Archeage Unchained FAQ (comments)

PLEASE Temporarily disable the Archepass.. (comments)

This is why there are Queues (comments)

The amount of people willing to cheat this time around is absolutely insane. (comments)

This mmo feels incredible (comments)

#Landgate (comments)

And so far it's going great (comments)

Start Kicking/banning people abusing AFK Macro/exploits to fix high server population issue (comments)

Reset before Land rush?... (comments)

This is seriously getting ridiculous (comments)

2 hours before the land grab. Someone give this man a blanket. (comments)

I haven't felt buyer's remorse in a really long time, but 4 days of not being able to even make a character on my friends' server is frankly outrageous, and I can't understand how people are defending this launch. (comments)

Altage still a thing... (comments)

How was your land grab experience? (comments)

We should keep demanding pack retrieval for every character (comments)

We need a character transfer system!! (comments)

The ArchePass should have been an attendance reward (comments)

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[Exploit] ArchePass World Boss quest abuse (comments)

If nothing is done about abusers & cheaters this early in the game, this game will die quick. (comments)

Crashed just before land grab!!!! (comments)

You will get land. (comments)

Unchained is dead. Archepass Exploit results after 3 days. T3 Hiram Celestial. (comments)

Pre Land Grab Survey (NA) (comments)

I feel like Seafolk titties aren't getting enough attention. (comments)

Do you think gamigo has high level of influence to XL games to deliver what they want to their players? (comments)