Here’s what we know…

Current Version: v257.4
– Fixed “Downloading” alternate Survivors behavior when travelling Cross-ARK
– Engram Prerequisites now unlock properly
– Fixed some small possibility of client crashes when unloading streaming levels
– Queen Bees no longer die if you deal too much damage to smashing hives, nor do they lose affinity when taking damage.
– Improved TrueSky and non-TrueSky lighting on TheCenter

Highly recommend servers upgrade to this version ASAP!
– Server-side: Fixed incorrect collision on TheCenter, and various other misc map issues.
– Server-side: Fixed Tek Engrams not being learned when defeating Bosses.
– Server-side: Fixed destroying wild beehives reporting into Tribe Log.
– Client-side: Improved Underwater TheCenter lighting
– Client-side: Fixed gamepad input not working properly
– Client-side: Fixed not being able to enter numbers on certain text boxes
– Client-side: Fixed Escape not properly closing Inventory Menu after confirmation dialog
– Client-side: Fixed Drop Torches freaking out on clients
– You can no longer upload Bee Hive items, but now you can upload Queen Bees