klaussdev (6)
your CPU is very old and bad.. i guess that nvidia 1070 is not even working at 50% of hes power cause of that cpu
krazye87 (2)
This. The cpu is a huge bottleneck for you
NitroKoS (2)
3800x, 1080ti, 32gb ram. Nvme OS and game drive.
Max settings on 2k monitor. butter smooth as it should be.
Your cpu is choking you hard, as others have said upgrade to a modern AMD cpu.
skilliard7 (1)
gtx 1070 i5 6600k 16 GB Ram game on SSD
consistent 60 FPS.
Your CPU is 7 years old, that's why your performance is bad. You'll need to build a new PC, get an i7 9700k that thing is a beast.
Hasbotted (5)
Ryzen is very good and much cheaper.
skilliard7 (3)
Ryzen has more cores but less performance per core. But yeah it's a good option.
The i7's competitor is the Ryzen 7 3800x. Both are about the same price and the i5 is a bit faster https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-9700K-vs-AMD-Ryzen-7-3800X/4030vs4047
[deleted] (1)
skilliard7 (1)
Ryzen doesn't OC well because they're basically dynamically overclocked out of the box.
Memorable_Usernaem (0)
Not sure why you're being downvoted. Intel still holds the crown for gaming, even if the gap has closed considerably. If you do something other than gaming, sure amd is better, but if it want the absolute best at gaming and care about nothing else go Intel.
momo88852 (1)
Ever switching to intel I doubt I’m gonna go back to AMD. I was a big fan of them, yet half their stuff feels like a jet engine and too hot.
Memorable_Usernaem (1)
Too hot? And here I was under the impression AMD didn't have thermal issues. Not sure you'll find much improvement in the Intel camp. My 9900k runs crazy hot.
syregeth (0)
This is bad old info
Memorable_Usernaem (0)
Proof? 9900k still takes the slight lead as far as everything I've seen.
NedixTV (1)
i have a 1080ti with 5820k + DDR4 ram dual channel
I have the game at max likely, few things at mid settings and runs between 25-30, but it feel "smooth" at least the camera rotation, with optimization mode i get between 30-45
I have the feeling "NOT TESTED", than DDR4 makes a different with the game engine, since the other day a guy said the same as u with a 1080ti having a 2500k or i7 3770k.
mmanders6 (1)
I was in the exact same boat - GTX1070 graphics on an aging i52500k. I upgraded to a new Ryzen processor and mb and it's made a huge difference - 20-30+ fps boost in crowded areas and fast-paced fights. Apparently ArcheAge is very cpu intensive game.
joinedreditjusttoask (1)
MMOs tend to be more on the CPU side. Anything particles, shadows, reflections i turn down a lot.
emforay216 (1)
My FPS stays around 30 in big fights with max graphical settings. i7 7700k cpu and rtx2080.
Memorable_Usernaem (1)
Every MMO I've ever played is very CPU intensive during big group fights. I have an i9 9900k @5.0 and I still bottleneck on my CPU.
TheRealFaptality (1)
Settings might be low but do you have glue effects on weapons etc off and default player appearance? Default player appearance is a huge help.