Blaylocke (1)
I added this as a notice at the top of the subreddit but wanted it more visible. This feels like an important thing for the community to know about so they aren't caught off guard.
Edit: u/zerotrades makes an excellent point [here](
> Don't do larders on Wednesdays folks, wait until after maintenance on Thursdays now
Given the problems lately with larders having problems and outright disappearing during patches, seriously keep this in mind going forward until the problem is resolved.
ZeroTrades (35)
Don't do larders on Wednesdays folks, wait until after maintenance on Thursdays now
CrescendoVidar (13)
I wish I could update vote comment 1500 times to the top -- as you know -- there will be 50 posts come Thursday OMGGGGZZZZ MY LARDERS ... I DIDN't KNOW!!
senshin2408 (2)
I don't do larder anyone. Unscheduled maintain will happen anytime.
Navystylz (11)
Then people do that and surprise maintenance screws over tons of people anyway.
ZedRunner (3)
In addition to weekly maintenance... I wish they would do a monthly QoL pass during one of the 4 weeklies.
GripsAA (3)
Sad that this issue effects when people can do larders. As in now you're looking at Sunday for larders at the earliest. Until this is fixed this issue is further effecting the economy as people can better run them over the weekend. Need to fix this issue or consider moving maintenance to Tuesdays.
Kexby (2)
Does anybody know if the time of day is still the same?
Cause I've finally got the time zones converted to my local time 🙂
TheRealFaptality (2)
Nice now are heroes can sign up on time.. our heroes.. wait, never mind we dont have any guess we arent sieging.
ThatDrTobogganguy (1)
Why not. Have maintenance 5 hours earlier instead of the start of prime time? (second only to evening for activity)
MrCrims (1)
so why not Tuesday? lol
Kungfumantis (0)
As a person with Wednesday off I couldn't be happier!