shukolade (13)
Love pirate attitude, whenever we do dailies and we run across reds everyone instantly goes into battle mode, buffs go up, skullnights go in.
Nuia/Haranya half the raid is alts, the other half is like a headless chicken oh no pvp what should i do *dies*.
Inquisitio (1)
What attitude? Pirates are potato nation for edgy kids you're getting farmed most of the time.
shukolade (4)
Yea well not on Halnaak. We have like 50 hardcore pvp guys, rest is a mix of RMT russian guild and casuals.
Katarinnaa (1)
LOL pirates on halnak are fishermans afkers and sunken raisers LOL. they pvp only on growlgate between themselves
shukolade (4)
Speak for yourself we do plenty of small to mid scale pvp.
s0gukolum (3)
whats your combo when you go in?
MrCrims (11)
roll face across keyboard and crit for 10-20k each hit.
Leyvie (1)
I think the graphics look good, I've been going back and forth between many and just settled unhappily for whatever I have now. Would you mind sharing screenshots of your full screen settings both "screen" and "quality"? Especially post-processing effects seem to have high influence on what the game looks like.
thnkling (-2)
Is this a FOV hack also?
justerab (13)
FoV hack? It's widely recognized as okay even the company that develops it as well as gamigo who publishes it for us says that its fine to use.
momo88852 (3)
What’s the mod name? Would love to have it during fights as it seems way smoother than normal
MediumMeatLover (3)
FoV mod
Awesomefusion (2)
Doesn't affect smoothness, just lets you see more and zoom out more.
PapaSnooop (1)
In any case, this will make it feel less smooth as it always will decrease your fps by seeing more on the screen.
BDOXaz (2)
The guy didn't say that it isn't allowed calm down lmfao, also the FoV hack looks ugly af
justerab (4)
calling it a hack, innately denotes a bad view on it assuming that it's not allowed. That is why i reacted that way.