Allah__Ragbar (2)
You get paid whenever a siege happens _in that zone_. There are 4 zones and it rotates weekly so you get paid every 4 weeks
Master_Sosuke (2)
Sungold and Exeloch cannot be claimed?
TheRealFaptality (2)
Allah__Ragbar (1)
Nope not anymore
Master_Sosuke (2)
Aww too bad..
McHondy (1)
castle is same system as command centers, pays out every time that castle gets siged
Zariuss (1)
Weird, i have done contrubutions since castles came out and there have been more sieges since then and i still havent got paid.
ex2j (1)
same here. is there anything more to do, then doing the dailys? i collect the burned tree and every second day building a pack and stored it.
McHondy (1)
It very buggy, on Jakar only 1 of 3 castles has done a payout
Nuimari did pay it funds to Nuians when they lost it
Both Haranians sieges has been bugged as no hero was able to apply for commander of the siege, none of those 2 did a payout
We will see tomorrow if Nuians get sieged and a payout happens for Calmlands
edit : there is a third quest to kill 100 purified mobs, so you can do that pack quest every day. Manatower needs to be destroyed and the site purified by a hero for those mobs to spawn
RichBatman (2)
Manatower isn’t spawning, at least not on Kaylin.
mmanders6 (2)
Not on Tyrenos either, at least not in Nuimari.
CrashnServers (1)
Village 😉
Shunooo (0)
For castle i don't know, but for community center bonds you get each time after 15 days when the zone reaches level 3.