dowinterfor6 (3)
I levelled up pretty much solo as confessor, now doombringer. Currently in cloth ~5.5k gs, and biggest problem is the majority of high gs gankers being melee (1 trip combo and I'm likely dead, unless they're bad). Archers I can usually survive if I react fast enough, and mages don't usually attack me unless they're in a ball group.
I've tried plate in arena (equalised gear) and melees tickle, but I usually run leather there. There are pros and cons to all 3, at the end of the day there won't be a clear "best" choice until the meta settles somewhere down the line.
Supposedly archers and mages will be your biggest threat at the end game, but who knows.
Mulgosh (3)
It realy depents on your preferences. The long healer guide recomended what a lot of players recomended as well for mages when AAU started: Go Plate, everyone is a dark runner. And there are a lot of them, but as a cloth mage i can tell you Abolishers are what drives me crazy even when using plate in the arena. Darkrunners are just annoying, but if you get them in your cc before they do, they are done for.

In 1v1 and small scale plate will be better. In large scale or any pve group content however you will get hit less, as you wanna stay in the back.

While grinding mobs solo you may be an easy target to melee with cloth, but faster because of the higher damage and the reduced mana.

Lib gear is an option, but you will be a pure glass canon/healer and die if someone only looks at you. Archers will likely one shot you whenever you are in range, so you realy need to know what you are doing.
WyzeThawt (2)
Plate IS easier to set up better defenses as the only hole to patch is magic damage. This does cost you +10% more mana expenditure for skills but as a healer with high spirit, it wont matter much. Also you get much lower Skill % increase from its grade buff.
Cloth IS best if your biggest fear is mages. Cloth allows for 20% reduction of all CC's and the second highest skill % increase from its grade buff which. however now you need to mitigate phsical dmg and sometimes its further broken out in to melee and ranged, meaning you have 2 defensive holes to fill.
You must choose your own fate.
lunilii (2)
I played plate healer on legacy when it was frown upon as it didnt gave anything besides tankiness.
Now in 6.0, good lord is it OP.
First of all people got afraid of the +10% Mana consumption because of how manavore healer were.. now with the change on spirit stats and the reduction in mana for some skills , you have a Lot of Mana that it's not even an issue.. you Can even song and heal (it was a pain due to the Mana consumption) because its that easy on Mana .
Second leather and cloth have more healing % on the Gear.. BUT since you'll basicly have a 60-70% (if not more) of crit heal rate, you'll already be close to overheal anyway. And if someone get a hard healing debuff a small increase of 15% wont save the day .
You also have to take into account that there are several for a plate to own some Magic defense such as costume or cloak. Im at currently T2 divine with a Magic Shield and a mdef cloak and im looking at 14k pdef and 7kmdef already
There are no such option for pdef except the shield.
Also melee have WAY more penetration than Magic.. and such if i have a 18k pdef and a melee reduces it by 9k, ill still be at 9k (which is 50% ).. while cloth and leather would be naked.
Also auramancy have WAYYY more skills to reduce Magic damage while defense became useless.
Finally the +15% and +20% increase damage on plate with some weapon type are PROCS ONLY. And thus are very rare to happen in a fight.
Navystylz (2)
There's all those magic defense options because you didn't even mention the parry, block and evasion that melee and physical damage has to get through before even hitting your defense. Then resilience and toughness. You can roll cloth and plug all defense gaps easy. I rather not need to have a specific skill tree to block magic. Unless fighting heavy caster groups.
BDOXaz (1)
Cloth might work better if you go for the serpent sleeves that have a good chance to make you invuln when your health drops below a certain point, but the issue really is how much inherent defense penetration melee gets.
Mages get 0 magic defense penetration while attlerage alone gets 3k pdef penetration and swiftblade gets another 3k on top. It doesn't help that if you're trying to play a frontline healer you'd rather use aura for implosion than defense tree, which gives you another 3k mdef making plate more viable.
deikan (1)
In theory cloth would scale best as a healer. In reality, you're probably not going to reach that point and plate will be the better choice.
sirqnknown (2)
Hey! More Optimism 🙂