Endeavour started many years ago as a small group of friends that met on a game, and said hey “lets form a guild”! Over the years (its over double digits) people left for other games, or just had to take breaks because real life took over their game life, and we had to form a way to keep in touch.

Thus, the Endeavour Gaming Community was born.

At the core, Endeavour is and always will be about enjoying games, whatever they may be, staying in contact with each other and just simply having a base of friends that no matter how many miles separates us – we will always be there for each other.

We are a small group, not everyone gets to join – and our core belief is that the gaming world should not be enjoyed alone – it is best experienced with others. Even if it is solo game, there is fun in sharing moments with others.

Kindness, respect, honor, truth, and forgiveness are our core beliefs and what we built our foundation on.

We have also learned as we grew together through the years that compromise, communication and accomplishing goals as a group is the best way to survive the pitfalls and drama that being a “guild/faction/group” often brings.

The beauty of the gaming world is there are people who come from all walks of life, with different backgrounds and just general life stories. It expands out individual lives to incredible views that otherwise we wouldn’t have, but with that comes different points of views that must be respected and worked with.

We are located as small groups in many games, across many platforms.

We are not perfect, but we believe in loving our imperfections and making our friendships work and last.