FamoouseYT (8)
Keep these up, can always rely on them for an easy laugh ;3
FMA20 (5)
This is very well done. Love your series. Keep them up!
IncasEmpire (4)
keep the gud stuff coming so i dont think bout larders.
kentzio214 (2)
Is this in Deni server? If you need someone from the east I'd be willing to participate 😉
Belstrom_Meme_Lover (1)
Love these, keep 'em coming.
rinc85 (1)
hahaha this is cute
HotSinglesNearU (1)
This was so cute, keep it up ☺️!
traktrak02 (1)
Die with Arc Ligtning hahaha
Ryzoth (1)
I got rekt
MeowShiki (1)
Forgot how much I used to be addicted to this song. 10/10!
junhpark (-1)
Jynxi wouldve been perfect for this video xD