Raikken (9)
Do you wanna be a loli or a furry? The choice is yours.
Edit: As for a normal answer, you should probably mention whether you're EU or NA and which server you're considering, because that information is kind of important.
Kissuchwee (2)
Oh sorry! EU Server, alexander ~~
Idk i love furries and lolis 🙁 why do we have to chooosee
Raikken (2)
Well I play on Halnaak so I can't comment on the side balance of Alexander, but in Halcy instance where all EU servers meet, East usually wins.
Kissuchwee (1)
Does it matter? Like what happens when east wins or vice versa?
Raikken (1)
1st place 2k honor, 2nd place 1.5k honor, 3rd place 1.2k honor.
Kissuchwee (3)
Oh so it doesnt really matter then except honors? Thankiu.
Atermel (1)
Same in NA, east wins probably 80-90% it feels like.
Raikken (1)
Don't think I've won a single halcy for a week now. And the 3-5sec server delay isn't helping it...
razveck (5)
Many leveling zones in Alexander are full of high level West characters who farm low levels. If you push through that and get to endgame it's more balanced and East wins out quite often
Kissuchwee (1)
Thank you! I was worried because that happened to me a lot, they were chasing me lmao. Then ill continue with east probably.
Kenpvchii (3)
I feel you should pick on your IRL geographical location. I'm located on the east coast myself, so east coast beast coast.
Kissuchwee (1)
Lol same
AwiesGoesRawr (1)
West is best!