Pallist_horror (2)
I hope this info makes it to you in time.
Miner is good if you have an alt that you don't utilize the labor with.
Otherwise your labor is heavily consumed by the drill for very low gains.
If you only have a main, the extra seedbed is best for labor management.
I'll post a snip of mining results we keep logs on:
twinchell (1)
Can you explain real quick how the miner even works? It costs how much labor and you get a random reward? What are the different ranks of the drill?
Pallist_horror (2)
After 1 hour the drill becomes rank 1 and you can use it.
A few hours after that it becomes rank 2.
Several hours after that it becomes rank 3.
It does not level up past rank 3.
When it levels to rank 1, it can be a mineral (stone and iron) or jackpot (stone, iron, and something else you can get from mining such as copper or diamonds) mine. This will be displayed in text on the drill, jackpot also has sparkles.
The general strategy:
If it's a mineral mine, use it at rank 1 or lowest you catch it
If it's a jackpot mine, only use it a rank 3
Mineral rank 1: 120 labor
Mineral rank 2: 360 labor
Mineral rank 3: 720 labor
Jackpot rank 3: 1080 labor
Mining proficiency will lower the cost proportionally.
Here is a sample of my yields.
I can't stress enough, only do a mining house if you have an alt or don't care to level your gear. It's very low passive income. Just because someone else got a diamond jackpot doesn't mean you ever will.
twinchell (1)
Wow, best info I've been able to find. Thanks a lot, greatly appreciated!
krileon (2)
Miner. You still get 2 seedbeds and the RNG chance of some crazy cash money from miner is too good to pass up. It'll still be months before diamonds and such devalue to the point that harvester is worth more and when that happens you could remodel to harvester (doesn't cost any titles, just materials).
Lu5ck (3)
Already a post few days ago
Memorable_Usernaem (1)
It's 3 seed beds vs 2 seed beds and a Miner. Seems like an easy choice to me.
Sociopathicfootwear (2)
Not so easy when you consider that even with most jackpots you get a value of ~1 silver per labor.
Elelish (3)
copper = ~4,5-5s/l
silver = ~2s/l
Gold = 3-5s/l (jumping a lot recently, but didnt go up to 1g per Piece again like a few weeks ago)
So yea, this is the sad truth and what you usually receive from a rank 3 Jackpot vain. This is not even taking into account the Labor you waste for mining the Mineral vains between the Jackpots.
But of course once you have a good hit it will boost that silver/Labor rate up.
Archeum = 21 s / L (used to be 50 s/L and more)
Diamonds = 875s / Labor or 8,75g/Labor.
Thats with halnaak prices. And also mentionworthy: easy laborburn for at least one of your alts. If you gather the random spawn plants, use the seedbeds all the time and care for the mining drill you will burn Labor quite easy.
skilliard7 (2)
It's basically a daily lottery ticket, if you get the diamonds you're rich.
TheRealOsamaru (1)
XD not for me! Bwhahahaha! On one hand, YES, the miner is very nice and has the potential for some very good profit. On the other hand, I could do a lot of things a lot quicker with a third Seed bed.
Archaya (1)
This is anecdotal but I love my miner.
The 2 seed beds for me are plenty and I can burn through labor pretty quickly if I'm doing quick crops like potatoes. If you're crafting it could still not be enough but for me it's plenty.
The miner on a whole runs REALLY low on S/L typically but I like having the variety in activities.
When I harvest a jackpot that's tier 3 and it had copper it comes out to 1s10c/labor which is awful. However if you get lucky and get good gems it jumps a ton. I've had mine for a few weeks and have only gotten gems once and it was rubies.
With all that said, again I like my miner for the variety more than I would personally like an extra seed bed.
Ecchii (1)
What do rubies go for
Elelish (1)
80s-1g on halnaak during primetime. sometimes Drops as low as 30s
Elelish (1)
how do you end up with 1s/Labor with copper? At least on halnaak copper is more expensive then silver and Gold for a few days now. It ends up being 4,5-5s/l for me atm.
If your Server is one of the later created ones i can just tell you to buy copper if it is that cheap on your Server still. The Price will explode soon then.
malseraph (1)
Does the Miner's Farmhouse have the extra plants growing on them like the Harvester's? The free clover, pumpkins, vanilla, black pepper, and clubhead mushrooms.
raphaell666 (2)
Yes it does.
Sir_I_Exist (1)
Yes. It's dope.
WyzeThawt (1)
Miner is best all around for most people imo. if you have to ask, 9/10 times its the one you want.
if you are big into alchemy or crafting that leads to needing lots of plant mats, you can think about harvester. i believe the harvester also procs rare special growths that you can harvest.
Sir_I_Exist (1)
Miner, but with a caveat: with no labor discounts from skill, the miner costs 120 labor to mine at level one, like 360 to mine at level 2 (maybe more but I rarely clear it at level 2, more on that in a second) and 1080 labor to clear at level 3.
Generally, to fish for jackpot veins, you want to clear it once an hour if it's a mineral vein, or, if it's a jackpot vein, wait nine hours to clear it at level 3.
You only make 120 labor an hour, so if you're clearing mineral veins once an hour to fish for a jackpot, you will never accumulate labor.
If you don't have any mining prof, or if you don't use an alt to clear the miner, you will have trouble accumulating labor. Of course if you're flush with rechargers or diligence coins this is less of a concern. You will get mining prof really fast though.
Of course if you're just chain planting potatoes in the seed beds they can also be very labor intensive, but these are just points for you to consider.
Letusek82 (1)
If U have labor for miners then go for it if not harvester.
tristyntrine (1)
I'd say the miners is worth more atm, since diamond proc is spicy, but only if the house is on an alt since it's so labor intensive; also 2 seed beds isn't bad. You can always change it to a harvester's when the miners is no longer profitable <3
deikan (1)
Pretty sure family can use the drill?
tristyntrine (1)
Idk, I'm putting my thatched on my alt so I wouldn't have that problem if it was one XD
Elelish (1)
Navystylz (1)
You can. My main owns my miner and alt account works it. There are things you put down in house that only the owner can use or activate. So I would never have my miner house on alt account.
That being said, I wouldn't use miner purely for jackpot. I actually use the materials.
Stone - most sold off and rest used to do the daily quest for easy 5g and 1 bluesalt bond.
Iron - Used for sturdy ingot sometimes and rest thought of as junk material but can ensure you can do the daily bluesalt bonds for all iron communities centers.
Copper - Keys and sometimes other material. Sells for good money on its own as ingots.
Silver & Gold - Keys or whatever else needed occasionally.
Haven't got any gems yet. Obviously we all want a diamond proc while prices are still high. But already people getting diamond procs are listing a bunch of diamonds in stacks, which makes anyone else trying to sell continuously undercut the huge stack. This becomes a fight to undercut to sell theirs driving down prices all because some people can't be bothered to list 1 or 2 at a time, and just keep posting more as they sell off.
deikan (1)
What's your s/l when you proc stone/iron/copper?
sGvDaemon (1)
Harvester 100%
Seedbeds are basically just money printers. I'd rather be making decent money consistently every day instead of hitting a diamond jackpot once every two months or something if that.
Also small QoL thing, the harvester seems to have the most floor space, I put a chest, bench, and merchant cushion off to the side where the drill would normally be
Elelish (1)
> Seedbeds are basically just money printers. I'd rather be making decent money consistently every day instead of hitting a diamond jackpot once every two months or something if that.
I mean, hitting Diamonds once every two months would mean ~8000g with one additional seedbed over the course of two months? That would be ~134g per day with one seedbed consistently. I dont think you can pull that off - especially looking at the amount of work you'd had to put in to pull it off.
That being said, you wont get Diamonds once every two months most likely and once Diamonds drop in price there are not many reasons left to build a miner.
sGvDaemon (2)
Other considerations:
1) it's far less labor intensive to use
2) some high level vocation seeds require up to 50k gathering/farming to make bundles with but planter circumvents this if you want to grow lots for high level oils/polish/pigments
SeamornX (1)
Which seeds do you plant?
sGvDaemon (2)
Three factors:
1) Volume sold - you want to grow things that many people buy
2) Price - Sell things that sell well relative to their cost (silver/vocation)
3) grow time - shorter grow time is more profit obviously
ferevon (1)
If you don't have a miner alt chances are you won't be having the labor to make efficient use of it. Just so you know.
semireject (1)
I have the Miner but will change to Harvester eventually I think. Unless you get proc it's bordeline bad. But still a nice form of gambling every day which gives some excitement.
I love the Seed beds though! 🙂
twinchell (1)
Can you give more info on seed beds? How much labor does it cost, and how many final product do you get? I think it takes 50 seeds right? Are you making more than 3 S/L with your server prices on the seed beds?
semireject (1)
50 seeds per bed, and 1 labor per seed.
I haven't really analyzed the s/l on the beds as that obviously depends on what you plant. Plus, I dont sell raw material so I can't really say. Single plants will alwys be better than the beds and bundles when it comes to s/l. But since you can't plant in batches it makes it a whole lot more manageable. Plus that the seeds grows alot faster in beds than one by one, or bundle.
semireject (1)
For those who also have a Miner...
How are you doing it? Spending labor on every timer or are you wait for tier 3?
Is there a difference in what you can get out? I'm pretty new with it, and haven't got anything but stone and iron this far.. which obviously doesn't add up to well with the labor spent.
Nerf_Riven_pls (2)
I couldn’t find any confirmed numbers for chance per stage for a jackpot. So as long as it’s not confirmed that the higher stages have a higher chance on proccing Jackpot, im gonna keep resetting stage 1 until it hits jackpot.
I have 3 miners and keep doing this whenever I have time. I don’t have the feeling that higher stages have higher chances to go jackpot.
You will get copper procc most of the time which is good because copper is the most expensive out of copper silver gold.
Overall, building 3 miners has cost me around 10k gold (mats, labor, dilligence, prices of plots) and I made maybe 3k from the mining Drills until now. The 6 seedbeds are making me way more money than the drills but if I ever procc diamonds, all 3 houses will be payed back instantly.
Also I really like the view of my little miners village lol
NedixTV (1)
Miner iif u are up for RNG profit
Harvester if u have access to apothecary house or u do trade packs.
Still the miner has 2 seedbed.
TheRealOsamaru (2)
Is the Harvester's 3rd Seedbed any better than the other 2? or just "Another seed bed"?
cryalote (2)
Just another seed bed