[deleted] (28)
Calx9 (-28)
From both a game design and a logical pov you makes no sense though. Your contribution should still stand.
xCROv (16)
It warns you before remodeling or demoing your house that, that's exactly what will happen.
Calx9 (-20)
That's not what I'm talking about. That part is my fault 110%.
Codi_The_Scout (5)
Then what are you talking about?
Jim_Sulivan (0)
>my fault
Then you have your answer.
Next time, build a little house before doing anything like remodeling or moving somewhere else in the same region.
Or wait until your get your contribution rewards before moving to an other zone.
[deleted] (9)
Calx9 (-16)
Again, I understand it's 110% my fault for not reading the red warning before demolishing. But from a game design perspective it doesn't make much sense. Especially since this is a daily chore that you work towards. Even in poker it's the same way.
I_am_Timetohunt (2)
DeltaDan269 (3)
Next time u won't remove your house before having another one build 😂 😂 😂
dray1ok (10)
Sorry to say it, but yes.
5N0ZZ83RR135 (6)
IncasEmpire (4)
pfinch36 (3)
I did the same thing. Went from the top contributor to the bottom. It sucks to waste that many bonds for nothing. I didnt demo though. I upgraded my thatched to a harvester and lost all mine 😔
Akaaka819 (1)
So what does being a top contributor give you, anyway?
pfinch36 (0)
Once the community center hits rank 3 15 days later you get a gold payout so I basically threw 5-600g away.
Akaaka819 (3)
Ouch. That sucks 🙁
However, I'm wondering, is that payout worth it? I've noticed that turning in 100's of mats can sometimes only result in ~12g + a salt bond. Where if I had sold the mats on the AH, I would have got a LOT more than that 12g. I feel like contributing that much, you'd be missing out on more gold than the reward. Am I not considering something that makes it worthwhile?
pfinch36 (2)
In most zones it's not worth but in 2c and solis it is. I'm in Marianople so ya I could have better spent my time elsewhere but I didnt know that until later and it still sucks to lose that progress.
Akaaka819 (1)
Ah, I see. Thanks for the info! My house is in windscour, so I'm guessing it probably wouldn't be worth it for me.
pfinch36 (1)
Ya probably not. Just check your community center. I looked at Marianople on Tyrenos the other day. It's like 8k gold then I ran over to Two Crowns and checked that one.....33k gold. Which one would you prefer to get a payout from? If I could do it all over again I'd have put my thatched 2 gazebos and 4 16s in 2c not Marianople....
Elelish (1)
welcome to the Retard Club. I am happy i am not alone with this. Luckily "only" lost 400 constribution and was able to get to 840 after that, but since i received a very huge payout it still hurts. Easily ~600g down the toilet.
[deleted] (2)
HalfAA (1)
Id just reroll and demo it and give it to your new main.
Bvanrules (2)
Popagandice (2)
CrashnServers (2)
It tells you this when you click demo
UjiMatchaLatte (2)
why turn them in ? you can keep them all until the end of the development. It's a good strategy to rush people and gain more money
syregeth (1)
hundreds? id never log on again, games over
pfinch36 (1)
The sad thing is I knew about losing your contribution if you demoed but for some reason I didnt think about losing it due to an upgrade. I lost 117 bonds because of it.....
fat4larry (-3)