SooLu (4)
How did u get that much hp and even with high defense, how to mobs hit so weak when their base damage is in the thousands :00
vucar (12)
he's one of those BEATERS
Caekie (1)
"beta tester... and a cheater! ... You're a beater!" fuckin' lmao that scene and it's logic was so funny
Tavernsul (1)
He has revi cheer on, his base hp is probbaly around 45k.
TheSenpaiCode (2)
I popped Revi cheer, base hp is just over 46k.
My normal HP Regen is 270, If I pop Toughen it increases my health regen +246. Most of those mobs there hit me for 70-150. I have 20k physical defense with 17.5% damage reduction across the board with out buffs. Basically I can out heal small to medium pulls in WHM.
JBrody (1)
He probably played the beta.
TheSenpaiCode (1)
Funny thing is I actually did play the Beta LoL 🙂
syregeth (-5)
based on his reply, he has no employment, education, or training
TheSenpaiCode (2)
What made you comment this? Lol.
Well I own my own company, I have over 64 certificates and graduated 15 years ago if that matters about what we're talking about with this game. Lol
silverwindpegasus (2)
He was calling you the acronym NEET
syregeth (-5)
Your gears absurd to the point you obviously spend as much time as you want on this game, I just assumed you were on the low end of the responsibility - income curve cause most are
TheSenpaiCode (1)
Oh ok.
I actually was over working my self with business this year. I was getting worn out so I took time off during the launch of the game to no life it and relax. But that's pretty much over now.
RudiStyle (0)
You don't need to spend 12 hours a day to have gear like that. You just need to know what you're doing lol
Rinzzler999 (0)
also legacy where p2w is easy
syregeth (-3)
O u lil cutie u
Johnny_Handsome85 (3)
Haha, thats actually really funny 😁
kandolo (1)
Xx bjabji
Caekie (2)
post vid when u inevitably do the same to players pls
Tavernsul (0)
I actually find aoe farming very easy as tank, as long as I dont go to ehm..
Cba to post a video, but just use flame retribution, mocking howl, flame implosion and Gale Shield slam.
JasePearson (2)
If anything I find it easier than dealing with mobs 1 by 1 lol
I level up players under 50 regularly and have to constantly tell them to leave the one mob alone and follow me to the big group of them, far easier
Tavernsul (-3)
Did you even read my comment? Your post makes zero sense.
JasePearson (2)
I was agreeing with you that aoe/group farming is easy fam, chill.
Tavernsul (-5)
Was supposed to be a help to tanks who thinks its hard farming, not a conversation about aoeing or killing 1 by 1..
Kingbuji (3)
People like you are the reason is hate this community.
JasePearson (1)
Look I can understand me not making sense, I'm an idiot in general, but to call me out and then not make any sense whatsofuckingever is just insulting.
What shit are you chatting? Your point was aoe farming, I chimed in talking about how I find it easier doing it "your way" than trying to take mobs on one at a time, literally reinforcing your point and you're just being a pleb lmfao
Tavernsul (-2)
Imagine being called a pleb by a 5k gs :\^)
Now that we have taken it so far I might as well keep going.
I still fail to see how that comparison is relevant, this post is video of him aoe farming. I gave him an idea to aoe farm better. How the fk did you get the idea to mention single killing shit? Also gratz on leveling up low lvl ppl, good on you, however very irrelevant again 🙂
JasePearson (1)
Did you actually go through my history to find that or just assume lmao, please reassure me it's the latter because if not that's sad as fuck. Imagine trying to shit on someone for not no lifing ArcheAge of all things, I'm dying man.
You should keep going? Brother your cue to stop was the moment I said "I'm agreeing with you". You're not "winning" like you think you are, you're legitimately a pleb and no matter how good at ArcheAge you think you are, it doesn't really change the fact that's what you're currently portraying yourself as.
The key misunderstanding here is I didn't compare it, there's a video of a guy farming a group and then putting clip from SAO in it, you give a useful build and then I chime in to say how much easier it is to farm using it than it is to farm 1 by 1, literally upvoted you and left it at that. As for leveling low people, that wasn't a humble brag and was very fucking relevant lmfao "guys this build let's you level up lowbies fast" cue weird ass salt for no actual reason..
Seriously man, if you didn't understand me that's cool, maybe I wasn't clear enough and that's on me but I've already said my intention was to agree with you, I upvoted you and left it at that because not enough people know how fun defense still is, and yet for some reason you're trying to fuck with me, it literally makes zero sense lol
Tavernsul (0)
Oboi what a wall
JasePearson (1)
Just for you babe x
BDOXaz (2)
Did you even read his comment?
Tavernsul (-6)
Well he tried to shift it over on a conversation about killing 1 at a time vs aoeing, I never mentioned killing 1 by 1 :\^)