Draclira_Merlonne (89)
Gamingo doesn't fucking care. Their not going to fuckin help. They don't even have any GMs on any server
gametapchunky (13)
I just don't understand this. The game is so good even with the bugs. They could make a killing off selling currency for non pay 2 win things because people like to look cool. Why would they tank the game on purpose?
Hasbotted (12)
They dont XL games does. Gamigo doesn't have access to change anything.
XL Games has always been a bunch of morons that feel that the western people dont appreciate the beauty of their game and the symmetrical grind it offers.
Plus larders are fixed in patch 6. Something.
Moistraven (2)
6.3 I think.
cancermods (2)
this. theyre just publishers more or less and bitching at gamigo to fix something (not saying you're bitching just a generalization) will not accomplish a damn thing. When they had that maintenance on Friday and they said they were going to talk to XL Games about compensation for larders... have we heard any new developments on that? No because XL games said tough luck.
snyckers (32)
They'll look into it with no ETA and then come up with a fix once it no longer matters. Then that fix will break more shit and they'll revert it.
panda_gravy (2)
The fix is 6.3 more than a year from now which isn't really a fix, just a way to circumvent the problem.
bbqxx (8)
Haha, you fool! This is why I run the local specialties in areas no1 cares about through multiple war zones! They are currently at 109%!!!
(3 minutes from now) ok now they're at 68%, gamigo pls halp c:
Talyonn (2)
As someone modifying the state of peace to war while reds are passing through with 20 hauler full of packs, thank you.
Notyobabydaddy (14)
Tyrennos here. All our blue salt packs are in the 50% range, even to war zones. Trade runs are dead.
Nazori (11)
While larders disappearing is a huge problem, the lack of silver to labor efficiency and overall profit from larders is the main problem.
I predicted this issue right from the start. Many people rallied behind screaming for a change, though some did not understand how a deficiency of Royal seeds would upheave the entire market.
But here we are.
Im sure any Gamigo rep reading about it probably came out with a reaction to the effect of "wtf is a larder".
Anyways.. Trading was hanging on by a thread after week one and we're finally hitting dead state where everyone is realizing that commerce is worse returns than vendoring boabab fruit.
They could still fix it... But they probably wont.
TxMaverick (3)
Royal Seeds aren't really the issue though it would help if they were more available. Granted, i had a ton of land but i was making a good amount from bundles and just buying the rest with my overflowing vocation. The issue is the server maintenance deleting them. I only lost like 30 of them and I'm done, some people lost WAY more.
The right larder packs can make something like 10-12s/l after subtracting the larder cost (including the seed); and that's with 0 Commerce discount.
Nazori (1)
I dont disagree, but them disappearing would be A LOT less painful if royal seeds didnt add a 9g cost.
Larders are not supposed to be such a large risk investment. Obv the risk here is server issues... But regardless. Larders are a HUGE hassle and A TON of work. They arent meant to be worth 10s per labor.
And even if they were disappearing if they were worth a ton more we wouldn't be in such a dire situation.
Galgos (2)
Royal seeds are like 5-6g tops and you should be able to farm all the vocation your self with family quests.
sunsmoon (3)
I'd look into other options to buy with vocation badges and see if it's economical to sell your badges and buy royal seeds.
For example, on Kaylin Royal Seeds are approx .75s/vb while worm compost is steadily 1s/vb. After the AH cut, worm compost is .9s/vb. That's 667 vocation badges per seed if I sell worm compost and buy the seeds from other players instead of 800 per seed if I bought the seed from the merchant. For roughly every 6 seeds (6.015) I purchase from the merchant I can get an extra one via the TP if I sold worm compost instead.
The break even point for compost vs royal seed is:
Seed Value | Compost Value (AH)
5g | 55.6s
5.5g | 61.1s
6g | 66.7s
6.5g | 72.2s
7g | 77.8s
7.5g | 83.4s
8g | 88.9s
Soylentee (1)
vocation as worth gold too dude
lexthore (7)
So one thing I noticed with the random larder disappearances is it seems to be in a pattern. I have some screen caps that reflect some interesting anomalies in the same location as the missing larders. It's almost as if the assets there are unloaded in chunks (similar to minecraft) then when reload initiates the chunks error out.
Personally I have only lost 3, another guildie has lost 17, so I do understand the plight. We have 16 currently down in a spot that we know wasn't hit last time and did NOT lose one.
My question is, has anyone else noticed something similar?
I think if we can start mapping out these "chunk failures" (as I'm calling them now) we can set up essentially no larder zones and safe larder zones so we can restore this.
Let's face it, gamico isn't going to fix it, that would take people actually working on the game and not looking to milk us dry. So we have to do something foreign to all of us... Work together.
I still plan to run larders and continue to find safe areas to grow in. Hopefully some of you will join me. I am willing to give anyone my pics and theory on how to determine bad spots if there is interest.
F for Gamico, let us rise up and take back our commerce.
Edit: forgot to mention I'm a Wynn player as well
zandm7 (3)
I've noticed this as well; I've lost 1/10 larders the past 2 maintenances and every time it's the one larder in the exact same spot. Think there's something going on with the geometry or something.
lexthore (1)
My guild mate and I decided we are going to risk it. We are placing a larder in the known bad zone as a control, and a larder on our 16 that we believe is good just before maintenance. We are going to test and see which one disappears. It would be nice if even one 16 can be turned constantly without fear.
At least you have 9 good spots!
BlameLaneKiffin (19)
Why are you saying just for Wynn? Do this for all the servers wtf?
Andalamar (28)
It's because Wynn crashed today for no apparent reason, therefore causing a whole bunch of larders to vanish due to that silly bug. Then I'll leave it to you to think about the consequences of this bug. Cause to effect...
BlameLaneKiffin (13)
Yes this sucks for Wynn but heads up, NO ONE ON ANY SERVER is doing larders. Everyone is terrified of server crashes so they gave up on them. Deni and Tyr both have bottom percentages on packs. Sucks to suck, seems like every server might need help?
Psychoboy (4)
On Kaylin there are tons of larders being done and the market shows it. There would be more if it wasn't for the maintenance issue. Right by one of my larder farms in gwen I saw 6 16x16 farms all filled with larders. And that was in one tiny area. For whatever reason though, fertilizer packs are recovering as well as the regular or gilda packs though.
BlameLaneKiffin (1)
On Deni its literally at the bottom of the barrel in prices lool soooo bad. And has been that way for a min.
aivenho (2)
Lies! People on EU are doing larders all the time and have no clue what you are talking about.
BlameLaneKiffin (1)
OH SHIT EU? no relevance here
DGrandson (0)
I'm from EU. Can confirm Gilda packs are back to 90%+ even 110 on some warzones
TxMaverick (1)
Can confirm. I'm not doing larders anymore. And i was making very good s/l from them.
TwoHundredTwentyTwo_ (1)
I've been war flagging halcyon when they get part way in. Apologise if I have anything to do with people not doing larders anymore.
JGPapito (6)
found mirror's reddit account
TwoHundredTwentyTwo_ (-1)
Sorry buddy, I'm east.
TA89919614 (1)
You turds gave me a fucking heart attack today. Thanks for nothing. D:
TwoHundredTwentyTwo_ (1)
Hahahah honestly, the monetary gain is great. But the sheer panic and fight or flight response I get is the most hilarious part.
80% of the time the cart drivers will turn into halcy community center and panic. I had one guy try to hide his packs in bushes. Other times they keep the steady push on and blow up my mailbox.
vucar (5)
because Wynn alone (to my knowledge) had another server crash this morning
BlameLaneKiffin (-1)
let me tell you this, NO ONE on ANY server is doing larders. Deni and Tyr both are bottom of the barrel prices on packs.
kasmog (3)
Yes, because maintenance was moved to Friday so nobody put down any larders until after the maintenance. Today or tomorrow would be the larder runs to recover the %. Your server should recover a bit because of it. It won't happen on Wynn though, we'll have another extra dry week of larders.
BlameLaneKiffin (-3)
oh shit ours is gonna recover a bit? lol I just know my group who all did larders bro are not doing them anymore since as we saw with your server and our own server they could come down at ANY TIME. Thus our % you were talking about might now go up very much because if my group all came ot this consensus then it might mean MANY OTHERS DID AS WELL. Do you understand what that means? THUS just reset EVERYONES servers every maintenance instead of just doing yours this once was what i was getting at.
kasmog (2)
I get what you mean. Same thing happened to Wynn. A lot of groups stopped putting down larders. BUT there are still some people that will put down larders, just like in Wynn. But now, those people who put down larders after getting burnt the first time just got burnt again for the 2nd time. At least you will have some larders, we won't.

I know a group that lost like 70+ larders during the emergency maintenance. They waited until 'Thursday' weekly maintenance then it got moved to Friday. They put down 200+ Larders to 'make up' for the emergency maintenance and got slapped in the face just this morning. They were supposed to harvest it tomorrow.

I agree with you. Either add a passively regenerating %, or reset it every maintenance. I'm just trying to explain that Wynn just got double slapped.
BlameLaneKiffin (1)
yeah I was just pointing out that even with larders turned in on our servers we will have fucked up prices. So if you guys get a full reset then i think EVERYONEshould get a full reset since your prices will be INSANELY fucked up and our prices will be FUCKED UP. No big deal though.
Lu5ck (9)
Don't you guys know gamigo's plan?
Kill the servers
Make people quit
Cut servers' cost
Get the profits
14m Last Quarter
Rinse and repeat
chocolate420 (2)
Looking more and more like the case as time goes on.
cancermods (1)
What are they supposed to do though. I'm not trying to defend them but the situation they're in is just not one where they can really make any executive decisions. It really fucking sucks because this game is the only game in a LONG time for me that I've been so immersed in. Shit sucks.
Lu5ck (5)
Don't you get it? Most of the problems are something they bought upon themselves.
They could have done proper beta test to actually stress test the server's capability with full features that will be available on live. Remember how many features were not available at launch? Like halcy?
They could have archpass available on test for people to see, avoiding all the archpass problems at start.
They allowed multi accounts policy and bought themselves the difficulty of cracking down gold sellers and make them incapable of tracking actual number of players for servers at launch, creating massive unnecessary queue.
Not to forget compensation can be exploited at the start, what a joke.
Even the recent archpass has problem, it just seem to me they didn't even bother to test the upgrade process using live data in test environment.
They claim they are experienced company with years of experience but it seems to me they are no different from startup or simply just dishonest people wanting quick cash therefore skipping all necessary QC.
Dagoratho (3)
Tyrneos here, I wont do larders ever again until they fix it, its not rocket science, they need to start debugging that issue, and yes, GG sandbox, packs carry a lot of background systems on them, from farming and processing, to cargo runs, for example I like to take some risk and do cargos to Freedich when cargo is at 14g, but oh well.
Dont forget to SPAM #FixLarders in next stream, they only listen to the very loud like candle.
Lionix03 (1)
When? It only took them like two weeks to board whatever plane Khrolan took and fuck off the face of the Earth.
Only person left in the entirety of Gamigo is whoever posts in the incredibly (and increasingly) useless twitter account.
ozmega (4)
fucking bullshit, so much time wasted...
mfw some apologist in twitter replies with "just dont make larders"
fucking idiots
itreo (2)
If you want them to care then you need to direct this towards forums.
Luzion (1)
Indeed. Gamingo is absent on Reddit.
itreo (1)
It's a shame. It's 2019. We are all on reddit. Forums are a waste :/
DevestateU (2)
Server crashed because east was duping again! (Just guessing. No proof!!) 😁
skilliard7 (2)
Gamigo doesn't check Reddit. You're better off complaining on the official forums.
Total-Antelope (1)
just make larders only take like an hour to mature. boom problem solved!
Dekthro (1)
In the new Korean patch announced they're ready immediately. And the longer you wait the more they mature. When we'll get that... Who knows lol.
9ragmatic (1)
"Please restore the meta"
itsmymillertime (1)
I think since KR got a patch that makes them instant, nothing will be done and when that patch hits, that will be the end of it.
Safia3 (1)
OMG that explains why all the pack prices were like 4-10g today...I couldn't understand it. Now it makes perfect sense. :/
Multi_Tasking79 (0)
Dead game
Xarleto (0)
They already got your money and don't care. Sell your account now for profit
Cmdrcrusty (-2)
Enjoy your time. With all the bug, bots, etc they ain't got time to fix anyhing. I wouldn't make this your main game.. Play runescape.
chocolate420 (0)
Why would you think Wynn is the only server effected by these things? This has nothing to do with server this is just about a poor system in place for pack running in general. I would suggest we need to get the future larder update asap rather than make us wait with a known broken larder system in place.
Denrean (0)
Maintenance happens once a week and Larders take 3 days to mature. Let's say maintenance happens on Thursday morning. If you set larders up on Thursday night they will be ready by Sunday night.
Now, you hand those in and you put fresh ones directly afterwards on Sunday night. Larders will be ready on Wednesday night. You hand them in directly and set up Cedar trees on that land (or whatever else you want). Then, you log in on Thursday night, gather your trees and set up new larders. Repeat.

Please don't tell me you could do more than that if maintenance wasn't bugged, only problem is, this adds an extra piece of routine into a very routine heavy game.
JGPapito (2)
you did read the OP and understand this is about the server crashing and deleting larders?
Denrean (0)
> With larders disappearing for a 2nd time, we have lost the ability to reset pack prices. No one will do Larders again, until the fix.
This is from the OP \^.
I am offering an alternative, since there is no chance Gamingo will answer this. Ever.
How have we lost the ability to reset pack prices? I'm doing larders this way on Tinnereph and pack prices are almost entirely higher than 100% while it was even down to 68%, 5 weeks ago.
Luzion (1)
You're still missing the part that is the issue: Unexpected server crashes deleting larders. Players can't work around the unexpected, where it's easy to work around scheduled maintenances.