Zerosixoneeight (14)
I miss seeing the castaway straight full with people hunting for packs or moving merchants on a raid 🙁
Edit: also feedich pvp over packs for dragon stabilizers... Just thinking about it makes me nostalgic
Awesomefusion (6)
People are doing it, on Alexander the diamond shores base got built a few days ago and people have been running cargo there, makes the sea a lot more active etc.
Also most people don't do it but there is sunken ships which are really profitable.
SpaceCptWinters (2)
Agree. Pirating merches was the most fun type of pvp for me. You could do it with a small, organized group. It was hands down the best way to fight against the zergs because they usually would not move them in huge packs. The packs were always nice, but upsetting the zerglings was the bee's knees.
SeratoninStrvdLbstr (27)
Really the primary thing that needs to get done is fix the larder vanish bug if it hasn't been already. If twice the people were doing aged packs because they were actually reliable then the values of the other classes of packs would rise.
The whole point of the system is that there should always be at least one category of pack worth doing but currently that category is broken and can cost people huge losses instead of reliable profit. The lack of larders is throwing the whole system off.
dragunityag (7)
We need the patch where they take the royal seed out of larders.
RN w/ royal seed larders are like 5.5 S/L good way to do a massive labor dump on my alt but not exactly great money compared to other methods, but it's largely passive gold so i love it.
But packs will be fine once we get the two commerce patches if we ever get em.
twinchell (1)
When do we get this patch? Any idea? Why does it take so long?
dragunityag (1)
who knows lol.
SeratoninStrvdLbstr (1)
If that were true the legacy would have the same problem. Are all other vocation items that expensive relative to their vocation cost compared to royal seeds? If not then why aren't more people buying royal seeds to list when they need other vocation items?
Mulgosh (1)
Keep in mind there are a lot of new players in Unchained. And the p2w aspect lets people get way more of everything on legacy. So economy is diffrent.
At the moment on unchained, too many people lost their larders because of the server crashes and emergengy maintences and aren't doing them anymore, so there is a low demand. Because of the low demand only a few try to sell those seeds and push the prices up, because they may even end up not selling them at all and losing the price payed atr the ah.
At the same time, most people do all the dailies to get honor, infusions and scolls and end up not doing the family quest, or at least not all of them because for some people scolls are the bottleneck while they still have a shit ton of gold to spare.
A lot of people also spend their vocation on Baobabs or Compost for fishing and use those to burn their alts labor.
Once they give us the patch to fix the larders (I think it was part of 6.1) the problem will slowly fix itself.
Demand will go up, so prices will go up, people will try to sell like crazy, increasing the supply while the prices will go down again.
For a short time fix:
Right after the next maintence a big guild would need to flood the market with royal seeds (and I'm talking about hundrents if not thousends every day) for a fair price till other sellers adopt to that. This will motivate more people todo larders and might stabilize the market, BUT this can only work if there is no crash/additional maintence during the next week.
But this wouldn't be economical for the Guild and could end in someone with aburd amounts of gold to just buy all the seeds and sell them at a higher price again, so it realy would take a shit ton of seeds to work.
batsaxsa (1)
I havent been able to get a good trabslation of that patches. Would you mind to tell me the changes? And when you say that larders wont need royal seed you mean that they will only need lumber, stone brick abd iron ingot or they will need something else instead of royal seed?
Ty in avante
dragunityag (1)
I'm just getting most my info second hand but I was told that in 6.1 or 6.2 there is a general increase to pack prices and then in 6.3 the Royal seed will no longer be a material in larders but they didn't mention if there would be any other changes.
EmberBurnz (1)
> We need the patch where they take the royal seed out of larders.
This... larders reset packs. the area they were created in by distance is what made larder prices worth it. But vocation for larders to be made (royal seed), or the price to buy a royal seed, holds up ALOT of players from doing larders. Which ofcourse, prevents alot of reset of pack percent, which then deters many from doing packs.
MidniteSerenity (6)
that is something that drives me nuts about this community. We paid for a game that is supposed to be sandbox. But large portions of the game are so imbalanced, buggy or broken that it's not worth doing, so you are forced to do other portions of the game you don't really want to do. It's not just making gold it's other portions of the game too like gear progression and such. Complain about it and the community makes excuses. If you go buy a Smart TV and you were expecting to be able to use the Netflix App and the Hulu app but the Hulu App is bugged and the Netflix app's volume is so low you can't hear it no matter how loud you turn your tv up you don't tell people who bought the TV "Just use Amazon Prime! Just use Crackle and stop complaining!"
TechnicallyLew (3)
Hey there.
I'm going to try be constructive here but I agree and disagree in some ways.
I agree there needs to be some sort of change, but I'm not sure how.

Right now, cargo runs are dying. There seems to be little to no life in the oceans which is very different to legacy ArcheAge and I miss that a lot. We need something to rejuvenate the seas.
Now it's worth noting that part as you mentioned not wanting to be pigeon holed into that, and another method. I hear that and I understand it. However, there is a risk factor to fishing. Trade packs can be done with 0 risk and therefore a safe easy money maker for relatively low labor. Just lethargic af imo to do it. ZZzzzz. So I believe the trade packs are rightly priced considering the risk is low and you can potentially with upgrades do 9 packs. (I currently run 7 a go).
What sucks in trade pack world for me is the waiting 8h. Why is this a thing? Why not just give me the money instantaneously?
What I would love to see, is a more risk/reward and clarity system to trade packs.
Here's my vision:
You make a pack and speak to an Trade NPC where you make it. That NPC can show you trade routes and demand rates for your pack.
Example: This pack made in Solis can go to Villanelle for 11G a pack, all in safe zones. OR, you can go to here where you will recieve 30G due to the risk.
Rotating rates of demand for regions to get multiple people focusing routes. Soon you'd have raids set up around protecting trade runs and pirates have better options to steal and risk/reward comes to life again, similar to how legacy Oceans were.
Some will say you already have this, but it requires lots of knowledge and there's no real clarity. I'm talking clear, visible rates and routes going active at different times to create new gameplay styles.
TechnicallyLew (5)
I also would love routes to go active as zones hit war as this would inspire raids to gather around making the risky travel with trade packs, while inspiring the opposing factions to invade to try ambush. Most zones at war are a ghost town now since lowbies are gone.
Looking at you Hellswamp...
Be nice to tie the existing systems together and complement the game systems better with fusion. Who doesn't like fusion??
dragunityag (1)
The oceans are probably the most populated part of archeage. Difference it it's all around the fishing spots very hard to find a spot where there aren't 5+ boats at atm.
Navystylz (1)
I support this if the routes are randomized for the person doing it. If any person can preemptively know what that route is and just sit at the very end of the line and let the goods come to them with no effort, then no.
With fishing and sunken ship packs you have to hunt someone on radar and find them. With fish there are so many bungalows now that people could potentially turn in, that's it's better to just find that at a fishing spot.
Trade packs need be the same, where someone has to go hunt you from knowing potential routes even if not which specific one. Cargo is shit because you go from Austera to Two Crowns and back. People will normally just use cargo ship because all anyone needs do is sit at Port of entry and blockade it, and good luck trying to get through that. No one is going to deal with that when every run has to be a huge guild run. And it's only because the cargo ship protection that those ports aren't even more camped. People might think that was great fun in legacy but there is a reason it's been changed.
fsxraptor (3)
Hell fucking no. Trade system was always about rewarding you for properly planning your routes. RNG has no place whatsoever in it.
Yonishi (1)
There is a common misconception, that moving pack around in safe zone is actually "SAFE".
No its not, my guild made some people ragequit the game already...
You can always be wardeced (dominion) if you are in a lvl3+ guild.
People lost already thousands of golds thinking they were safe, no they were not. People that know this do the traderun on alts...

Now back to the main topic, IDK what are the % of value on your server, on my EU server the % are between 90 to 110%.
I run the >100% gilda packs, and sometime the fertilizer packs.
It's literally printing golds...
Now if nobody do larders on your server, or if too many people run packs and none do larders, then yes the packs are worthless.
Cultural-Revolution (2)
Dominions are why i quit my guild. It was a very inactive casual guild after fracturing cus of galleon drama. I stayed cus eh better be in a guild than alone right? LOL WRONG
I got dominioned for my 9 packs and killed in what i thought was a safe zone. They instantly put my packs in a cart of a guildless person. < this point is important
I summoned a few family and guild members to help, only 1 guild member came and my fam could only heal us. We were outnumbered and outgeared. I think we might have killed them once or twice but they already put the packs on their farm.
Now the kicker, i couldn't have gotten my packs back even if i killed them, cus the packs were on that guidless guy's cart.
After realizing that there's NO WAY to defend against random dominions, i just left the guild. No point being in a guild when you're mainly a pack runner, you're just free food.
I wasn't sure honestly whether to say this, cus it can both help people dominion unsuspecting victims but it could also help people know that being in an inactive guild is a horrible thing if you're a pack runner. They just pay 100g and get 200+ gold from your packs, possibly 500g if you're doing blue salt packs.
And as so many people have 2 computers, they can easily just login on their alt and put away your packs. Boom you can't do anything now to get your packs back!
Pretty salty but then again my pirating methods aren't much more honorable but at least i do it against reds.
So yeah if a guildless person sits on your cart and starts chatting you up, FKING STORE YOUR PACKS OR PREPARE A GUILD FLARE SUMMON THINGY. Or pop a peace scroll.
jduque16 (1)
Our percentages are at 50% =[
TheRaxon (1)
On my server, seeing a percent above 70% is extremely rare.
TechnicallyLew (1)
I agree with you. My post was very general but for the most part trade runs can be done very safely with very little risk. As I said, it requires lots of experience and knowledge (which I find a nightmare to come by as so much info out there for AA is straight up outdated, or only relevant to F2P AA)
I'd just like more options around trade packs where you can assess which route to take, weigh up the risks and pick and go. Not set in stone requiring knowledge, fluctuating live activity with runs and naughty hunters!
Haxxelerator (1)
the system is really just broken as it is.
the price of the packs rely on the other packs which means if one of them is basically shit(larders needing royal seed) then the entire system breaks w/c is insanely stupid.
tbh, i'd rather have the old system with multiple trade packs buyers on each zone that regenerates the demand over time instead of being funneled in this stupid shit with 0 regeneration unless there are people who are desperate to turn in, and fucks up their s/l ratio.
Cultural-Revolution (1)
there's also the big problem of long runs being risky.
What happens if you need to leave the game cus real life calls? Well shit you are halfway done with your hasla pack, what do you do if you don't have a farm nearby to stage the pack?
With old system, you could just turn in at nearest area.
Luzion (1)
The Negative Nancys in this game are real downers, but keep posting and fighting for the game you want to play, I say. Having said that...
Were there changes coming to the larder system soon? I know the reason people have stopped doing larders is due to losing them on maintenance days, made worse by surprise maintenances, thus making it impossible to make larders.
Powdered_Toast_Man3 (1)
I agree. Why even have trade packs as a system if it’s not even functional? It’s purpose it to be a gold generation mechanic for players who find it fun. It just doesn’t generate gold like it used too. And if it’s what you want to do, you’re almost being punished for doing so because the labor and time you put into it doesn’t pay off in the slightest and you’ll be handicapped compared to players who for instance enjoy fishing instead
Letusek82 (1)
Well im a farmer and i do not need packs and still earn a lot.
scapego4t (1)
Here I am making 250+ gold a day of pure profit with 1 alt on blue salts for roughly 20min of work trying to figure out what everyone is bitching about.
Yggdrrasil (1)
I'm good doing larders, im not playing too much to be honest, just doing farmville for the love of it, 36 larders every 3 days with good profits, I use my farms to get lemons and milk, the rest i buy it from AH, i use my vocation to get axle grease []( use this
aswedishtiger (-4)
This is why I play Black Desert.
I can cut trees and make silver
I can invest gold bars
I can raise a farm
I can trade crates
I can fish
I can hunt
I can cook food
I can make deliveries
I can fight bosses
I can hunt monsters
I can do pretty much any fucking thing I want and be successful at the game. I hope your game gets better bro 🙁
Talyonn (14)
But you can't have fun tho.
baluranha (5)
You can still do those stuff here and make silver, the only problem right now is how efficient you want to be on making it, the same applies to black desert, there are professions that give money, and others that don't.
Darro_Orden (6)
The problem is the archeage "MUST MIN MAX OR IM LOSING!!!" mentality. Ppl need to just chill and play the game.
Also commerce is fucked for sure.
aswedishtiger (1)
>there are professions that give money, and others that don't.
Every profession from horse training to log cutting to gathering all make money
Memorable_Usernaem (4)
Yes but at different rates. For a long, long time there was no point doing anything but sea monster hunting for money.
baluranha (0)
Sure, every profession gives money...and the same applies to archeage?
What profession besides raising sunken treasures doesn't give you back money invested?
aswedishtiger (3)
> If everyone is gonna be pidgeon holed into two methods of earning gold then its gonna get real old real quick.
BDO 100% does not have this problem which is what I was simply pointing out in my original statement but apparently archeage players got pretty butthurt.
Once again, hope your game gets better!
baluranha (1)
BDO is pratically a single player game until really later down the line and even then the thematics are different than archeage.

Your original statement is what you could do in BDO that you "couldn't" in archeage which is false, you can still do these things in here and still make money out of it, the only difference is the amount of money you make, your comment isn't right just because you're taking a statement from someone complaining about AA's economy.

Is AA economy shit? Absolutely. Is it impossible to make money out of every profession in the game? Absolutely not. The same applies to BDO, try to make a living out of selling horses as a beginner in an old server and you'll see that it's the same shit as AA right now.
DGrandson (5)
And every time you build a new character you have to waste 100 euros on slot. You need to get 200 euros worth of pets to get something decent and your acc break every tri tet pen
Still thank you!
medeagoestothebes (0)
Can you trade with people? Or set a price on the auction house?
aswedishtiger (2)
"Hey RMT and bots took this game over and ruined it!"
Said no BDO player. Ever.
medeagoestothebes (0)
And every bdo player has highly praised it as a single player experience, but never a multiplayer one.
Abd you can still RMT on black desert.
aswedishtiger (1)
My statement still stands mate. RMT has little to no impact on the game at all. Blade and Soul was literally overrun with bots and RMT, it was so bad you couldn't even type in chat because they were glitching it out with space bar spam.
FFXIV encourages it as Squareenix knows its just for cosmetic and gets a piece of the cash
TERA ruined by it
Lost Ark is going to be ruined by it
Maplestory ruined by it
I could go on and on.
LIke I said buddy. RMT is non-existent in BDO. Has zero impact. Point still stands
medeagoestothebes (5)
Yeah, rmt does tend to have little impact on single player games. I cannot deny this.
aswedishtiger (0)
Black Desert is not a single player game genius. If the game was 1 player the economy would collapse/be non-existent, trade wouldn't function, exp groups wouldn't exist, the entire marketing strategy and #1 selling point of the game node wars or sieges wouldn't exist.
Holy shit I have to block you I can't communicate with people this stupid
I knew Archeage players weren't the brightest but holy shit
Caekie (0)
># #1 selling point of the game node wars or sieges wouldn't exist.
Yeah okay buddy. Btw why are you even here? Go away and take your fake news with you lmao.
aswedishtiger (1)
Nice round 3 of your failed and failed and soon to be failed again game. We going for round 4 or nah?
inkara (0)
All they need to do is to remove royal seed and lower the maturity of larder from 3 days to 1 hour ffs
Cmdrcrusty (-2)
Tons of people who want the game in a better state and you clearly want a sugar coated answer. But nah we ain't getting what we deserve and they made it clear. Its a game have fun but it's a flop once again. Next.
Aeyden654 (-3)
Go play another game....or quit.