JalYt_Justin (3)
As someone who (attempts) to lead Kadum raids I can tell you that Kadum isn't hard at all.
There's 2 mechanics to watch for: Tree Vine and Head Slam.
Tree vine: This is just a 1 shot mechanic. If you're within 70 meters when the cast finishes it 1 shots you, simple. You avoid this by having a form of invince. So you need to either have 55 defence or you need to have a snowlion for invince dash. If you have neither you are fucked here.
Head slam: Very simple, when he pulls the raid in he will head slam directly after. When he pulls you, you glide back to where you were outside of his head slam range.
These are literally the only 2 abilities worth noting as the rest of it is either really easily avoidable or straight up doesn't do damage. If you can keep this in mind while doing Kadum you can live for a really long time. People just leave after the first wipe because they don't realize that they 100% require an invince to survive.
I will say that there are possibly more mechanics at lower HP values like Red Dragon, but as of yet people still wipe to the very simple mechanics of the first phase (if there are phases)
Edit: I'm probably going to make a kadum for dummies guide sometime soon because I'm tired of people leaving after the first wipe when the fight is easy af >:(
wirblewind (1)
He hits to hard atm. We need more gear.
Most classes just get one shot.
jbird1124 (1)
are you SOL if you die under 30% and hit the respawn button?