atriaxx (2)
Do the water and pack quest for territory coins. You can trade them on with blue salt bonds for blue infusions.
TheRealFaptality (1)
Worth if you have the gold to build one of the mount rewards.
Enla (1)
Worth in terms of having a cool mount, or does it somehow help you get gold/gear?
McHondy (1)
Castles have fund that will payout when its siege time for that castle, much the same system as the community centers
sGvDaemon (1)
Sneaking into enemy castle and casting meteor on their hot springs
Total-Antelope (-5)
only turning hiram infusions to blue ones and the mining event. Other stuff is useless. You can spend hours in total doing the daily quests and bunch of labor and you'd get like 2s/l on the reward at the end.
medeagoestothebes (2)
What is the mining event?
[deleted] (1)
krawler25 (2)
Just tested. You can't use other fiction's bench.
Total-Antelope (1)
at the workshop i think