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Submit your ideas for an FAQ! (comments)

Millenium Mammoth (comments)

Best tank class for the meta? (comments)

Have there been any updates to the game recently or coming soon? (comments)

Might come back now that Trino is gone. Need help for class. (comments)

Summer with Xirk (comments)

Any build for a mage PVE/PVP? (comments)

is powerleveling possible on this game? (comments)

Played archeage in the alpha/beta. Is it still worth playing? (comments)

Fishing bug - Fish swims away (comments)

Aria's east nation not friendly (comments)

IS it normal for Archrage to crash a lot? (comments)

Next events loot, expected with 5.5 patch. (comments)

Daddy decides to go for a stroll on the beach. (comments)

Please give me a updated Darkrunner build (comments)

Question about skills (comments)

Returning Darkrunner question! (comments)

Crooked Peanuts Alliance tries to deny West Pugs from Thunderwing Titan, Good Guys Nation saves the day! (comments)

2h or DW? (comments)

Is this game good now? (comments)

Gamigo support is a joke (comments)

New player question (comments)

Returning Player - Faction Balance (comments)

Small Scale Healer PVP <3 (comments)

AA guide discord server up! (comments)

Stabbing them with arrows Episode 2 (comments)

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