So we all know that ARK swore they wouldn’t charge for DLC… Guess what!

Long story short, the community is in a huge uproar (as expected) and the Studio Wildcard Devs decided it would be good to release a statement. (enter troll faces here)

“Put simply: we are absolutely committed to driving aggressive development towards a solid, feature-robust game launch for Ark: Survival Evolved. Everyone at Wildcard wakes up every day thinking about how we can make Ark into a better game today than it was the day before,” says Jat. “It’s not always easy, but our intent is ever-forward progress towards a retail release that will  be far more ambitious in scope and features than our original vision when we launched Ark into Steam Early Access in June 2015. Your feedback enables us to continually expand the game to become better than ever!”

I hear excuses! Does anyone else hear excuses???

But wait.. theres more…

“We determined that it is more sound to iterate on these systems during Early Access than after retail launch, given the significant risks involved if we didn’t ‘get it right’. While that meant unveiling the first Expansion early, it also means an easier time integrating further post-launch Expansions into the Ark network.

“We understand that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and we appreciate the enjoyment people seem to be getting out of this initial view of how Expansion Arks can work. Now that we have the systems in place to support them, we can ensure minimal integration issues with subsequent releases after Ark: Survival Evolved itself has launched.”


You can read it in all of if fail glory for yourself HERE


You know when money’s involved the thieves always find a way…