irvingyanover (17)
Amen to nobody buying food jesus
Sakeeeeee (3)
Ya I've sold close to no food from whispers/AH... I mean SOME, but none in comparison to when I used to play AA u_u.
MrCrims (3)
its cause everyone is dumping gold into their gear or housing/mounts.etc..., they have no gold to spend on food/potions.
Talyonn (2)
Also sandwich are insanely expensive it feels like, I don't have 1g to spend on a bread giving 10k health rn.
Sakeeeeee (1)
They're expensive to make and level unfortunately :(. I wish I could sell it for even cheaper than I am haha.
MrCrims (1)
this is also true haha, food/potions in the higher tiers are very expensive.
skilliard7 (1)
What tier are you selling? I usually only buy tier 2/tier 3 because anything above that is way too expensive. Food is a cheap alternative to potions, so if I need something fast I just buy potions instead.
Sakeeeeee (1)
I can do t2/3 soup but not food at the moment until I plant more garlic. If it's small amounts it should be fine though :)! Just mail me and I'm usually on every night for a little.
skilliard7 (1)
Oh I'm on denistrious so can't buy, was just sharing my opinion for why high tier food doesn't sell. Sorry.
Sakeeeeee (1)
Ah okay that makes sense! Yeah, I had to use up my lower tier food because I was leveling cooking :(.
LoliHunter (1)
As far as I can barely anyone buying potions either lol. Guess things are too easy so no one needs to heal.
ArmouredDuck (7)
And people are still crying to make content easier. The player base is almost worse than gamigo.
InfernalPaladin (2)
Don't need a healing pot if everyone dies in 3 shots. The market will rise as gear catches up to weapons and people start surviving more than one burst. Healers are strong enough that potting isn't really a thing in PvE unless you've made a mistake.
ferevon (1)
try pvp
xOFFALx (6)
Same for the deserts & mossys from alchemy. Times have changed it seems. Can't move a damn thing anymore.
Sakeeeeee (2)
We need an alch and chefs support group!
xOFFALx (1)
Traumatised by the cost of goods we have on hand.
Ecchii (1)
It's because there isnt anymore content that requires the gold comittment for those items.
No dungeons, no organized pvp/gvg, no pve raids for real WBs
All the current content is mindless and you don't need consumables for them, gold is better spent on shit like gear
Sakeeeeee (1)
Yeah, it's weird even buff food isn't selling very fast.
skilliard7 (1)
It will get better once people's armor gets better and potions become more effective at turning the tide of a fight.
Fiber_Optikz (3)
Wish you were on Kaylin! Goodluck
Sakeeeeee (4)
Thank you!!! Me too (maybe)! Wynn sucks :(.
HotSinglesNearU (1)
No truer statement was made, Wynn really does suck 🤣 (west too)
NoxMerely (3)
Please someone give a decent AAU job to this chef!
Sakeeeeee (1)
Yes please feed me I have a family (and I'll feed you :3)!
BurdenEX (2)
Will support!
Sakeeeeee (1)
chipsYsalsa (1)
Who do I whisper in game for some sandwiches?
Sakeeeeee (1)
Yohanie is my IGN 🙂
chipsYsalsa (1)
I should have read the title where it says West. But I do believe we can send mail? lol
Sakeeeeee (1)
You can if you want to send me gold first (along with what you want) :3. I have all tiers of food up till 110k prof one! (Already made 2 sales from reddit peeps)!
Umbrasquall (1)
I’m Wynn East and can sell you food.
Umbrasquall (1)
I’ll do the same but for Wynn east.
tristyntrine (1)
Anyone wanna buy mossy pools on Tyrenos?