TechnicallyLew (46)
Have you popped this in the official AAU Discord and tagged an mod/admin?
Get their attention to ban this total arse biscuit
Luzion (6)
I agree with TechnicallyLew. Give it to a CA and they'll pass it over to the person who reviews botting. Every time I see someone botting, I report them. I never seen them doing the same thing again.
Narzick (-1)
Not like theyll do anything
TechnicallyLew (3)
The huge wave of bans going on says otherwise!
The cynicism in this sub is painful.
Everyone assumes the worst, ignores the good and screams at everything.
If they do nothing? So be it. But we did our part to try and clean up the community.
What I don't want is people assuming the worst and then not bothering to even report cus "why bother". Not accusing you of such things but the negative mentality spreads far too early.
Narzick (3)
Nah I actually agree. I was legit in your same mindset and trying to bring up spirits about the game and the initial exploits and bans and shit and then it just felt like gamigo spit in the face of its playerbase over and over and I'm just annoyed. I really wanted AAU to be the Archeage revival and was so passionate about it, but gamigo keeps letting us down. I havent kept up to date for the last few weeks but I'm glad to hear they're doing better with it now.
TechnicallyLew (2)
I hear ya, the game has been a bit of a roller coaster but... I'm not sure the blame lays with Gamigo.
Gamigo DEFINITELY have got the following issues:
- face the public
We never hear from them accept discord to update on issues, usually late.
- support
They have seemingly no support team. This is a huge no no. A brand new launch and tickets from day 1 issues are not even answered. Piss poor and unacceptable imo.
- procedures
The mismatch between them and XL is horrendous. It seems like Gamigo are holding onto an angry bear and just being dragged around out of control while yelling "sit" at it (XL being bear boi)
Now to their credit? They seem to listen and care more than people give credit for.
ArchePass had issues? They take it down. This is their primary money maker for longevity but yet they took it down once to improve because we hated it, then again within the hour when an exploit showed up.
I think most of the issues are really down to XL treating us like 2nd..maybe even 3rd rate citizens. Korea get the focus and we get the "if we can spare a minute..." treatment.
Crashes, in game report systems, exploits, server issues and more? That's all XL.
I feel for Gamigo. They've invested into something to try get a good viable product to market and they've been met with PR nightmares at most turns.
Not saying they aren't to blame, but not for everything.
Narzick (1)
Your point on the archepass is sorta misrepresented I think. They left the archepass in it's super exploited state for over a week after the exploits came to light. The reason they did so was for money. Khrolan even said in a stream himself that they had to get the OK to do so from investors first. Ya know, the big suits who have literally no clue about video games most of the time and only see us players as cash cows? So they ruined the integrity of the game right then and there for the sake of money. From a company standpoint I can sorta get it, but these investors dont understand the longer an exploit is live the more people feel screwed over by not participating because they dont want their accounts banned. In the long run its hurt this game more than anything, all because gamigo couldnt properly explain the detrimental issue with leaving it in the game as long as they did.
Part 2 to the archepass fiasco is the games they played to get good PR and news press with the "banning over 300 players for exploiting". Every mmo youtuber and website under the sun publishes about how great they're doing banning exploiters and such, but not a single website followed up with the fact 95% of the exploiters were unbanned if not 100% of them. So gamigo gets good news press to the masses, while screwing over their playerbase yet again for the sake of money.
That would all be fine if gamigo didnt act like "oh this games means so much to us, were so passionate, we love this game so much and want to bring you guys the perfect experience" and all that bullshit. Be straight up with us, instead of this fake compassionate BS.
I do agree that XL really sees its.most profitable market as second class though which makes no fucking sense to me lol
Narzick (1)
And that's not even talking about the exploits STILL in the game that gamigo has yet to address and I'm too tired of trying to force them to see it
00xram (1)
Gamigo employees stop making fake reddit accounts nobody in their sane mind would really think such bullshit
Okok28 (-20)
Yeah lets get em banned whilst Gamigo actually still give a fuck. Anyone who played in Legacy knows that this is standard and the "zero tolerance" policy is just PR bullshit. Yeah right now they're removing a few high profile accounts slowly to make it look like to the community they actually give a shit. Those who only played AAU and not legacy don't know half of shit which is going unbanned/unnoticed by new players right now.
Luzion (4)
That's Legacy, where anything goes, P2W, botting, etc. AA:U is supposed to be free of botting, P2W and RMT, so all of those activities are reportable and bannable. It's nice seeing top score folks getting banned and their characters deleted for cheating.
Okok28 (2)
TechnicallyLew (12)
Not really accurate, it is just an endless battle.
You ban one bot, another 3 pop up.
Like whack a mole. You can keep whacking but they going to keep coming. 🙁
Hasbotted (11)
At least with AA:U there a cost to the ban
-Raijin- (1)
This is the top ancestral, hardly just a random bot.. how he isn't banned already is beyond me.
Aztro4 (2)
This guy actually speaks the truth. For the most part. There is a lot stuff happening right now that players have no clue about. It's actually insane. For example, did you know that changing a gold value to an item is doable? Like say one piece of lumber, you can, if you know how and stay under radar, can change that value to 10000gold and sell to vendor. Ez gold! I'm not sure how some gold sellers are doing it but I saw it first hand. This also was a thing when I played the 2nd headstart. There are more examples of exploits, hacks or whatever you want to call it but it's ok. The game will continue.
Okok28 (1)
andddd another one. [\_tyrenos\_bots\_check\_lv\_and\_gear/](
Like I said, you got no idea what is really going on, because you didn't play Legacy clearly.
RealityAskew (10)
Sloanstrife on Kaylin does exact same shit. I've reported him/her/it about 15 times and nothing happens. They sit in same spot for 24+ hours at a time, doing the same rotation, over and over and over.
Pervasivepeach (1)
The ingame report function really has to be broken
Post proof in a ticket or go to the official page. I did this with some bot mining accounts and actually got somewhere with it
I’m pretty sure the ingame report button actually just doesn’t do anything. Hit them with video proof and your good
123titan123 (2)
ingame report literally doesnt do anything, i guess it only works in korea but they never did the backend thingy for NA/EU, that or their employees have no idea how that works, both are very high chance.
Nosnibor1020 (1)
The official discord gets results typically
ArchepassEnthusiast (32)
Should I make this into a biweekly thing?
Talyonn (26)
Make it hourly at this point.
QQEvenMore (24)
That is the reason why he is the highest ancestral level 🙂
KitMcSelb (7)
I think it's pretty much a given that across all the servers EU and NA that the upper tiers on the leaderboards haven't got there just through hard work in game. Shame really because leaderboards are a cool thing but when I look at the top it's like when I used to see something like xxxMtrixSnipzxxx at the top of the battlefield 3 leaderboards with a k/d of 10000.00000, it means nothing because it's not real. I look mid table on Archeage to see the real players.
[deleted] (1)
DrDraith (2)
None of the victories are real to begin with. Nothing in the game is based on skill, its only about how much time you put in. Its just a waste of your life, youre expected to be a grinding wage slave doing a repetative task. This is literally what its like to have a job. I would imagine most of the high level people on this game arent very familiar with that, if they are, they have a sad existence.
Xithorus (1)
Kooncoon is #1 on tyrenos. He got there legit. Sure has got a few items from fans but it’s a drop in the bucket for the gold it takes to get his gear.
sunsmoon (2)
Animated on Kaylin legitimately plays so much. Dude is always BSing in chat and I see him in plenty of raids and being active when grinding in WHM.
Defect123 (1)
Always see his hero spam in abyssal haha
Bikaz (-1)
O rly?
BubblingBarry (4)
if it turned out that every player about 8.5k gs or even 8k had cheated in some way, I would not be surprised in the slightest. This game is like BDO, its thrives on its exploiting- carefully protected by small groups of players.
huntrshado (3)
There are definitely just some lucky/smart players in the top with that GS.
Investing in Diamonds alone at 1g a piece for server launch would give you over 10k gold on any server and allow you to get such high GS if you applied that advantage properly
Along with secret strats like haradium moles and silver crates = ez high GS.
drachennwolf (1)
I have 8k on a new server, no lifed, no bot, exploit, or gold buy. I'm the exception it feels like because people who pvp all day, spend their free time endlessly regrading ship parts and bumping their gear with bought gems.
I'm not even top 20 on my new/steam server.
DrDraith (-6)
Get a life loser
Ecuni (2)
The opposite of discussion.
drachennwolf (0)
100% what every gold buyer automatically says shortly before they get banned.
IchJLAG (4)
Report him, lets see if Gamigo really cares for fair game.
Haxxelerator (-10)
dafuck are you talking about? they've already proven themselved for fair game after having multiple banning multiple top geared people in the leaderboards.
Arekkuusu (4)
They banned people once and you're ready to suck their dick?
They can't even reactivate the Archepass without causing issues with 4 servers. Wake up.
I love the game, but it's being taken care of by blind idiots.
SigynX1 (1)
Shameful. 😡
Luzion (1)
The /only/ thing that your video is missing is a finale of killing the bot. xD
zripcordz (1)
Annnnndddd Gamigo will do nothing.
angerbear (1)
I think it's probably a given that the top player/players of anything in archeage are cheating and/or exploiting something. Has that ever not been the case?
Maxx899 (1)
What is this 8k Rez
MegaHoe (1)
Jimmypw86 (1)
Whats high ancestral level at this point?
Elelish (2)
34 is softcap. After that you need what feels like 100x the xp you needed from 33 to 34. So basically everything above 34 is very high lvl.
NedixTV (1)
inbefore of "momoko" letter post omegaLUL
sdwennermark (1)
I was wondering how he was so high, I grind about 20 million exp a day and he was shooting past me. im ANC lvl 37 atm and only like 20% out of 168 Million exp.
rinc85 (1)
hahaha add botting as a lifeskill in addition to exploiting
gametapchunky (1)
Not surprised the highest level person is a botter.
Internet_Treasure (1)
[deleted] (-2)
what difference is this compared to people in the swimming pool?
MakeAionGreatAgain (0)
Ok buddy, calm down with the false equivalence.

You can afk in the pool without any external intervention.
Enla (6)
Wait, why is this guy getting downvoted? He's right. You can AFK in the pool just by filling your inventory and trying to open/process items. Nothing external required. Not even the drinking bird! AA has always had that built-in functionality.
Now, some other people do use macros, and that's a bannable offense.
You have two groups of players doing the same thing (sitting AFK in a pool). Some are doing it illegally (bannable), while others are doing it legally (not bannable).
Saying that everyone who AFKs in the pool should be banned is like saying that everyone who sells marijuana is doing something illegal, even though some of them do it legally by operating a licensed business.
MakeAionGreatAgain (1)
Heh it's alright it's only internet point.
[deleted] (2)
Oh? I see people casting thwart and songs overnight. What’s the difference?
gingerdanger123 (1)
The reward.
[deleted] (0)
Fasgort (0)
The people here do it while they don't do the thing in OP post.
[deleted] (1)
Agreed. I don’t get it. What difference is there tho? They’re both using macros. Why the double standards?
CrescendoVidar (2)
I afk in the sauna but not with a macro- I put a weighted object on the key board and it keeps me logged in.

Macros are a no no.

This guy in the vid isn't just macroing- he is straight up botting. He has a script running as you can see-

When he takes dmg- the script auto casts his backdrop and repeats heal .

There is a big difference between botting and staying logged in the sauna
[deleted] (0)
Would you be surprised if I told you at I can do what this guy is doing with a macro? It’s not a bot per say. It’s just a macro that’s running an extended loop with multiple iterations of skill sequencing.
CrescendoVidar (1)
I would be-- I guess I can't tell-- is the character back dropping on getting hit or is the archer pushing him back with his shot?
merinis (1)
The Archer is pushing him I think. It looks like a loop between tab, anti, and holy bolt
CrescendoVidar (1)
ah then yes- I can see it being a macro and not a script/bot
I thought it was the script written to act when damage is taken to back drop which could not be done by a macro
Fauzite (-2)
Doing any action without player interaction is bannable offense, no? so the weight serve the same purpose as a macro would.
Reiznar (1)
What’s the difference between a fishing weight on the d key and falling asleep in your gaming chair with your hand ok the d key
[deleted] (1)
Reiznar (1)
Nothing. That’s my point. Macros are still 3rd party programs and so can’t be used but a single key press by a hand or weight is the same.
CrescendoVidar (1)
If having a weight on the D key to spin in a circle is a bannable offense- there wouldn't be any legacy players left (5 years ago) or at launch or half the pop in AAU
Especially when there was a 3500 que
SpaceCptWinters (2)
I too remember the days of running in circles in mirage isle on my horse with a penny wedged between s and d.
Fasgort (-2)
Intiriel (-16)
Noob question here. Why do you assume he is botting? He even attacks back, seems like he just doesn't care about someone bothering him, lol
baluranha (8)
He attacks back because his agro goes to whoever attacked him first/whoever was in range when he cast his skill, all of this is a macro thingy.

He only uses 1 skill to pull agro. His pet wolf, the main "hero" of this story dies and he does nothing. He uses heals while on full health. He doesn't move in any given time.

There are so many flags.
Intiriel (2)
Thanks! Watching the vid again with this info, it seems waaay more suspect now. The Wolf part was what got me, he didn't even move
Nosnibor1020 (-1)
Is afk grinding the same thing as botting? To me botting is running a 3rd party program or something....but aren't there ways in game to do this?
DrDraith (1)
Um, what do you think he is doing to not be afk, to cast spells on himself? A THIRD PARTY PROGRAM
Nosnibor1020 (1)
Some games have macros built in. Not too familiar with archeage
sunsmoon (1)
Archeage does not have this.
LeoLavarini (-17)
A lot of you guys being hypocritical, if we dont have bot's the gold price would skyrocket and poor people cannot buy gold on this expensive prices.
Open market is the solution for the monopoly and abusive prices.
All players can buy in this price so bot's are the control.
Tourniqet88 (1)
Or maybe those "poor ppl" would be able to sell their stuff at higher prices and become rich players. So those rich players could create a new demand with the gold acquired. Bots don't create demand, only overflooding the supply and harvest the limited demand.
Rinzzler999 (-42)
you know he cant answer you cuz opposite factions and no one has max language prof yet, but still looks sus, not 100% tho.
Healers can just not give a fuck when farming cuz its braindead farming. So he might just not care about you.
Nazori (5)
Either he is using software to repeat casting while afk or he is roleplaying a robot with precise time calculated accuracy.
It is 100%.
baluranha (4)
Not care enough to be pushed away from farming spot and having to wait 5 minutes for his pet to ressurect? Yeah....sure...
Rinzzler999 (-8)
yea, its still sus asf, but not 100%
baluranha (4)
no 100%? What else did he need to be 100%? Chinese nickname?
Rinzzler999 (-2)
>if its 100% he would have been banned. if he gets banned then he was botting.
>and besides as others have pointed out, there are ways to do this without actually using a bot, hell I could do it with my keyboards on board software. Not a bot program just macros and such. But im to lazy to figure it out.
baluranha (1)
I posted it in another comment but I'll put it again here for you.
Botting isn't against ToS, there isn't a specific section saying "botting is illegal", what IS illegal is how you're botting, the ToS specifies that any third party software that do actions for you is bannable, the only thing Gamigo isn't doing is enforcing said rule.

What is the difference between a player walking around killing mobs and another one standing still and killing mobs while away from the computer? None, they're both using third party softwares to not have to sit there and press the keys himself.

If you still didn't get it, MACRO = Using third party software, the only problem to enforce this rule is that it's only possible to find out if the player actually uses a program to macro, and not hardware macro (keyboard and mouse).

Btw, for your statement "if it's bot he'd be 100% banned"....I have a friend that bought gold, showed me where he got it and even asked for me to give/sell him my account so that he could use it as alt and he is still not banned, does it mean that he wasn't gold buying/selling? Because he's still playing, even after buying gold...or are you going to say something like "It must be the wind" since he isn't banned yet?
Rinzzler999 (1)
clearly don't know how to read, as I stated, if it was 100% him cheating using 3rd party software (WHICH IS ACTUALLY BANNABLE AS STATED OFFICIALLY) he'd be banned, not he'd be banned if he were cheating, big difference, one is proof without doubt one is heresay. So idk why you posted this to me as im really already agreeing with you and even cited your earlier post...
baluranha (1)
Well, misinterpreted it, sorry for that.
EpicDidNothingWrong (1)
You know there's a item on the diligence store you can buy to communicate right?
Rinzzler999 (1)
literally no one buys that except idiots who don't know what you can buy with diligence. Its such a waste.
EpicDidNothingWrong (1)
You lack the respect for the ability to trash talk.
BadProgrammerGage (-55)
You'll never be the top 1% stop bitching about others. You don't know if they're botting or not.
Inquisitio (6)
Neither is a botter with 6.6k GS lmao
Telepath1 (2)
Clearly somebody is guilty of macroing lmao
BadProgrammerGage (-1)
Naw, why would I macro? No point. I dont even grind as is. Just afk fish on alts while honor farming on main, that is when I'm not hopping around marianople wondering why I'm still playing this broken game.
Telepath1 (1)
Alts? Jeeze dude how many computers do you have?
BadProgrammerGage (1)
2 haha.
Desrucwar (-26)
He is actually not botting. There is a known way where u can use your wolf on agressive and a keyboard + software to just spam the Songcraft skills. = afk farming. Legal or not no one will be able to stop it.
baluranha (21)
You just said "software to spam songcraft skills", which is basically the concept of bot...using a program to do actions for you while you're away.
iWrestle_Donkeys (3)
Maybe he's using those dippy birds, 1 key press = 1 action, that doesn't break TOS!!!
gaspara112 (4)
Good old drinky bird anti afk "macro".
Nerf_Riven_pls (1)
What he means is you can use the software on your keyboard to create macros that can not be detected by easyanticheat because the inputs don’t come from software on your pc but instead your keyboard is inputting the virtual keystrokes himself. Coolermaster and Logitech keyboards and mice can do this. You can save the settings on the mouse or keyboard itself and play macros without software on your pc.
Some macro programs even let you set human imitating latency or mixup between inputs. Ofc it’s still against the ToS but it’s technically possible for everyone and you won’t get caught having a songbot. Maybe you are spamming your song keys and watch anime in the meanwhile - it’s a good anime so you only realize you are getting attacked or died after 20 mins.
balista_freak (4)
Technically speaking the semantics between a "bot" and a "macro" are that a bot actively reads and interprets data the game sends, while a macro only repeats a pattern of inputs. A bot can, for example, resurrect at a Nui shrine and resume farming if killed; a macro-user can easily be disrupted and left spinning in place.
Both are problematic, yes.
baluranha (2)
Technically speaking, botting isn't the problem, in fact, there are no places in ToS where it says botting is prohibited.

What is prohibited though is third party software usage, in which case both botting and macroing...the only problem being you can macro your keyboard/mouse without using a software, and thus making it "impossible" to track you down through anti-cheat....but as you can see, it's clearly "third party software", he's literally using the same skill rotation on the same target without moving at all.
Desrucwar (1)
Software for good computer periferics like mouse or keyboard. Those are not illegal at all ,they can not be chaught cause they simulate keyboard push of a button. And its not a bot its just a macro. Someone explained what a macro is lower. Most of grinders are doing it there was a youtube guidw on how to afk lvl ur healer. I totally dont like it and i think its garbage but what can u do.
baluranha (2)
Again, it's a third party software.

Think of it this way: If it's not you or the game doing it, it's third party, thus, illegal.

If the game allowed macros, you'd have it IN the game, and not having to use a program to simulate it, there are games out there that have this function, if they wanted macros to be allowed, the game would have it.