Zidllicka (1)
Trying to get into AAU but having problem what skill trees to go, is there like some web with what builds are good right now?
Powerism (1)
Pick an “archetype” like mage, archer, melee, is healer. Then go from there - the game tells you what synergizes.
For mage, malediction/sorcery/shadowplay is king right now.
For archer, archery/songcraft/shadowplay and archery/auramancy/shadowplay are meta.
For melee, battlerage/shadowplay/x is meta (the x can be aura, occult, defense, hell even sorcery).
For healer, vitalism and songcraft are really strong with Vit being better direct heals and songcraft being buffs (sort of the bard skill tree). Pair those with shadowplay, defense, auramancy or mix and match.
But to be honest, If you’re just starting, play around with what you like. You need at least one damage build if you’re going dps (battlerage, archery, sorcery, or malediction). Pair it with something that looks interesting and play around. Many folks cap all their skill trees so they can swap in and out as needed.
Zidllicka (1)
Trying to play around sorcery, I did some levels on another char with archery before (i did some level on release but switched servers and started again now), quite liked the archery more but read its not good/ppl dislike it
Powerism (1)
Play what’s fun. When people talk about “what’s good” they’re usually referring to end game at the highest gear score in Zerg vs Zerg pvp. Archery is fine. In pve you kill everything before they can touch you, cutting down on downtime to eat food. Mages are really strong right now, Fanatic is broken, but the “mageball” meta has been around since launch bc mages have the best aoe. Melee is also fun, tons of burst damage and mobility. So honestly, play what is fun and don’t worry about meta unless you happen to be able to put in ten hour days and you consider yourself “hardcore”.
runex4 (1)
Idly curious which faction is the "winner" or most superior on each server?
ptl3991 (1)
usually east but west starting to get a comeback since burnout on east left the game
GoMarcia (1)
I feel like trying the game, is it possible to play Archeage and then upgrade my account to Unchained? or is there an Unchained trial version available somewhere?
wheeeeeat (1)
No. Archeage and Unchained are separate games at this point.
You could start a character on AA to see if you like it at least control/ability wise and then start an AAU account. But the difference between the two in gear progression is very different in the early game at least.
Darjil (1)
When will the game be fully translated?
Powerism (2)
Try just a little!
tfujstary1 (1)
Does aau work on VM? Or I need 2nd pc to manage my alt acc?
Kyouka127 (2)
I've read(but not tested) that the game has checks to prevent use on vms. I personally have an old laptop my alt runs on.
Rayvenwind407 (1)
As a new player can you talk in the nation channel ? Tried a few times but never saw my text come up
I_Am_From_Mars_AMA (2)
You need to be at least level 15 to use nation chat. It confused me at first too
Almost_Ascended (1)
Did they ever confirm when the snowball arena would be ending?
hornyblackpeople (1)
Can you really only do noryette 1x a day? People leave after the first wave tho so how long would it take to actually get the accessories?
PhayteL (1)
Only 1 per day. Most do that, but if the group is high enough Ancestral/Geared then it's possible to try for more. I think people are adverse to dying over and over again due to repair costs is what I get.
I think the only way you could be more efficient is trying to form or join a premade group to go in and complete more levels. I mostly do PUGs 1 round for about a couple of weeks and I've gotten about 4-5 accessories (2-3 were from boxes where the group did more than one round though). The stats are random though so you could get 100 rings and not get the right starting stat.
amalldroll (1)
Hi, I was wondering if someone could tell me what the most populated servers in NA are, and what their faction balance is like.
Powerism (1)
Denis has a healthy population east and west. It was the third server announced after Wynn and Tyrenos so it was available at launch.
mizpahcrow (2)
Kaylin is best server, least exploiters
Namnamex (1)
In general, Wynn and Tyranos have the highest population. On Tyranos, the two factions feel pretty evenly balanced.
LJ-L (1)
what are the rules on nudity on crest inks ie. canvas/sails. I know someone who has set a crest ink of there private area and set it as a canvas and is being sent to multiple people.
Kyouka127 (1)
"supposed" to be against the rules. Best bet it to take screenshots and attempt to contact the CA's in the discord server. I've read that the in game report system goes to an old outdated inbox or some shit.
Rohkyr (1)
I'm a new player and wondering what's going on with the arch-passes? Some youtube videos mention that we should be getting a free one? But then there are other posts saying they are disabled entirely due to an exploit? They seem really important so I want to make sure I got my information straight here.

Also, any server suggestions for decently balanced world PvP on NA?
ptl3991 (1)
Each account get 3 archepass booster that you can use on your combat/vocation/equipment pass to completely finish it and get all the reward. The basic archepass though is already expired so you can't do that pass anymore
Rohkyr (1)
I see, so if I start playing now with a new character and all, I'm not going to be dicked over?
Kyouka127 (1)
I made and pushed a character to 40 on a new account Friday for the boosters and it worked fine.
ptl3991 (1)
If you're not in pirate faction, you're fine
HikariChino (1)
What's the Level requirement to begin castle dailies and do you need to be in a guild to do them?
badwords (1)
You need to be lvl 55 and no you don't need to be part of a guild for them.
Porturan (1)
Does taunt do anything to players? I tried using it on my friend in a duel but it seems to have no effect.
ptl3991 (3)
Switch target to you so if they already target you it does nothing
fucklsf (1)
Anyone know when the patch drops to include de-crystallization scrolls in dailies? I got 5 pieces of gear stuck on t1 frickin sucks.
ptl3991 (3)
Not for a while, but you can buy the decrystalization scroll from the diligence shop under the event tab
Jastaronge (1)
Im a DW melee, T4 legendary MH T3 epic OH. My armor is T2 divine and im working on getting T3, but im ending up with more money and labor than infusions and scrolls. What else should I be dping to progress my gear?
ptl3991 (1)
If you’re leather or plate, 3 piece library for the set bonus is really good and you can get a quick legendary buff later on. Norryete accessory is another good way to progress, at t2 Norryete the accessory are better than crafted accessory. And also library and noryette gear are 50% off to upgrade
Jastaronge (1)
Thabks for the info! By library you're talking about the Abyssal Library set ya?
ptl3991 (1)
Yes, also most people get glove, wrist, and belt as their 3 piece so you don’t lose too much resilience and they are even cheaper to upgrade
Jastaronge (1)
Awesome, thats exactly the info i was hoping to find! Thank you very much
BreatherV (1)
Which server should I choose as a new player in AAU? I interested in all aspects of the game, and in pvp. Europe region.
Zalsaria (1)
I bought Unchained through the glyph/trion store and I was wondering if there was some way to make it work with the steam wallet even though I didn't purchase it on steam. Its not a problem for non-unchained being its F2P, but its not the same for Unchained.
Nilyk (1)
New to ArcheAge in general, just hit Hiram gear, how do I get more infusions for upgrading it?
Powerism (1)
Look for anyone in Nation chat offering “Hiram Dailies” and then follow the crowd. Or press shift-R and see if there are any raids forming.
Mainstreamk2 (1)
You join the daily raids that happen at 7pm EST.
HoxyPoos (1)
New player here. I have some blue and green story quest infusions left over but all my armor and my 2h axe is already gold tier. Am I supposed to upgrade my flute and bow and cloak too or save those for something else?
MicrowaveJak (1)
Yup, flute and bow too. Not the cloak
HoxyPoos (1)
I see, much thanks
RufusALyme (1)
Returning AA player that waited a few months to see how AA:U turned out, what's the best way to catch up to the masses currently?
Also, I remember seeing a guide on the changes from old school AA to AA:U, but I can't seem to find it when searching. Does anyone have a link to it?
MicrowaveJak (1)
Jumping in right now and taking advantage of the synthesis event is your best bet. People making huge gains with gear. Right now there is also an item in the marketplace that will. Allow you to instantly complete your archepasses, giving you tons of rewards. You can use the diligence you get to buy first tier hiram infusions if you need a boost, or sell diligence items for gold
RufusALyme (1)
What is the synthesis event?
Also, how does the ArchePass work? I'm just trying to get a character to 50 to start Hiram stuff atm
MicrowaveJak (1)
If you're standing in the hero hall (inside marianople or austera, where you vote and where the statue is) then you get a significant discount on the gold cost of synthesizing many different things including hiram.
For the archepass, you click 'daily schedule' and register for a pass (only three available right now are vocation, equipment and combat - basic is expired). When you have activated and registered a pass (when there is a brown arrow next to the name) you'll see all the rewards on the left and the missions on the right, which need to be unlocked with gilda or blue salt hammers.
Traditionally, you would get missions like 'earn a million xp' or 'use 2000 labor' and as you complete missions you would level up the pass. This moves you up through the rewards tiers, allowing you to claim the prizes on the left side as they unlock. These include honor potions, honor boost potions, vocation potions, diligence coins, labor rechargers, etc etc etc. With the booster, instead of completing the missions you can just use a booster once you've unlocked and registered a pass (you don't even have to unlock the missions) to level it to max level. You can claim three boosters per account, enough to level all three passes to maximum.
ashrion (2)
Is it too late to start over? I am playing deathwish but I feel useless in large scale fights. I am thinking about creating mage or archer. Any recommendation?
Powerism (1)
If you’ve rolled strength leather gear, you can try Darkrunner, Executioner, Abolisher, Blighter, or any other melee class. Farm for a 2H weapon or shield and have at it. Just know melee is fantastic in open world, one on one, or small scale, but they get blown the fuck up in large scale. Death wish is sort of meh right now because fewer harder hitting attacks (Battlerage and Shadowplay) are more bursty, while deathwish is sustain DPS / death by a thousand cuts. And the Swiftblade ancestral abilities haven’t come out yet so it’s definitely lacking.
Mainstreamk2 (1)
Just farn another set of hiram gear. I feel this would be better than Re-Rolling another character. I'm currently anc35 with all my skill at level 55. There's no way in hell I'd be starting over lol.
Aildari (1)
Just change your skill trees at any nui. You will have to level the tree but you won’t have to make new characters every time you want to try something new.
ashrion (1)
well i have to change stats on my gear too. That's the problem :/
TaijinNSF (1)
1 - Is there a preferred moment when to fill up your lunagem slots ? Like is it better to fully gem an item before upgrading it or the other way around ?
2 - My main is a leather melee DPS at the time and I want to keep playing it, but I also want to be able to play healer from time to time. Would you recommend having an alt or just gathering a secondary item build on the same char ? I have the feeling it would be cheaper to just level an alt.
Namnamex (2)
1) It's usually better to gem gear before Awakening it. Gemming gets more expensive every time gear is awakened. But with this enhancement event, it's better to just sink your gold into enhancing until the event is over(since game prices don't go up 20%/50% per tier)
2) An alt on a second account would be ideal, you likely don't want to burn your mains labor on a second character and stat migrations would make a healer suboptimal
orangorangorang (2)
1. Is this game still massively P2W ? last time I watch some youtube video show about p2w item and not in the arena
2. Do ping really affects gameplay, especially in pvp? bcs i got high ping, around 300-ish
thank you !
Zalsaria (2)
1) Unchained is generally not considered P2W (the free version, very much is heavily P2W to an extreme) however it does have a fee to entry.
2) Ping heavily affects some skill trees, malediction and archery come to mind, because they fire their basic attack/spam skill based on holding down the button and ping heavily affects that. Someone with 300 ping will probably shoot at half speed of someone with 50. However, trees like sorcery or vitalism tend to be less affected.
Lionix03 (1)
What is the break chance upon failing regarding ship components? Going from Epic to Legendary my sail had a 70% chance to fail and it states there is *a chance* to break if it fails, but it doesn't state how much at all. First try was a fail and immediate break, so no idea.
RNG is RNG and it doesn't help at all to know, but it'd give some peace of mind to know, I think. Or maybe if the chance is basically 100% on fail then I don't do it ever again. Lol
devynchew (2)
Its 100% chance to break on fail
Lionix03 (1)
The wording is very misleading! I got one to Legendary but NEVER AGAIN!
Thank you, though. Lol
deikan (1)
Anyone with a ranchers farmhouse can tell me which animal is best for pelts in the pen?
Rosemourne (1)
Water buffalo, if you have the vocation. If you don't want to spend vocation, and can check frequently, turkeys.
YukiNoYoru (1)
New hiram gear as a deathwish, going leather armor with katana +axe dual wield. Should i keep going leather and same weps or should i switch? What stats sgould i go for in armor and weps etc?
Armor pen or crit lunagems for weapons?
Paganthar (1)
I think it depends on your server's condition. If you are facing against lot of plate wearers main hand axe or spear can be good, katana is always welcome too but if you have leather style players. For deathwish you want full strength, ranged/melee damage reduction, resilince, max health. Armor pen vs crit is always a question to be answered with ''Is my server have lot of full gear people 10k+ or people are starting gearing now.'' against full resilince gemmed person your crit will be useless but armor pen will shine better. But if people you are attacking dont have resi games, crit is better.
CommanderDavid (1)
So they removed Growling Yawl drops from the Halcyona castle but I was wondering if you can still get them from Rookborne yetis, does anyone know?
SpecialAgentSteve (1)
Do the quills in the diligence shop work with any tier of Hiram or just t1 to t2?
CommanderDavid (1)
Those are T1 quills
hornyblackpeople (1)
should you be maxing infusions before awakening them? I'm at t1 currently
ptl3991 (2)
Cost of infusion per exp is lower the higher tier the gear is. My strategy is awaken t1 as soon as you can and max out your exp on t2 since the 50% discount only up to t2 hiram gear and then lower to 20% for t3+
Powerism (1)
Brilliant... thanks for the advice. Didn’t even consider the 50% discount would transfer over when the t2 awakens.
Lionix03 (1)
How long does it take for larders to affect the prices of other packs and cargo? Is it immediate (doubt)? Is it an hourly check? Every few minutes? How does it work, really?
Mokulu (4)
Pack prices update immediately whenever a pack is turned in. The ratio is something like 50 regular specialties, 20 local, and 10 larders. Once all of those quantities of packs are in the trade outlet of whatever zone, it will consume the highest quantities of pack from each category and the prices go up immediately. I’m not sure how the formula works for cargo, but it would happen at this time, too.
Essentially, every 10th larder of any type and from any zone will immediately raise the prices of the lowest percentage packs and reset all the larder pack prices.
deikan (2)
I started reading this and I’m like, “wow this guy seems to really know his packs”. Then I read the name ;p
Yikers233 (1)
What do you need to upgrade cruel glory sash? Abyssal enhancers? Regrade Scrolls? Or something else?
Mokulu (2)
Regrade scrolls. You can sort of tell by what the description says. If it says “Synthesis available”, then you know it’s going to be some kind of infusion. If it says “Max Grade (Eternal)” then it’s normal regrading and needs scrolls.
Namnamex (1)
The second half of your statement isn't fully true, even items with synthesis available can say "Max Grade (Eternal)" but have infusions. The library armor and Tier 4 Hiram are examples of this
devynchew (1)
Whats the best figurehead for a galleon in unchained? I heard bonekraal got nerfed and is no longer the best, if so, which should I get?
MicrowaveJak (1)
Tsunami is meta, you want legendary. The maneuverability is God tier and the collision damage is amazing. Goddess nui is also great. Some have been going bonekraal and charred bonekraal but I would get tsunami and/or goddess nui first
MoonHaa (1)
How is the current state of the game and 2020 perspective? I remember some polemics during lauch. Is it better now?
SuperCoolSkeleton (3)
I started playing the game 3 days ago, had a few pvp fights at level 30ish already, pretty fun, the story is crap and a lot of the towns and backgrounds look shit but there's always a lot of drama and shit going on in the nation chat, guilds throwing shit at each other, pvp between east and west...
dunno, outside of BDO and Eve, this is the only game where you have some sandbox gameplay and for 25 bucks it's not bad
mrflexjunior (1)
Currently got str/def pen/crit rate with 7 def pen gems on my main hand and str/crit rate/crit dmg with 6 crit gems on my offhand and 6 crit gems on my bow (which also has def pen as stat). Which means I messed up, don't ask why. What would be the most efficient way of fixing this? I have no rerolls left on my offhand but it's T2 Divine so that shouldn't be a big issue hopefully. Should I just extract all the gems with mornstones and get new ones? Only 2 of my critgems are upgraded so I wouldn't lose much. Rerolling main hand to crit is not an option since it has no rerolls left and it's T4.
Higorkovic (1)
Does anyone have videos showing the new dances they released?
YasmineReyes (1)
What level should my character be, so that another high-level character can help me with leveling in Eastern Hiram Mountains?
huntrshado (2)
You need to be at least ancestral 1 to start hiram msq. After that you need to be within like 15 levels of the mobs to get exp i believe. Aegis island u need to be level 45 to get exp from ancestral 5s
MicrowaveJak (1)
Once you're level 45 you can loot/songbot for people and get powerleveled
Namnamex (2)
Is the Black Pearl(ship) still in the game? How's it compare against Galleons since the addition of upgradable ship components?
huntrshado (2)
Yes, it is still slightly faster, enoan is better but harder to farm. Turtlecraft also exists
SkyeeORiley (2)
When will I get some help with my authentication code issue?
My support ticket is now a week old and I haven't been able to play as it seems glyph refuses to send me an authentication code, after I had to repair and reinstall glyph after the latest update (unable to log in due to glyph crashing at the loading splash art) I assume the ticket wait time will be around a month and a half, but I'll probably have lost all interest in playing by then so I'm trying everything to get back in now while I've got the spirit, lmao.
Is there any point in trying to reinstall glyph again? Or anything technical as such?
Quick edit: I keep forgetting to mention but yes, I've checked every single nook and cranny of my email. I use Outlook, and I've checked Focused, Other, and Junk email. I've also used filters, and merging Focused and Other to just "Inbox". I've also tried logging in and out of my email account on PC and phone.
Kyubei_ (1)
What benefit do you get from maxing farming and gathering proficiency? Husbandry allows you to build animal pens, what does farming/gathering give you?
mistilda (1)
You can build seed and plant bundles (gathering equivalent of animal pens, though I guess it's a very early requirement). But like most proficiencies, the Labor reduction and increased production speed are probably more valuable.
Bash-4 (1)
I've gotten my Warehouse up to 140 slots, but now the UI is starting to become too big for the screen, and I can barely see the expand/auto-sort buttons at the bottom. I was assuming the bank would just go over to another tab instead of just going down forever.
I prefer my UI size and resolution the way it is. Will I be unable to use the auto-sort button if I keep expanding my warehouse, and what is the maximum size for warehouse/inventory? (Archeage Unchained player here)
Mokulu (2)
I can't answer your question about the UI size, but the maximum possible capacity for all types of inventory (your inventory, bank, chests, etc) is 150 slots.
Bash-4 (1)
Hnyuk (1)
Evasion or focus gems for gloves? Playing ebonsong.
Velruis (1)
How does one even get a pavilion farm these days? Seen a couple of them and I'm really curious. But the recipes don't really tell me much of what I want to know
Silent-Ouroboros (1)
What would be the best server for players getting in and not wanting to be on the highest populated server with biggest GS gap and people one-shooting you all over the place ?
Zalsaria (1)
For EU it is most likely Baelstrom, for NA its most like Kaylin.
Generally avoid Alexander on EU, and Tyrenos, Wynn, and Denistros (spelling) on NA.
lazerlivicdansiz (2)
belstrom is nice people are really helpful u won't get bothered except in war periods
i can help you if you want message me
ashrion (1)
Is saltwater fishing good idea as 2 person? I really want to go fishing but scared of attacks. I am playing as nui.
Shatteredz (3)
Yes, for sure! With 2 persons you can use fish-finder on one of the fishing boat, and the ship-finder (peroscope) on the other boat to scout for red ships. Just be sure to avoid the big groups when going as two persons, and try to stick to less-popular waters.
For reference: I'm almost at 100k fishing, started of in raids, then in smaller raids, and now I often fish by myself unless I run into sombody or some friends are online and want to join
anarchiq (2)
How do i merge raids as leader in golden plains battle? Is there any shorcut or something? I get kicked everytime for this reason lol. Please help me.
Notyobabydaddy (1)
When you invite the leader of another raid, it joins your raids. My suggestion is that as soon as the raids are made, do a radius invite. The other leader should accept it and now you have a co-raid.
It sucks that you get kicked when the other raid lead could also invite you.
panda_gravy (0)
Will Malediction get a nerf in 6.2 or 6.3? Crushing Waves is the dumbest shit in the entire game.
krazye87 (1)
If anything, id like to see that last 'bolt' of mana bolt give a malice charge, so that even when im not under fury, i can still do the better versions of other abilities. Fury would just make me do my combo's faster. Then i'd not care to see a -slight- nerf in crushing waves.
mgrddy (1)
DeckYa (1)
I am rather new to the game and I'm looking for an underrated tank setup that could work in the open world pvp and pve. I've been liking the occultism and defense trees, but I'm open to anything, really.
hornyblackpeople (2)
So a land is getting demolished soon. I was wonder how the process goes about trying to claim it for myself. Do i just wait til the demolition time and try to spam my design down?
Mokulu (1)
Essentially, yes. I'd consider not spamming the design though and wait until it lights up and isn't red anymore, as spamming it gives you a 4 second cooldown from placing it again.
[deleted] (1)
Mokulu (3)
On at 16, you can fit 48 by tightly packing the trees in straight lines, one next to each other. 7 rows of 7, with the middle missing due to the scarecrow.
I don't know about a thatched, though, which will also slightly differ with an upgraded thatched as the building's footprint is slightly bigger.
TotallyFRYD (1)
Can you get the hexbane set anymore? Archeage codex doesn’t show any way to get it.
If so I read it drops from dochul in Mistsong on normal is that soloable?
Edit: can you even change the dungeon difficulty or was that an old feature?
Mokulu (2)
When you interact with the medallion that spawns the boss, you choose what difficulty to spawn. As for soloing it, I don't know if it'd ever be possible because he does a lot of damage combined with CC. You will most likely always have to take a healer with you, and I'd ***estimate*** it'd take around 10k gs to be able to do it comfortably (but I'm not 100% sure on that).
Shnow (3)
In the diligence store, are any of the pets worth buying?
I heard the faded bloomfang is worthless right now. Some of the pets are available already in-game - but what about the plushies and their armor?
TotallyFRYD (1)
I have both the (non plushie) greenman and the ent and both are great for farming. Green man does a lot of dot with lake armor and I feel like it would be decent with the agility armor too. The ent is really tanky with decent cc which is good if your a caster like me
Mokulu (1)
I feel that the benefits of the plushie armor is far too expensive for what you get. Some of them provide good stat bonuses, sure.
Mount-wise, the bunnies are pretty solid mounts.
Valou_h (1)
Experience tonic, it says you can use them to level up other skill trees. But I'm now ancestral 1 and I can't use them, am I missing something ?
I tried to switch to another skill tree that is not level 55 but still can't use it.
Should i drop those to the merchant?
njuchiha (3)
Yup. Throw it away. You cant sell it to merchant as well.
Valou_h (1)
ok, thanks !
ApatheticWeeaboo (1)
So if I were to get into Unchained, exactly how far behind would I be? Is it pointless for someone new to join now? Also how are guilds handled? I see people recruiting East/West but I don't know if that's East Coast/West Coast or something to do with in-game.
njuchiha (4)
You will be behind for first couple of months. After that you can catch up to average gs or even reach high gs as there is some sort of soft cap at high gs.
Game has three factions, east or haranya, west or nuia and pirate faction. When you are creating character, you can pick either east or west. Later you can decide whether you want to go pirate. All three factions are hostile towars each other and this forms the base of open world pvp
0ppaidoragon (2)
Is there anything else to mining then checking drills and clearing stone piles? Just wondering, kinda like the skill but i bet ill get tired of it if thats the only thing ill be doing
[deleted] (1)
I've been thinking about getting into Unchained but was a little put-off by some things I read like if I started now, I'd be way behind the gear grind.
Would you still recommend the game to someone new? Is there a faction that's more popular?
lunilii (2)
Well AAU is WAYYYYY less punishing than it was for newcommers on legacy. Xl developped ways for people to catch up.. even Hiram is built in a way that in the end of this Gear, there will be a soft cap that will hinder progression.
I dont know if i Can recommand it, but i'm still playing the game daily and i regret not being able to connect sometimes (is it because of the dailies that im missing out, or is it because of the game itself...that i still dont really know).. so that means something.
ashrion (1)
Can someone help me with mounts?
I am looking for fastest mounts and I want to know which mounts have 2 seats
I am thinking about getting griffin, is it good choice?
ptl3991 (2)
Gallant mount are very strong mount especially the snowlion mount as it have a party movespeed buff and a dash with immunity from damage
njuchiha (1)
To upgrade your mount to gallant mount, does your base mount need to be level 55 or just a low level mount would be enough? Also after upgrading, will the upgraded mount start from level 5 or will it be same level as base mount?
ptl3991 (2)
base mount can be any level, upgraded mount will start at lvl 30 and may have different skill set
njuchiha (1)
Thank you. I'm planning to upgrade to gallant lion. By different skill set, it will atleast have 2 dashes right?
ptl3991 (1)
it will lose anabolica and mounted arrowshot and get leader of the pack and beastsense
njuchiha (1)
All right. Thanks for info! For gear, I can use the one from stablehand? Or does it need special crafting equipment?
ptl3991 (2)
I just have the mane morale legguards and saddle for the movespeed bonus
hornyblackpeople (1)
is 2 crowns the only location with cargo ships?
lunilii (0)
Yes this is the only one. There used to be a ynystere-cinderstone cargo ship but it got removed.
If it was me they should have removed both as it only makes Onyx not worth the actual effort, and also make sea trading useless.
There are still 3 locations on each continent where you Can hand in cargo tho
Mokulu (2)
The last part is incorrect. You can purchase cargo at any outlet but you can only sell it in Two Crowns or Solis.
lunilii (1)
Didnt Say otherwise ? Hello?
I just said the SHIP was removed not the trade outlet
Mokulu (1)
> There are still **3 locations** on each continent where you Can **hand in cargo** tho
You can only hand in cargo in one location on each continent, not three. That's all I was referring to.
lunilii (1)
I see, no need to downvote me tho
Porturan (2)
How do loot drop rate potions work in a group? (Dungeons, specifically)
* Does everyone have to activate it for it to work?
* Does only the person looting have to activate it?
* Does only the party leader activate it?
I tried googling but there's very little information and I've seen conflicting reports.
lunilii (2)
Since the loot is determined once the mobs is killed (and not when you first open the corpse..as it id already set for the Whole groupe). The logical thing would be that everyone on your party needs to be buffed in order to get the actual buff bonus that is written.
In a group of 3 if only one person use the +100% , it means that the chance is divided by 3.. so a total of 33% in average.
Saltsticks (2)
This needs to be answered
hornyblackpeople (1)
how do you get gilda dust?
zihaark (1)
You don't, it's been discontinued. Trade packs that required it now require Gilda stars
hornyblackpeople (1)
Ah was searching all over for it. Kinda confusing cuz theres still a tab under tradepacks that requires it.
zihaark (1)
Yeah it's kind of dumb. They need to remove the uncraftable duplicates
zihaark (1)
Is there a faster way to craft seed bundles? I go through like 300 every day and they take forever to craft on an improved scarecrow
MicrowaveJak (1)
Plushie with a pacifier while wearing the appropriate dawns drop and with the well rested buff from sleeping
Master_Sosuke (2)
I suggest you do some crafting requests. If you have an alt account, you can just complete the requests yourself, otherwise you may wait a little bit of time for people to complete them.
fucklsf (1)
Is joining a guild the only way to get end game cloaks/capes
camb00sted (1)
Tharobiiceii (1)
Follow up: If you leave the guild, can you keep the cloak?
camb00sted (1)
fucklsf (1)
Korbro27 (1)
Decided to try out the game, a little bummed out I was late for launch date. But does it matter what server I play on? Any recommendations?
Edit: I should mention I like seeing a lot of other people when I play. I dont like seeing ghost towns and underpopulated areas
Saltsticks (1)
By joining bigger servers, Alexander EU for example (cant remember biggest NA server), You get the cozyness of seeing more people in the game. But usually the biggest servers also has biggest gearscore gaps. Meaning you might get stomped more easily and catching up is harder than on newer lower populated servers. Up to you which one you value more. Since you're starting litte bit late, you're gonna get stomped either way for couple months before you get closer to the GS of others.
Nickpiteros0 (1)
does the level difference penalty affect ancestral levels, as in, i feel like i get more crate drops from aegis then WHM, will i hit an ancestral level where aegis mobs stop dropping for me? I know exp from mobs gets lower each level i gain, i just dont know if item drops are affected as well
Saltsticks (2)
I think aegis mobs drop overall more crates, and WHM drop more purses.
ptl3991 (1)
Only thing that affect loot drop are war time buff, moonlight juice/drop potion, and hero buff. Also if you want to primarily farm for crate/coin purse whalesong is the best place for them
yeetleyotle (1)
anyone help me out with what armor that is ? the chest piece ? and how to get it ty
Xaania25 (5)
How do we get undergarments?
MicrowaveJak (1)
Buy design with gilda (500) then craft them (check the folio)
hornyblackpeople (1)
im getting my ass whopped doing green quests at level 31 cuz all the mobs are like 40+, is this normal or am i doing something wrong.
Bash-4 (1)
It depends on your build, when leveling from 1-55, especially solo, people usually benefit from having a skill tree that deals DPS, like Battlerage, Archery, Sorcery and Swiftblade. (I haven't tried the melee ones but I know sorcery is a safe bet.) Other trees have DPS skills, but they might not give you the killing power you need to get though battle quickly enough. Then once you're getting close to 55 you can switch to another build that you plan to stick with for the rest of the game.
Also, be sure that you're regularly upgrading your armor as you level, and have the appropriate weapon for your build, or you might find yourself overwhelmed by similarly leveled opponents. There are a lot of nuances to the gear upgrade system in this game, it's not really newbie friendly and there's a lot of ways to semi-permanently mess it up. But as a rule of thumb, you can go back and roll a new set of gear before you upgrade it to "Hiram" gear, which your armor changes to when you use a pink upgrade scroll on it.
Another helpful thing is getting yourself a battle pet to help you in combat, getting them is an optional quest and sometimes it can be easy to miss, so you might have to look up info on where to find one. Once you have it, you can right click its abilities when it's in offensive or defensive mode to have it auto use its skills.
hornyblackpeople (1)
Yeah this gear upgrading system was hella confusing but thank god i got it down. The thing is tho, the mobs arent similar levels to me. They're like 10+ levels over me. Is that normal or did i miss some step in the leveling progression.
Orodalf (1)
You need to be doing yellow quests as well when you're level 31 (start doing yellow quests when the green quests take you to Halcyona).
Kyubei_ (1)
I'm trying to get +12% swim speed lunarfrost but not sure which mobs I need to farm and for what crates?
thePist (2)
Ancestral crates have given me about three 12% swim speeds in around 100 crates. Got hella crates farming aegis in war time
Killua1102 (1)
Is there a way to disable festival music skill with costume on? I hate it automatically binding to R.
sGvDaemon (2)
You could rebind your time sensitive event key or whatever
Bash-4 (2)
I am having trouble finding info on the variety of specialty houses, like armorer's, tradesman's and apothecary homes, etc. and what their pros and cons are, or even what they look like. The reason I ask is because I'm hoping to start planning on which one I want to eventually shoot for now, so I can get a head start.
Alternatively, I could just buy a Thatched Farmhouse for gilda, but I'm wondering, if I eventually change my mind and demolish the Farmhouse, can I sell the Thatched Farmhouse Design for gold later, or will it be bound to my character after using it once?
EDIT: I found these helpful videos that answer some of my questions. Still curious about ability to sell a demolished house plan. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqP8WbmP0Us](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqP8WbmP0Us) || [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lH9OXm0QUY](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lH9OXm0QUY) || [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1YgLh124nI](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1YgLh124nI)
sGvDaemon (1)
You can demo it and get the design back. Thatched upgrades are super useful though, not to mention that almost all servers will have a public apoc or armory house if you look for it
sGvDaemon (1)
What uses do the territory coins have? Or whatever you get from doing castle dailies
tahaTag (1)
you can craft infusions with them ( blue hiram ones ) as far as ik
VictorAgata (1)
Can you put gear on Gallant Onyx Steed?
Apparently you can't on the base version...
tahaTag (1)
AAU - when will the unactive pirates get kicked? pirate factions is full on my sever and all my friends are there, i have everything ready but there is around 30 non-active pirates who have quitted the game like 3 weeks ago. when will they be kicked or when will there be more spots in pirate? ( i heard cap will be 150 instead of 100? )
Sir_I_Exist (1)
My main is a skullknight/nightcloak, about 5.8k GS. All of the work I've done on my Hiram gear has been defensive, i.e. Stamina as a main stat, defensive secondaries (with a few attack spgeed and cast time stats thrown in), and defensive gems.
Obviously my pve farming is slower because of the defensive nature of my gear. I can swap in sorcery and it does ok damage but really nothing that great. I mainly rely on the flame implosion/gale shield slam and flame retribution/mocking howl/gale shield slam combos to kill large groups of mobs all at once. It's fast but highly dependant on mob density.
So that brings me to my question: is there some dungeon gear or something similar that I could farm to use as a passable dps set (for sorcery)? I'm not interested in farming a second set of Hiram. What items can I chase that will improve my solo pve effectiveness?
Elelish (2)
The only viable alternative would be library Cloth gear. While the set is more a pvp set then a pve set it still should boost your damage pretty noticeable, especially because you will have int on every part and bc of the set Bonus.
Since you need 7 pieces it will be a pain in the ass to farm, so try to find a Group that you can do it every day with, go in fully buffed and with moonlight Juice and do 3 runs each day. And best in case scenario would be that nobody else rolls on the Cloth Drops of course. There is one dmg and one heal Cloth set and a friend in my Group told me you can re-craft the heal Cloth into the dmg Cloth set - i dont know exactly how this works but Keep that in mind if you decide to try it.
Sir_I_Exist (1)
Thank you very much!
hornyblackpeople (1)
How can i join a guild/clan in this game?
Aildari (1)
In the community menu in game there is a tab for guilds. Some advertise there. Also keep an eye on nation chat for the odd guild advertisement and also the official discord has some guild ads.
hyelander (1)
Any other tips for making the game not crash?
I have excluded the game from my Windows native defender, I have disabled chat bubbles and I have set the sound quality to lowest, but it still crash.
Sometimes it'll crash right when I'm in the middle of dailies with a raid, sometimes it'll happen when I'm alone and there aren't many people around.
Anything else I'm missing?
Aildari (1)
Use task manager to make sure you aren’t running out of ram or maxing your cpu out.
AkiraTheNEET (2)
Switch to dx9. I crashed up until doing that.
Only thing is it'll put your game in windowed mode. If you want full screen windowed, choose fullscreen on character select, then when it asks if you want to keep the changes, it hit cancel.
Porturan (1)
I accidentally bought 101 blue salt HAMMERS instead of knives. Any use for these other than the guild mission?
mgrddy (1)
Bluesalt daily sometimes asks for 2
xbigbenx85 (2)
They are used to open the vocation archpass daily. Between that and the guild quest you go through them in a few weeks
I_Dont_Group (2)
I believe you can make antiquity packs with them, but they're not very good. Then again if you're stuck with the hammers anyway, go for it.
Kaselator (1)
There's no way to remove sticky targeting?? It's a huge pain for my OCD to not be able to clear out the NPC target I no longer need to be targeting.. I know you can press esc but I'm so used from other MMO's to click anywhere else to untarget, does anyone know a way to fix this issue for me?
tokyoaro (1)
Are the any major differences (other than the P2W bs) to AA and AAU? There aren't a whole lot of build videos or content videos on AAU but im curious if I can look up something up on AA and find the same info im looking for?
How does gear work in this game? Do I grind out new sets from different activities or just take one set and continuously upgrade it? I notice some people have neat looking sets of gear and im curious if this is the actual gear appearance or just costumes?
TheAmpca (1)
How do you get memory embers?
Bigskybosher (1)
They are from upgraded houses. Light fire in house snd then you can get it.