BDO Certain Items Disabled in last patch due to bug

According to BDO… In the latest patch, many types of bottles and the shovels have been disabled due to a bug they’ve found.  You may see their page HERE or you may read it quoted below.


Shovels & Bottles Temporarily Disabled

A bug with the current implementation of the “Shovel” item, as well as the various types of Empty Bottles, has been discovered by the BDO Team.  As a result of this, we’ll be temporarily blocking the use of these items while our Developers work to apply a remedy.  If a player attempts to use one of the blocked items, the message “Cannot Apply Results to Memory” will appear.

We understand this may directly impair the ability to complete some quests, in addition to other aspects of the game requiring the use of these items. At this time we ask for your patience while a fix is developed and applied.

While we work on fixing this matter, players will still be able to purchase Purified Water from the Auction House or use Thinning to convert Cactus Sap into Purified Water.  Alternatively, there are two nodes you can invest in to have your workers gather Bags of Muddy Water; Kunid’s Vacation Spot & Leical Falls.  If you have not had a chance to visit these nodes before, we have provided a screenshot to help you find them:

Information about this, specifically regarding our best estimated time for restoration of the blocked items, will be delivered through this post: HERE

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