DGrandson (8)
You can have 3 account per person... even if your dog played, as long as he uses one different computer and the e-mail account are doggiedog and not human24_7online, you are fine
NoxMerely (2)
SvarAAU (9)
Don't worry there is ppl running over 9 accs lmao. You wont get banned as long as you use different computers
Preclude (-11)
That's not how this works. More than 3 accounts sharing all their resources to one account will result in a ban. They've already banned folks and this is one of the easiest things to track.
jaytrust (10)
Stop making things up... this is a blantant lie
Preclude (0)
It was said publicly, on stream, that this is how they track it. The flow of resources between accounts is what matters. Also, people have indeed been banned for things already. What I said may have been misleading, but it's was not a lie. Both of those things are true.
SvarAAU (3)
I mean my friends still doing it. They are even macroing to kill mobs and feed their 9+ alts with coinpurses, they on the leaderboards they still not banned and proabably wont be banned
gingerdanger123 (3)
Supposedly they differ them by flow of resources, if they more than 2 accounts that have 99% of their resources go to one account constantly over a long period of time they might ban. How good they are at detecting it and if they enforce it is a different topic, that's what they claim though.
Therefore if each of you has 3 accounts there shouldn't be a problem.
TheRealFaptality (1)
They literally cant track it if you put it into a chest set to family etc instead of mailing.
gingerdanger123 (3)
How do you know ?
pfinch36 (2)
Because they've stated in the past that they cant see what's in chests. If I'm remembering correctly.
TheAmpca (7)
Its unenforcable otherwise anyone playing from a university would be banned.
Voxhumbug (2)
I would not hesitate to get up to the three accounts, each, as long as you are legitimately two people, each with no more than three accounts. If they would end up taking action against you, I think once you explained your situation they would lift the ban. They certainly have lifted bans for far less compelling reasons for others (notoriously). There seem to be quite a number of people who have crossed the 3 account limit without any repercussions so far, from what I can see. I don't have time to use up all the labor on the three I have as it is, personally.
NoxMerely (1)
But if you send items to your main they probably cant trace it properly anyway... 🙄
pfinch36 (1)
You're fine. You wont get banned. They dont even ban bots do you think they will ban players? Very unlikely at this point. That being said its 3 accounts per person not per household. Stupid ass rule if you ask me but it's the rule none the less....
mgrddy (1)
There was a dev live stream where they said they dont have the ablilty and man power to track this
Lunacy182 (1)
Basically if more than three accounts are sending one account all it’s earnings then that’s how they determine more that three accounts.
JerSnow (0)
You could send them an email telling them you are violating the TOS and not get banned at this point.
Kuroita (-2)
i will speculate. I think they are looking your ip adress. if you connected more than 3 account on the same ip, you will get charged. So you can buy 2nd internet to your house and play with 6 alts. This all my speculation.
Corvac (0)
More like they dont check at all.