Runsta (3)
Wait, if these dont exist, then how do we make transmuters so that we can make erenor gear?
[deleted] (1)
On legacy they do. Just not on AAU.
DGrandson (1)
Yes they are. Credit shop. But the trees are not for cosmetic so they are not at unchained
mjmdurand (1)
You'll be able to purchase them in vocation shop soon as far as I know ; as gamingo said at launch, at AAU release we won't have all the available content in order to prevent a too fast unbalanced game (as far as I know, atm you can't purchase the furia design, the speedboat design, the bean house design, the cake house design, the auto-loot orb for pet ...)
Btw don't forget you'll need the right house design/rotation to place them on your land when they'll be available (treehouse is fine and available atm, lunar/stellar/solar scarecrow not available yet ...) ;D
TheRealOsamaru (1)
??? I thought they fit fine on Gazebos? they're the same size as Drills, right?
mjmdurand (1)
no they are much bigger : they took like a whole 16x16 to be placed and, on the gazebo, the central plateform won't allow you to place them :/
vucar (1)
> in order to prevent a too fast unbalanced game
mjmdurand (0)
sure it very balanced now #exploits #hack #noETA