (comments)

Archeage 5.1 Aria Melee (comments)

Failed to load Game Data (comments)

New player looking for active guild (comments)

Returning player (comments)

Hiram build for ShadeHunter (comments)

First time soothing in months. 10/10 would have fun again (comments)

Is it worth trying out right now? (comments)

Account Recovery (No Access to Email) (comments)

returning player (comments)

Archeage 101 (2019 Edition) - Social Organizations (comments)

What do you enjoy? What do you not enjoy? What do you login for? (comments)

New fresh start or go legacy? (comments)

Archeage - The Ultimate Class Guide - All 11 Skillsets & What to Play (comments)

For Science! (Deathmaw max swim speed) (comments)

I'm an old player who hasn't played in years, and a friend asked me if the game was worth getting into. So, what do you guys think about the game in its current state? Is it worth getting back into? (comments)

Archeage 101 - Chocolate Event 2019 (comments)

The de normalisation of mounts (comments)

Considering everyone on legacy is pissed off about exploiters not being banned. (comments)

CM iArches responds to multiple exploits. Crafting dupe = banned. Apex dupe = banned. Erenor exploit = enjoy your endgame weapon?!? (comments)

Ping independent melee class? (comments)

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