merinis (17)
Stop trying to be perfect optimized meta gods. I have shit GS and I'm still in the game, crafting up a storm and supporting my team. If you're trying to be #1 and have anything resembling a life you're setting yourselves up for failure. Set yourself more realistic expectations and goals, and start doing fun shit instead of meta shit.
Nazori (12)
Fun shit > meta shit.
Who cares if ull make less GS per hour. Its all a waste if ur not having fun. Sacrifice some efficiency to do what u like to do.
przhelp (1)
The issue is that group things are hard to do unless you're able to be competitive in open world PVP.
Ablindbabypanda (7)
Guild events, our guild does hide and seek sometimes, one person hides an alt in one zone and first one to find them wins a prize (expansion scrolls/gold). Another good one is dueling with lvl 1 gear you get from arms merchant. Racing across enemy zones is a good one. These are just a few things my guild has done in the past.
cincen (5)
Yee, we tried to do stuff and things as a guild but then everytime these events happens most of the people are busy doing their dailies to not fall behind.
The argument that "you can just do all the fun stuff. No need to slave yourself over dailies" stops working when you realize how fucking much rewards these dailies give and how much you'll be shooting yourself in the foot by not doing them.
I wouldn't mind if they made some (most would be prefered, but I'd settle for some) of the stuff weekly. So you can choose when you do them and you can easily choose not to do them when guild activities happens and then pick them up again the next day.
Awesomefusion (0)
I mean do you play the game to do dailies or do you play to PVP? Worth explaining that to your members tbh.
panda_gravy (2)
Can’t pvp if you have no gs, and you can’t up your gs without dailies.
Cmdrcrusty (3)
Maybe you can kill the mass of bots ruining the game for honor. Much fun.
BDOXaz (1)
What? AH bots?
Awesomefusion (1)
Just go and dominon other guilds and have PVP, have some organized fights and try to think of some strategy etc
Loads of things to do.
tk190230 (1)
there is not much things to do with guilds now. you either a hardcore guild, or casual. Just kick inactives and invite new people. They just killed guild activities when they limited guild sizes. Well, it was a good decision. Now all players can have nation contents, not only guilds.
BubblingBarry (1)
Something that would go a long way in improving the eco-system of the game would be if raid leaders were more aggressive towards kicking afks and alts from raids. I'm talking about Whalesong, Aegis, and hiram dailies the most.
usmcstarlord (-1)
It's 5 hrs of running dailies to stay competitive and most people don't have the time to do all the dailies much less dailies and extra stuff. But as far as fun stuff guild stuff you can arrange a scrimmage through a Dom against another guild, fishing trips, drill camp arenas or raiding fishers
Awesomefusion (3)
It's really not 5hrs, hiram dailies + honor dailies does not take 5 hours.
usmcstarlord (1)
Late to the reply been busy lol but it's those plus arena dailies, fall of Hiram, halcy, red dragon, and then luscas/abyssal
[deleted] (1)
Like an hour and a half to 2 hours to do all of the hiram dailies, whalesong, aegis, CR, and GR.
Are you trying to do these dailies in a group of like 3-5 people? It shouldnt be taking 5 hours in a full co raided raid. I have between 5pm and 9pm or so to play, and when I do my dailies I still have plenty of time to do dungeons, noryette, fish, guild events, etc, after my dailies wrap up.
Thst said. Some days I wont get aegis / whalesong / cr because of my work schedule and them already being done when I get home, some days I'm lucky and I do get home time.