emforay216 (27)
Archeage, starting out, was one of the best MMORPG experiences I had in a long time. However, as time went on, the burnout was quickly hitting me and the game became, as you described it, a full time job. Does the game have potential to be fun? Hell yes, but I feel like it depends heavily on the people you're gonna be playing with, mainly your guild, and how they, as a group, earn gold and such. If they're going the banditry route and are competent, I have no doubts you will have a good time. Even if they regularly farm dungeons, gold will be no issue for you while also retaining most of your labor. Pretty much anything else? Unless you actually like sitting around fishing and/or tending to farms for hours, you will feel like you are working a full time job. The more fun parts of that aspect, like trading, are broken and not worth doing right now on top of that. On top of that, now you need to catch up... I was a very active player, but not playing for a week due to IRL shit made me feel like a gap was created between me and some of the higher up players on my server that will never be closed.
So as stated, it really depends on who you end up with. Either way, you will need to spend a lot of time in-game to have any success, but that time can potentially be fun. In most cases, however, not, as unfortunate as that is. Especially now that most players are high ancestral rank, and honestly, at least on Jergant, new players are few and far between.
Donald_Malarkey9 (15)
well said played for 200 hours got to a 5k gear score and then quit....loved this game but the burnout was just to real. Log on, do daily's, a few dungeons rinse and repeat. got old very fast. I wish there were more ways to enhance hirim gear instead of just Gold.
lifebreak123 (8)
well, if we have more ways, then i will love it, but, the tryhards will do them too, they will get even more than the current system. then people will whine **again**. there is no end.
i feel the boredom too sometimes, but mmorpg gated by energy and/or dailies system is always like this. and this system is actually helping the casuals since the nolifers cant just play the game nonstop. and casuals actually have some indirect guidance.

OP's logic is very weird. lets say, we all know that mark zuckerberg is rich af, and OP himself want to be as rich..., then what should we suggest? ask OP to work as hard and smart as mark zuckerberg --OR-- limit mark zuckerberg income because OP dont want to work that hard? the answer is of course the first one,
OP and most complainers dont actually want the game to be better. they only want to be **equal** while doing **LESS.**
GreenLuck010 (2)
Congratulations. You have made the dumbest analogy I saw for quite some time.
I am pretty sure zuck didn't just work hard to get his money but also was very lucky, but that is beside the point.
Most of the top people are not the hard workers, but the botters, the gold buyers and the 20 alts ppl. The game never stopped being p2w, now you just dont pay gamingo, you pay someone else. All the p2w mechanics are still in the game making sure that you either buy gold or be forever behind.
The problem is that the grind limits other aspects of the game as well, and a lot of people would get burnt out by this kind of grind. And taking it easy on a game like this is basically never a choice, pvp would be a nightmare if you wouldn't work on your gear. Also I am sure there was a post on this sub where it showed that it takes more than 1 year of doing the hiram dailies everyday to max out your hiram gear (the easy gearing choice 🙂 ).
90% of the game content revolves around doing dailies. The end goal of the game is to be the strongest but XL made sure that playing fairly and not buying gold will never get you on the top.
But now the game is slowly dying so you might actually get to be the best player from the few that will still play the game.
sir_fluffinator (-1)
This. You should be able to craft your gear upgrades, or grind out mobs, or complete dungeons, etc. Dailies shouldn't be the only way to progress your gear/character. If they want to lock progression behind some time-gated system, then at least make daily quests that can be completed via a variety of activities (like crafting and exploring and dungeons and trade runs).
Elelish (6)
And this is a prime example of missing knowledge leading to huge misconceptions about the game.
You want dungeon gear? Go library and mistsong every day 3x each. The gear will drop, and every gear that you dont Need can get fed into the gear you Need.
You want crafted gear? Educate yourself about erenor weapons - the BiS weapon for everyone in this game. While a complete erenor set is unlikely to get only going for a weapon is very possible for everyone.
You can also go get a mix of 3 or 5 pieces library + rest hiram. Depending on the set you choose it is even better to mix it up. To do library first 3 bosses you need 5k GS, which means you will have to Level up your hiram gear a bit but after that you can stop doing dailies if you decide to go 7 pieces library or do a LOT less if you choose to go for a mix.
Dailies are the **easiest** way to gear up, but neither the "only way" as you said NOR the best way. And yes, both alternative ways will result in better endgame gear.
huntrshado (26)
It is only a job if you make it one. Every MMO or competitive (see pvp - not esports competitive) game is like that.
Every. Single. One. People will be super competitive and compare their stats/gear score/whatever to others for that sweet dopamine rush
At the end of the day - none of it matters. A game could disappear for no reason in an instant. It is usually best to just have what fun you can with the game and move on when you stop enjoying it. Sometimes you get lucky and have a "main game" for years. Sometimes a week.
The important part is that unless you are a pro player you should be playing any game to enjoy it.
Now if enjoyment for you comes from being better than other players.. then you also have to be prepared to do the grind to achieve that in a game like ArcheAge, or WoW. (All MMOs are grindy, it is one of their selling points)
If you would rather be able to pick something up and be competitive, there are tons of other genres out there that do not involve grinding to increase your character's stats to play and be competitive.
Grinding can be fun for a while, but 99% of players will burn out on grinding too much if they forget to have fun in between. The other 1% are the peeps that can grind for 16 hours a day for no other reason than to grind.
Preclude (7)
This is true. Want to get good at Smash Ultimate? Be ready to bring a few thousand hours.
huntrshado (2)
Having gone to the eSports Arena where they do Wednesday Night Fights.. just yea. It is a very humbling experience, especially in 1v1 fighters.
Be prepared to get your shit kicked in for a long time before you even start catching up to the regulars
gingerdanger123 (0)
Arguing every mmo is grindy is the equivalent of arguing drinking rat poison is reasonable because every liquid you drink is dangerous, even water.
Both statements are true. Is wow as grindy as archeage? I don't know, is drinking rat poison as dangerous as drinking water?
huntrshado (1)
The mark of a bad MMO is one that is not grindy. You do everything in a week and suddenly there's nothing to do anymore so you drop the game.
Grind is both a good and a bad thing. It is hard to make it fun to have to run the same dungeon 100 times for a rare drop. The dungeon itself may have fun mechanics - but those get old very fast when you run it repeatedly.
For example Mistsong is a decently fun dungeon. Running Mistsong 3x a day to get portalstones for the last week or so has made it a tedious dungeon.
It does not matter which MMO is grindier (pro tip tho Korean MMOs trademark is that they are super grindy, AA is a korean MMO) - what matters is how the grind affects the longevity of the game. Grinding is a necessary mechanic to gate progression in most games (starting at level 1, etc) and gives you a goal to work towards and gain fulfillment to continue playing the game.
So to your point - it is moot. Grinding an MMO is not dangerous and thus not equitable to rat poison. An apt comparision would be water and soda compared to ArcheAge and WoW - if you so choose to make that comparision for whatever reason lol
gingerdanger123 (0)
Comparing water and soda on which metric exactly? Water and rat poison is equitable as they are both dangerous but on different scales, just like wow and archeage are both grindy but on a different scale,and the difference in scale is about as huge and contrasting as the difference in grind wow and archeage has, soda and water would be a horrible comparision as they are both about as dangerous.
My point is that arguing that both are grindy so and by that implying that complaining about this game grindiness is irrelavent is the same as telling someone complaining about rat poison being dangerous that water is dangerous too. They are both dangerous indeed, and you can see an implication by saying that using a true fact.
Denrean (3)
He's comparing two very different games of the same genre. Hence, water and soda would be a good analogy. Soda is more dangerous than water, it contains substances that are there for flavour and can pottentially harm you in the long run. Water, contains substances that are there because they are there (not added in by a recipe) and even though it can be dangerous in extremely large quantities, it is arguably the biggest factor in the creation of life as we know it.
Rat poison on the other hand is a toxic substance that causes accute reactions leading to death. No sensible person would willingly consume rat poison. Might as well have used lava there. High percentage of the population consumes soda, EVERYONE consumes water.
In some sense, you're saying that Wow is the source of life while AAU is a toxic poison.
huntrshado (1)
This covered my thoughts pretty well, thanks.
For Western MMO players, WoW is the water and other games like ArcheAge are the soda. Despite WoW not being perfect, it is highly regarded by a lot of people as the once "best" mmo.
Off topic but no mmo is perfect water, they all have their niche. For example, Ff14 is the best pve mmo but the pvp sucks. WoW and AA are close in that they have a decent mix of pvx but aa has depth into things like sailing/pirating, sunken ships etc.
In my personal opinion a lot of what carries WoW is nostalgia (as seen with Classic) and the continuation of the story. I don't play WoW or FF14 partly due to how long those stories are and that I feel they are needed for max enjoyment. In that regard I think AAU is a good mmo despite its flaws. Trion managed this game much worse - at least this time when a server went down for a week it was only 1 server and not all of them. The larder bug is a huge issue and we need more ways to get gilda but all in all it has been a pretty good experience.
gingerdanger123 (-1)
>Soda is more dangerous than water Not by a lot, and he isn't only comparing very different games of the same genre, he is comparing specifically the grindiness of those games, so you are not accurate about what he compares.
And the difference between soda and water risk isn't so different, so that won't be a good analogy because the whole point of the analogy is to deliver how different those things are in the metric they both share water and soda is the danger metric and archeage and wow is the grindiness metric, so the difference between rat poison and water in danger is about as big as archeage and wow retail in grindiness, water and soda would be a crappy analogy because the difference isn't huge and that analogy would not only not make any point, it will contrast what I'm trying to say, it would be the difference in genere between archeage and wow ( not very different just like soda and water isn't so different)
Mclilzee (-14)
then how you have fun then? only thing left to do is farmville traderuns or fish in the lake which there is millions of better games for that stuff. and even if you do those for what reason? to get gear and then if you not gonna be competetive it wont work cos you are a 1 shot in the end of the day so you are cut off the 90% of content. i don't wanna be top 10 players but i wanna atleast have a fighting chance against them depending on my skills not just be a stone for them to step on while moving around
Awesomefusion (7)
I PVP with my guild, organized fights against other guilds etc, imo if your in a shit guild / no guild then this game kinda sucks. You need a guild with leadership that actually organizes events
Vibed (1)
You say don't do dailies, have fun, pvp with the guild. However how effective you are in PvP is very, very largely based on your GS. Unless you have fun getting killed all the time, I sure don't. So, how do you get GS? Oh right, dailies...
Suicidal_Salad (-2)
Most guilds require NEET status.
Awesomefusion (3)
not at all there are casual guilds
huntrshado (3)
huntrshado (5)
You are trying to like I am not regularly killing the 9K GS people on my server as a 5k mage.
The only problematic matchup is archers on water because of bs with the class - not because of their GS.
The game is plenty fun and playable without nonstop grinding gear.
Dont like getting 1shot? Get over it and upgrade your gear instead of your weapon. Everyone is still 1shottable because everyone funneled their weapon.
Caekie (44)
Well... What's the point of games in general? You need to find the answer to that and find out if archeage fits the bill.
Mclilzee (18)
thats exactly what i came up with, i sat in the corner of my room cigarate in my mouth and finger in my butthole i looked up and thought to my self, for how long i'm gonna keep doing this to get stronger and.... why exactly? i got stronger gear so what? people and exploiters gonna have 10 times my gear anyway, gotta wait 2 years for them to hit softcap and i catch up, but ... why? 2 years is a good life time and then there is expansions that will push them ahead... well then i have to stop chasing them and play on my own pace having my own fun if i cna't pvp i'm gonna join the fishers... to fish... but why? nvm then i'll plant some crops and harvest some stuff... but why what do i gain if i don't do these things to put in my gear then whats the point exactly? to play famrville? farmville is better farming simulator.
and then it hit me i have a shit life and i feel misrable now this game takes you to dark places
Caekie (11)
If you care about the progression of others and its effect on you, archeage and MMO's in general are just about the worst possible entertainment there can be.
I may not be able to help you find out your reason to play, but maybe sharing mine might give you an idea to why me and probably alot of other players play AA.
The reason I play AA is, despite its problems, it offers MMORPG experiences no other games can offer. There isn't any other game that has the potential for content like AA does.
I'm a huge fan of mmorpg/game related light novels and books. There is literally no other game on the market atm that offers the amount of freedom and emergent gameplay that AA does without looking like shit.
To bring up a cliché example from a popular anime that actually happened to me; I bore witness to an actual "orange" player a few days ago. This is in reference to "orange" players from "sword art online". This player went out of his way to identify and mark vulnerable players and instead of doing the dirty work himself, he would have a guild kill them for him. They took the loot, he got a cut. It's kind of crazy.
These kind of experiences are what I'm looking for, whether to be part of it or to just observe. I've already experienced many events that I don't see possibly happening in any other game. That's why I keep playing and grinding, so that I can possibly experience more.
[deleted] (6)
I progress at my own rate, I don't give a fuck about keeping up with the no lifers lol.
knightstalker1288 (8)
This exact story is why I quit archage back in 2015
Mclilzee (5)
same here and i came back thought thigns will be different this time arround without p2w.
JustTheT1p_0 (1)
Gear caps out bro. Eventually everyone will catch up as long as they work.
gingerdanger123 (-2)
Unfortunately this is what most repeatable content games are, get stronger just for the sake of getting stronger to be strong enough to do things that let you get even stronger thanks to getting stronger before, but why ? To trick our lizard brains mailny for false progression and achievement feeling.
Archeage seems to skip the part of getting strongerto be able to do stroger content to get even stronger with, it seems like what I do at 4k gs to get stronger will be for the most part identical for what I do at 10k gs, same dailies, same methods to get gold to use the rewards from dailies, and using the labor together with those 2 to upgrade, I might be wrong on that though as I did not reach the end , end game ? But it feels like it will be the same.
Vald-Tegor (3)
We used to do it to be stronger when we fight over Kraken for 37 hours straight. Then go burn our labor before it respawned to do it again.
Now, it doesn’t even matter that Kraken despawns after two hours if not killed - 55 minutes in half the people leave for Red Dragon - the instanced theme park version with no pvp. Soon followed by everyone who is left going to queue Halcy war - again the instanced scheduled theme park ride.
The open world sandbox has been swallowed up by a lineup of “rides” that leave you with no free time to use the gear you are farming, in places where that gear truly matters. Not that there are many such places left in the game if you wanted to. Abyssal attack, Kraken and defending your fish are pretty much all we have left to look forward to at the moment.
Tycho_VI (4)
That last sentence speaks volumes. This insane grind for that? I wish there was a true castle and territory control system in this game but it seems so shallow... ive played games like daoc, planetside 1, eve, albion online...many games with decent endgame systems for after the main gear grind...but this is endless grind and i begin to realize that the endless grind has little reward...sad, the infrastructure is there for something great. I guess the nice thing is that there is no monthly subscription so i can take breaks without losing my land this time around
GeekofGames (2)
What sucks is there USED to be a true castle system... a guild could build a castle, others could declare war, etc.. This faction castle crap blows.
There's no reason to grow as a guild.
AgentRedFoxs (0)
Not paying Gamigo anymore money fits my bill XD
BucDan (14)
Stop treating it as a job, and fight the urge of FOMO. Your life will be better, and you'll enjoy the game more.
Shovellord (1)
What does FOMO mean?
BucDan (6)
Fear Of Missing Out. Basically, scared you'll fall behind and missing out on top gear, ranking, in game productivity if you miss your daily rotation of to-dos. FOMO is real in many games based on productivity goals to stay ahead of the curve, but it's an easy way to burn out. Self control is needed.
Zwiebel1 (1)
FOMO is only a problem in games that provide no inherently fun content and lock progress behind timegating.
Lets name the beast here: nobody likes dailies. Nobody. Why they are still a stable in MMOs is beyond me.
Why is Wow classic so successful? Because there is no time gated Content. You can have everything at exactly the time you out into. Cant play on weekends? No problem. You can just play more on monday to catch up.
Cant play for a week? Well, you miss exactly one raid ID and thats it. You can catch up whenever you want.
Dailies are stupid content and should be removed from this Genre entirely. Weeklys are not optimal either but at least they allow us to schedule our playing times a bit better.
Kej231 (6)
It's all depend on how you're playing the game. For me I usually setup small goal or weekly goal as I said. For example: 'this week i'm gonna try to get Gallant mount'. Then I start to gather a bunch of random people doing Mistsong, having fun while achieving my goal. After I got my Gallant mount, then next week, oh that guy got a really sick Longboard, how can I get that? Then that's will be my next goal, then Dream Ring, the Dolphin mount, rare Gilders, house upgrade etc... Seriously, the game give you a bunch of thing to work forward to. Fuck the dailies! Why you need to get stronger anyway? There's will always be some guy whos stronger than you, better than you at something, that's how life worked. Just walk on your own road while having fun.
[deleted] (9)
huntrshado (3)
ndcheezit (8)
I think a lot of MMOs have a similar structure: do a thing to gain strength so you can do a thing to gain strength, repeat ad nauseum. Once you get to a place where you're happy, you can break the cycle to do that thing. You can even take a break to hop back on later. The wheel never stops turning.
itshappening99 (8)
The problem with AA is that the gear treadmill affects PvP which screws up the whole game loop. In WoW for example the gear grind mainly is just for PvE, with people being roughly equal in PvP once they have the 2nd tier conquest gear, meaning you can spend time doing arenas in between raiding without feeling like you are missing out by not raiding. In non-MMO PvP games like LoL there's a grind for cosmetics and other characters but for the most part you are par with your opponents relatively quickly. Not to mention in those games you get your PvP power from doing PvP.
In AA on the other hand time spent doing PvP is time where the other players doing dailies are pulling ahead of you. It's a dumb design that only made sense from the point of view of extracting money from people back when the game was P2W but it doesn't work for Unchained.
TectonicSlam (5)
Agreed, I wanted Archeage mainly for PVP and found that I had to be farming majority of the day everyday to be competitive. This just isnt the case on most MMOs.

I've played games much more grindy than this but it feels more noticeable in AA, I think its because you cant breath... Finished fishing... CR is up cool.... Ah now Aegis.... Damn GR too? I know you want to go out farming but GP just came up.. Its like never ending
ndcheezit (1)
I agree for the most part, but I think that since most of the PvP is larger scale the gear dependency means quite a bit less. Smaller PvP encounters are where gear makes the biggest difference, but those can be avoided mostly - if you want, but if you're getting ganked, it's a toss-up as to what class is attacking you, so gear score may or may not matter much.
I don't know, the system isn't perfect, but I think it's fine. It's setup for long term playing and not "I want it now" gameplay.
TheLightningCount1 (8)
Eve online is not like this. Do a thing to gain strength... it runs in the background so you can do the fun things while you gain strength.
Course BDO devs bought CCP so... yeah. Good luck with that.
ndcheezit (2)
I played Eve a bit years ago. I had a good time toying with spreadsheets, making some isk here and there, but I ended up just playing to make money to buy another month of subscription and wasn't having fun. Though, I think it went free to play recently?
TheLightningCount1 (1)
Paying for your time with plex is not fun. Just paying with your card and playing the game is very fun. But yeah it is free to play, but heavy restrictions.
ndcheezit (1)
Yeah, at the time I couldn't really do a paid monthly sub, these days I can... I just prefer not to if I can help it. So far, as a ftp, AAU has been scratching the mmo itch, so I'm happy.
AgentRedFoxs (1)
But the BDO devs respond to tickets in 2hr-7days XD
iCaliban13 (3)
Eso is not even remotely like this. There is a relatively easy to hit gear cap. Skills/builds/sets are what determine end game in pve or pvp.
Navystylz (5)
ESO is a crappy game though.
ndcheezit (1)
Haven't played it, but that's good to know.
Androuil (3)
Have you guys heard of Guild Wars 2? 😖
ndcheezit (2)
I have a few 80s in gw2, usually hop in ever now and then to run holiday JP's. Thinking about starting to try for a legendary sometime soon!
Androuil (1)
The no sub / pay to win makes it so easy to come back or pause for a while 😁
Zaadfanaat (2)
If the thing you are doing to gain strength is fun, it works. I really liked progression raiding, learning mechanics and being rewarded with gear after beating it. But in AA it feels... kinda pointless you know, doing dailies, trying to make some gold with fishing. It is not very exciting for me.
bbqxx (3)
It depends heavily on who you play with and how you play.
If you are in a hardcore guild, you better be hardcore or you will burnout in a month, and even *then* it's a 50/50.
Pirate? Go looting!
Farmer? Farm!
It's however you want to play. If you feel like you *have* to strive to be the top of the gs list, go for it. :/ i don't feel that need and I really don't want to be pushing max gs, leave that to the people with no lives.
I am a farmer who likes to just max out and play the game like a tycoon.
I don't do every daily every day, nor do I spend hours tending to my farm(s) (I have 1 account. If you went ahead and did multiple accounts, that's your problem, not mine)
I log in, fall asleep, use the buff and dawnsdrop gear + proficiency and farm/seed up 2 16x16 plots + 1 thatched farmhouse in an agonizing 10->15 minutes.
I then do as many dailies as 5->10 gildas per day, swapping out different ones just to change it up, and then just troll around in war zones.
2 main parts to Archeage: play style (above) and goals (below)
You have to figure out what your *goal* is. Currently mine is building a galleon, spending montha trying to max out everything on it, and then just ganking the shit out of reds for no reason. Do they have packs? No? Kill them. Yes? Kill them and take their packs. Do they mean me harm? Who cares? 😀 KILL THEM ALL!!!
I'm not taking my gs too seriously and so fall short, even for my guild, currently just sitting at 3.9 gs. I'm currently just doing the bare minimum because A) I have a life and B) I don't want to burn out.
Just as much as you have goals, you also have your playstyle. I like to play casually, and so I play casually. You *don't* have to do *every single god damn daily every day*. If your goal is to get 1000 gilda stars, then get it! If you really feel obliged to max on gilda daily, do it! Personally I have more important things going on in my life and getting my galleon tomorrow or 3 months from now really makes no difference to me. When I finally get it, I will probably have a new goal to carry me along. But again, that's just me. Playstyle is up to the player and the guild he joins.
ssugamer90 (3)
Wake up , go to your full time job, then get home, the log into your 2nd full time job .
censureship (3)
You do dailies to become stronger so you can fight the other faction, but because there are so many dailies you don't have time to fight the other faction, but if you don't do dailies you won't be strong enough to fight the other faction in case they ever stop doing dailies, so you do dailies.
marreco34 (5)
Thats why i stopped playing,this game has one of the worst late games content i have ever seen in a game,all u do is dailies and more dailies,it got to a point that i didnt see any reason to get stronger,since i was just gonna do the same shit over and over
unseencs (2)
lol. Yeah, you really need to break out of gear first mentality. It used to be join a guild build it and take a castle then fight for end game bosses. Now that castles are faction based I don't see what the point of end game is anymore.
GigaFerdi (2)
Is this a shitpost? If it's not well just log in and make tax certs, pay for taxes, get your weekly compensation then log off and move on wit your life.
Sinz_Doe (2)
Just fuck dailies dude. Save up money and buy full erenor and then get to T2 erenor when that patch comes. Will hiram still be better than erenor t2? Prolly. But you won't be too far behind.
nyym1 (2)
Erenor t2 is way better than hiram, even t1 erenor is better than t4 hiram. But that shit costs way too much for most.
Sinz_Doe (1)
T5 better than t5 hiram? Cuz I heard we getting both. I suppose it is expensive but if one wanted to not do dailies this whole time and instead just save money or even more importantly set up their long term economy then I don't think it's so bad to one day have full erenor.
nyym1 (1)
>T5 better than t5 hiram?
u wot?
Anyway, there's no t5 hiram yet and it will be equal to t1 erenor. So t5 hiram will be worse then t2 erenor and way worse than t3 erenor.
Sinz_Doe (1)
Is there gonna be t3 erenor? I only heard about it getting t2 to make sure crafted gear stays a little better than hiram t5.
nyym1 (1)
Yes. There has been t2 erenor for almost a year already.
Sinz_Doe (1)
In unchained? I never played legacy if that is what you're talking about so I wouldn't know sorry.
nyym1 (1)
Unchained is the same game as legacy. Only difference is cash shop and some gilda etc. special stuff. You can browse all the gear in the game, open your bag and there's the button for it.
jbrutal (2)
yes and im burned out
Merdo86 (2)
once you reach soft cap 7k u can slow down and enjoy other parts of game
lifebreak123 (2)
this is mmorpg. its basically living as another person inside a game. to live you need to work. and since we have other players and not only you, then the tryhards will win.
and yes stardewvalley is more fun. but its not an mmorpg. you can play with your own pace. in aa you cant ask people to wait for you because you're slower than them.
Alarinde (2)
Full time job, XL doesn't like listening to the western audience. Dailies ruin the aspect of a open sandbox, the reason people say the game isn't what it used to be its because of this exactly. Hiram gear remove p2w but now its play 8 hours a day or be irrelevant.
ArmouredDuck (4)
Hiram gear is the issue. If we only had crafted you'd be able to do fun things to make money to buy gear. The economy is so fucked atm, half the professions are dead because Hiram doesn't utilise anything but dailies.
nyym1 (4)
Hiram dailies take 20 minutes, honor dailies take 3 hours.
ArmouredDuck (1)
20 minutes by who's reckoning? That's extremely generous.
nyym1 (6)
After the first few weeks, you dont need anything but ehm and whm and those you can do in 20min in a raid.
ArmouredDuck (1)
So you can do the Hiram dailies in twenty minutes if you cut out the majority of the dailies*
nyym1 (3)
What? Whm and ehm rewards cover over 90% of the progress you get from all the hiram dailies. If you wanna waste your time for pointless rewards, do so but dont cry about time then.
RudiStyle (2)
If you know what and why you are doing something in the game you can get better gear in a few hours than many people who play 10 hours a day but doesn't know what they're doing.
gatotsu312 (2)
Rambling stream of thoughts:
The issue is that the game doesn't present enough incentives for people to take a small modicum of risk while being 'weak'. The merchant trader of Archeage offers little upside due to how tradepacks work, and the lack of intercontinental AND highly lucrative packs. If they returned to moving a ton of commerce, I think there'd be more things to do then dailies, as the decision of what to do next could be interrupted by a highly lucrative offer for an opportunity for honor/gold instead of SRY AEGIS UP.
Some ideas:
Consider a tradepack that required like 90 min overland and sea through PVP zones and paid out 2kgold. There'd be enough $ to pay people out and recruit some muscle to help defend the caravan, (or multiple). Maybe it takes a shitload of dedicated husbandry, farming and whatever else to fill the packs, and it takes high machining to repair the surrounding armor that protects the caravan (much like fishing boats but real time repairing to buy time). That way there's a chance to call for help from faction friendlies, whom would get honor for those kills etc.
I love the economy of this game, and right now i'm just pouring it into my gear which is fine, but the risk reward ratio is way far off IMO. Four 6kGS pirates can cover the entire castaway straights by themselves, and the 12 fisherman who might fight them off still can't fish with that power of harassment without loss or weak profits. I'd propose something like 'the mechant's curse' where if some pirate/red is fought off appropriately the merchants or their gaurds can curse the attempted murders for 30 min so the fishers are immune to those pirates' damage (while not aggroing) and the attackers can't just respawn and go back to trolling. That way there's some consequence ot try and gank, where gankers should play more carefully, and try and stay alive instead of just suiciding into boats indiscriminately. It'd also provide merchants some recourse to actually successfully defend themselves or hire help.
Alternatively if the attacking boats or players actually dropped loot that would at least help recoup the costs of time away as the surviving defenders.
Incent meaningful defense, of highly lucrative commerce activities and I think the world changes. While there's no merchant caravan, go do dailies, but man if players are paying 15% out for 30 min of coverage, and if you get attacked there's a ton of honor to earn, well that make sit easy for me.
syregeth (2)
fucking retarded, no. the issue is you can get 1k GS ahead of someone and step on them with impunity. how would incentize to go and while weak do anything good for this game? stopped reading right there, awful idea. in a game of stakes trying for force people into what im assuming is a one sided conflict so YOU can feed on them makes less than no sense and the game owuld last about a week.
Navystylz (1)
Those "protectors" would just escort and then purple on the poor guy and take all their stuff. At that much gold you'd probably get issues with guildies doing it in some cases too before getting kicked.
Jim_Sulivan (1)
>There'd be enough $ to pay people out and recruit some muscle to help defend the caravan
"Yeah, pay me and I will protect you until the end. Totally not gonna turn purple on you near the turn in of your 2k gold pack. Smiley face"
At the beginning, we had 100 men raid of fishermen to get that design.
But then after people got their boat, and they realized raid members could pick up fishes in their storage tank, guess what happened to those raids?
mmanders6 (1)
I think this is an excellent idea. It would take some tweaking and testing, but it could bring a whole new dimension to the game.
I feel like xl really dropped the ball when they stopped adding new vehicles, upgrades, etc. It would be so fun to have torpedoes, countermeasures, turrets, etc. to make sea battles over fish or packs based on more than just who has the highest gear score. It should be a strategic arms race, with rewards high enough to make it worth hiring security or bringing out the whole guild to help defend. Maybe a special fishing node that costs 1000g to spawn but has the potential to double that money if you complete the trip?
Cultural-Revolution (0)
I feel a good thing to do would be an event where if you don't have a pack, you shouldn't be able to pirate others.
In other words, you can only pirate if you also have something to lose.
The more packs you fill the boat with, the slower your speed. With 0 packs, your boat's harpoon gets extra range.
ForBlooD (2)
You are alone. This is the problem not the game. Me and my buddies having lots of fun with 4.7k gs (we are all same cuz we are gearing up together). The thing we enjoy most - attacking fishing raids, stealing packs ( or just trying), arenas etc. Hope you will find a good group to play.
itsflanno (2)
I feel like an mmo is not the game for you lol
JoJoDeath (1)
I'm curious to what your thoughts are then on ideas to fix/break out of this neverending cycle. What additional content would be needed in your opinion, or change in content, to target this issue and make it disappear?
Cultural-Revolution (1)
Super easy. Limit accounts to 1. Allow more land on 1 account to compensate.
Provide an app that allows you to quickly spend labor when you're not at your pc or on vacation. (crafting certs, processing mats, upgrading gear etc).
Limit honor and gildas gained from daily quests. Say 5000 honor and 10 gildas daily from dailies MAX. This means if you did whalesong, aegis and gr. You get no more benefit from doing CR, meina/glen/jola, luscas honor, gilda dailies etc.
You can make this limit stack so if you don't play for a few days, your saved honor from days u did more than 5000 is given to you. This means you're not completely punished from doing events more than 5000 honor total but you are not rewarded either unless you take a break in the future.
Rewarding breaks seems like a healthy concept to me.
jackaline (1)
Yeah, the only way I'm playing this game so far is by completely ignoring gearscore, which also means ignoring a large portion of the game because I'm largely PvP fodder as a result.
Ablindbabypanda (1)
This seems to be a popular topic and a lot of people will start screeching "just stop playing" but its not that simple. The real problem is that you want to play, you want to get stronger, and you want to farm that mob quicker >;). But your right, you can play the game like a full time job, you can play the game 2hrs a day. You can play a round of CS:GO for an hour. You can go outside and walk your dog. But what's making you happy? Is it worth it? I log in to hang out with people and farm some gold, i fish often, and I do dailies once or twice a week. Im at 4.7k gs and wiping the floor with 6-7ks. Could i 1v1 a 10k? Nope. Do i get mad when a 9k archer rolls up and kills my whole group by himself? Yes. But im still happy 99% of the time. The moral of the story is "Play" the game and enjoy yourself. If your forcing yourself to play when you are genually not having fun and stressing, you should quit, its not healthy, and there is no point.
[deleted] (1)
Bro. You can play as much as you want. Or take your time. As long as your progressing somewhat....play how you want.
yix125 (1)
We're still early game. I only do dailies a few times a week and honor events when I can. I'm at 5.6k GS and do okay in PvP. The gear will plateau and everyone will catch up. Find other things you like to do in game and get a goal to work towards
twinchell (1)
This exactly. Why are people not mentioning that after a few months everyone will be 10k gs? Relax people, it's ok if it takes you longer to get there.
zawarrr (1)
Games like this give a feeling that you are achieving something, when actually you are not. Only thing that matters are having fun when you play. There is not end game accomplishment, no matter how much you play there will be lot of people doing the same or doing better. So play it for fun if you are enjoying it but dont let it ruin your life or relations.
Aztro4 (1)
Dude. You just described me perfectly lol. For 2 weeks Ive played the way I wanted. Barely doing any quests. Now I'm so fucking behind I can't upgrade anything because no scrolls and no honor. I also spent a lot of gold trying to get legendary sails. Failed about 10 epic sails lol. So only have a few hundred gold atm. I'm at 5.8k GS and everyone in my party/guild is 7+ some at 9k GS lol. Oh well, at least I'm having fun?l
SnakePlissken__ (1)
Well, MMO games only have a few things to work towards... Becoming stronger for harder dungeons or PVP, crafting for fun or social interaction. That's MMO games in a nutshell. There is no other reason to play them. Even World of Warcraft has a similar system... you log on and you grind to max level. You do daily dungeons everyday for better gear until you can do more harder dungeons. You do this every day until you can do raids. You then start grinding every day doing more raids to become even stronger with gear to do..... more raids. That's the cycle of the beast.
The best MMO games I played had more RP interactions that made everyday different. Like being a bounty hunter that hunts down real players, or becoming some kind of politician in a player run city where your decisions make a difference. RPG games are made for escapism. Sadly a lot of them dont do that, and make you feel like your just in another job.
Lunacy182 (1)
It’s only a full time job if you treat it as one. I on the other hand am having a tone of fun with this game and I barley touch the dailies.
Traxier (1)
I also ask the same question everyday, but fortunately, I have my own goal which is trying to get all the gears up to 10+ T+, then quit.
njuchiha (1)
Online games in general are better played with small group of friends. Anything less will be a chore and boring. Atleast it is for me and it is also happening to me as well now.
Ideally, I want to quit and have fun playing offline games. But I dont have that much money to spend on those games regularly. I cant find any other online game which will not have this situation. Be it League or Paladins.
I really hope they dont bring archepass with even more potential grinding. Having said that if you are in EU tinnereph and looking for a group, you can join me. We will figure something out to have fun.
kingdomart (1)
When I played back in the day. We had a guild of about 30-40 people. We all were in the top 10% gear score in the game easily. All of us would put at least 5 hours a day in to the game.
I personally averaged with a couple other people 6-8 hours a day. I would wake up at 4-5 am just to do trade runs so that there were no pirates. Doing whole merchant ships with alts.
That’s who is in the top %.... The way the game is set up you just can’t compete and it sucks. That’s why I poured so many hours in to the game. Just to keep in the top % to stay competitive.
We called it being a no-lifer. Either that or have a huge wallet.
708145 (1)
It takes like 40 minutes to do the hiram scroll dailies if you join one of those autismo speed run groups and keep up, that that honor for crystalizations is the only thing stopping your gear progression if you just play farmville
Lu5ck (1)
The game changed a lot. It now contain a lot of catchup programs, it is following the korea existing f2p market afterall. Unfortunately, this is still the best sandbox mmo with have now. The next best sandbox mmo would be "New World" which is under development. Otherwise, you could play Rust or Ark Survival.
Incubula (1)
Its seems like work... and sometimes i really tired of it... but for now i start to enjoy the progress i made with my gear. So whem Halcy start - dor me its time to full buff and try kill as much as possible, get fun and train my pvp skill. When war comes to Western Hiram - i also go there to get my pvp honor...
Also we have pvp Heroes on Alexander so if you joined them your dailies will come more interesting. No need to stay and wait 20min before Aegis or Tower start. Just try to kill other faction as much as possible, and then come and complete your daily - so i see some progress of getting good gear fast enough.
Vermillion08 (1)
im playing it as an initial d touge drifting game. im more than halfway to my car and currently running my v1 packs and renting roadsters when i can. gonna clock my run times soon and post them. even bought a racing wheel to make it more legit. its quite fun in that aspect, just hating the dailyage gilda farm but soon that will be over
Vermillion08 (1)
p.s. downhill gweonid road is so fun to drift
Zaadfanaat (1)
Same here. I have no clue what the end game is, what am I grinding for? a 8k gs is probably doing the same mindless grinding I am doing at 4k gs lol
tapuzman (1)
Yup I left the game, enjoyed more in Artifact lol
Shirolicious (1)
Commenting on your edit. If you think about it logically what people here said in regards to taking the more casual approach is the right choice.
You dont NEED to do all dailys everyday, but you should do them when you can, feel like doing it. Sure it will take longer to upgrade your gear, thats the tradeoff but mmorpgs have always been fundementally where time x hard work equals progression.
So what people are really saying is take your time and accept that some things take longer. Or do what I do and set short goals for yourself and focus on completing those goals before making new short goals.
fobaguan (1)
The problem with your reasoning throughout this entire post is that you are concerned about what other people are doing instead of having fun. Imagine all the other players are elaborate AI bots. What would you be doing instead?
skilliard7 (1)
Altephor1 (1)
Yeah the burnout hit me hard last night, have two accounts that both had 3k+ labor and I just... didn't bother.
NedixTV (1)
Well i work on objetives and i am having fun. I have like 300+ infusion stacked too.
theres day i do all the shit, and theres day i just burn labor and dont do anything else.
TNBroda (1)
> i'm starting to wonder my life choises after playing a while, whats the point in the end? even if you gear up and get the things you want you still gonna do the same things you doing
This is literally every MMO in existence buddy. Maybe MMOs aren't for you.
Shatter_glass (1)
This might not be what you want to hear, but archeage has always benefitted the people who play more because the people who play more have time to attend events and do all their dailies and pvp, etc. etc. Honestly, if you do wanna go the gold route instead of doing dailies, you can always go the erenor route....erenor takes way more gold but now that you can also craft the erenor infusions, but at least it is a gearing path that doesn't require as many dailies.
JustTheT1p_0 (1)
I wouldn't mind all the grinding as much if a GS 6 k couldn't just breathe on a GS 4k and kill him. The gear scaling is crazy and needs to be toned down.
AleXBBoY (1)
Korean mmos are full time jobs, what are you new to this?
Voxhumbug (1)
I played on legacy when it launched and loved it, and I was decently geared and did plenty of PVP. I came into Unchained with the same expectations, but I have ended up becoming a total carebear non PVP-er and I'm still playing every day and enjoying myself. I would love to be relevant in PVP but that's not gonna happen. I don't like games which give me a schedule, and if you want to have gear which is not pathetic, then you have to watch the clock - is it time for CR or GR? When does Halcy pop? "I can't go do X because it's almost reset." I still toy with the notion of finishing my main story line and trying to become credible, but if I spent even half my play time trying to work up my gear, I'm still going to get one shot by people who can play 12 hours a day and spend 90% of their time following the schedule. Heck with it. I'll be fishing. And I've gotten very good at escaping.
kiddoujanse (1)
lol what a idiot, why are you still gearing up if u know its pointless
krileon (1)
Literally EVERY MMO is like this. You have to take a step back and stop trying to be in the top. The only way you can be in the top in an MMO is to nolife it and doing that will just burn you out. Step back and just do other things. Work on getting an awesome house, decorate it, breed some yatas/bears, run some tradepacks (yes it's small profit, but it's profit and it's different), fish with some friends, run dungeons and sell the crystals you get from breaking the gear, tame some world boss pets, get some new mounts, hunt for achievements, raise some sunken ships with some friends.. the list goes on.. if you try to optimize silver/labor ratios you are going to hate this damn game.
zr0iq (1)
is your faction controlling territory? because right there you have an easy time to get infusions, if you go purely the gold route, you get erenor and that is expensive 40k-60k gold per item.
CrashnServers (1)
Archepass returns gonna be like getting a 3rd job
Mothanos (1)
The sand was taken out of the box.
The best thing Vanila AA had was naval battles, the excitement of delivering packs to Freedich and getting attacked by pirates and PK guilds and enemy faction.

What we have today is a shill, a pile of trash that lost it all.
Guilds are dropping members to a point its pointless to do anything.
One exploit after another made some players and guilds stand above others to far that PvP has become a joke.

Imagen having close to equal gear and a pure sandbox, something like Eve Online but abit diffrent.
Now that would be awesome, but nah....gotte do em all and burn yourself out and quit in the process.
Dominal (1)
Honestly if you think your going compete in a gear based game and expect to be same gear as individuals with either no job or have too much time on their hand,you're in for a huge let down. Progress at your own pace and don't think about gear progression, do them when you want as times go gear gap will become closer as people play.
WokeIsBroke (1)
This is the only game you'll come across where the defenders actively tell you to not expect to accomplish things in it. But you should still have fun. It's truly bizarre, but then again it takes a wondrous level of delusion to think this is one of the greatest MMO's of all time.
It seems like you get this already, so the next logical step is to stop playing. I know it can be tough - this game had some promise a long time ago, and a lot of us came back here hoping to relive a little bit of that. But even without Gamigo's terrible management of this it's still a shell of what it once was. And WITH Gamigo, well, it's not worth anyone's time. Except for the ragers that is. This is a perfect game for them!
I do advise you to hang around this reddit though, even if you step away from the game. The white-knights here are really losing their shit as people wisely abandon ship, and the salt is absolutely delicious!
Mclilzee (1)
yeah already quit and still check things for a laugh from time to time. the archepass new problems gave me a good laugh tbh
Dilated88 (1)
You're absolutely right, and it's AA that's the problem, not you.
When someone gets a job, they do it because they expect to get paid to work. When someone gets a game, they do it because they expect to have fun.
...And there are simply too many things in AA that are not fun to do. (dailies, etc)
Some people say "well just don't do dailies all the time", but that's why I play games. To get to the top and to have at least a reasonable amount of fun doing it.
"To get to the top and have fun doing it." - It's a very simple concept that Archeage pretty much fails miserably at, yet a lot of other games excel at when you think about it.
That's why AA failed at being popular. F's in the chat boiz
MrCrims (1)
dude just play the game, you dont have to do t he dailies or burn ur labor everyday, you're not the top 10 of players, you probably don't even do the 1v1 glad arena or anything that requires you to be the best...just enjoy the game at your own pace join a guild and work as a team and you'll be good enough to do whatever.
ExecutorSR (0)
ExecutorSR (1)
KelloPudgerro (0)
Its a game. People who do all dailies etc. every day are insane
blacknews123 (0)
Many people said most mmos are like that, but not to this extent tho. Archeage brings it to the next level because everything feels "Mandatory". Meanwhile on other mmos, it's really "Optional" and it's not "afk and follow raid simulator" (talking to you gr/cr/aegis/whalesong/halcy war/hiram dailies/many more)

The stuff you do in other mmos are still somewhat fun eventho repetitive, In archeage it really does feel like a chore.
momo88852 (0)
Really I just wish they would remove the dailies and instead make it weeklies, the gear cap is insane which takes years to even scratch the max!
I got burnt out a week ago, now I just do basic stuff like burning labor on my account and a friends account that got burnt out and just took break.
Even I used to enjoy fishing now I can’t do shit when an entire red raid just show up. I know it’s pvp no complain, just wasn’t worth spending the time to get ambushed by reds that are hiding underwater.
We need more stuff like abyssal, better trade system with better reward!
itsnaliz (0)
thanks. this post finally made me quit.
hawlis87 (0)
You pretty much nailed it!
Soylentee (0)
That's the nature of a sandbox mmo. If you want an mmo with more defined goals where content runs out every few months and you unsub until a new patch with new content arrives play a theme park mmo.
But realize that in the end, what matters most is order to have fun, is the people you play with. And here's what makes AA a hard sell for the casual players. The community is toxic af and is hard to find genuinely nice people to have fun with in the game without being able to commit a lot of time.
_O_w_O_ (-1)
The only problem in this game is very simple, they ported a copy paste game. All the pay to win mechanics and insane time sinks are still in game, but now you cant pay to win (well you can but with high risk) also is not like you can p2w a erenor like on legacy, here you need to go hiram and that gear is designed to take 6+ hours a day so f2p players crowd the game for p2w players.
They need to get rid of labour bottle necks and remove the insane timers, they may come with the excuse that we will run out of content being this way. Wich is bullshit because on Korea the top 20 p2wined max Erenor T3's on day 1, And they still play!!!!! because XL cant stand the idea of players liking more pvp and jerking around than farming the same quests for months.
I have done all this shit on Legacy and to be honest Im starting to think about going back just because of the free farm and ease to get things, right now AAU is not that crowded and sucks dick the time sink.
TreyChips (-4)
Why are you blowing this so far out of proportion? Your post says that dailies take the entire day to do which is just straight up false. You can clear everything (Hiram/CR/GR/Aegis/WhaleSong/) within a few hours.
The realtime based events are a valid complaint but Hiram City at least is open for a few hours and takes 25 minutes. Golden plains is only 20 minute if you do it once (And both those events are open two times a day) and I doubt you have the GS for Red Dragon so that's out of the equation for you.
Feeling forced to burn labour/tend to farms so you can keep planting asap is annoying though (Mainly farming times tough because labour takes 2 full days to cap, and it's easy to burn at least 1K a day)
Dominal (1)
Thing is these contents arent even fun and its just a zergfest id rather be doing daily random dungeons for hiram scrolls would be alot more fun and people wont be burnt out as fast.The time for these dailies are ridiculous as well anyone with a 9-5 job will miss out on main raids since reset raid starts at 4pm making daily that much longer/harder to do.
xso111 (-5)
what do you mean? all my dailies only take like 4-6 hours total
its not bad because 4 hours of dailies will leave me 8 hours of actual fun things to do without making me guilty about hey if you have time to fuck around doing all these fun stuffs for 8 hours you could've just grinded this extra 8 hours for your gear. coming from a BDO player the dailies system is pretty nice.
from your rant i can pretty much tell that you only have limited play time hence you're stuck with doing dailies althrough out your game time w/c to be frank i'll just say that MMORPG in general isn't for you. you can't have both ways, and get geared up while playing less amount of game time.
Vibed (1)
hawlis87 (1)
You clearly just stated the issue in detail...lol! It shouldn't even take that fucking long to do dailies is what we are trying to get at...
Atermel (1)
You're playing 12 hours a day everyday? God damn. I hope you take a good look at yourself sometime soon
xso111 (0)
i just took a good look at myself and i fell in love with how gorgeous i look.