Sk1ndred (9)
It’s not an expansion, or even a’s a f’n instance that no one can even play without spending like 8 months on GS.
How do I go about getting a refund?
eHug (3)
Even though I think that Garden is a horrible joke in many ways it's not hard to get the hiram rewards. You are not required to do anything actively. All you need is a good spot to afk over night or while you are at work.
As for refund, I wouldn't try to contact gamigo, they will most likely deny your refund. Your best option is opening a Paypal dispute - if you use Paypal to buy the "DLC". If you didn't you most likely are screwed.
EDIT: Gamigo/XLGames lowered the XP gain for AFKing in Garden to 50% on last patch. Previously you could reach level 6 in about 6 hours. Now you need 12 hours of afking to get the same result.
krazye87 (1)
I thought the entry requirement was just the main story quest. some 8.9k gs healer completed the garden quest line.
Yoshious (7)
Can you tell me about the game?
I thought of buying unchained but turned against it for the fact that people kept saying there is no end game really?
I know the game has a lot to offer, but in terms of someone who enjoys doing dungeons and raids, with some pvp mixed in, is this possible? Does the game follow the same triangle of of tank heals dps? Or is it more of self sufficient?
I've read that armor wise everyone pretty much gets the same thing at the end, is that true? Does crafting hold any part in the armor?
I see you can craft your own player house and farm, what benefits do you get from the house, and what benefits do you get from farming? Is it mainly just for farming materials for cooking or crafting or something?
Population wise, is it dead in most areas until end game or is there still a good pop to where I can find like minded people to do things.
Any other info to interest me?
Thank you all in adv.
bumblefooot (4)
Do not buy. I have played since beta . I recommend not playing under gamigo it is the worst the game has ever been.
luciusetrur (3)
Specifically what is Gamigo doing that is so bad?
Trofogol (2)
Well, end game content in AA means you can freely move around the world, engage PvP and have less chance to get robbed (can resist robbers) while moving with any pack. Price of trade packs increases with distance between place where it was crafted and place where you want to sell it, so for most efficient trade you'll have to travel through pvp zones (you can be robbed). That means you'll meet people in that locations.
Dungeons and raids is a way to get non-gold currency. You can buy different rare stuff for it. Some items cannot be traded to other players after you buy them for special currency, the others can be resold for gold.
Farm and house provide protected land where you can grow plants and breed livestock that cannot be stolen. It is only sustainable way to generate crafting materials (you can place them at public land, but they will not be protected from stealing and eventually will become public). Also you can build advanced craft stations for your house. They will grant access to advanced craft recipes.
PvE content becomes repetitive in all games that I know. Games only differ by time required to their activities become trivial (and boring) to you. More different activities available — longer time required to make whole game not interesting.
You can always meet leveling people in your location and try to form a party. Unless you're playing in time of low online (very late night or very early morning on weekdays imo).
And yes, this game utilizes classic 3-type roles (tank, healer, (r)dd). All roles matter for efficient activity, but you can always try to complete dungeon w/o tank or healer. It will be harder: you'll have to take a break between mob packs and most likely you'll fail several times on bosses, but it's possible.

Conclusion: leveling up is a solo/coop content to get access to endgame, which is a massive coop activities (implementation of first letter M in MMO). Farms and houses are needed to get crafting materials. PvE can become repetitive after some time, but it's a way to farm currencies.
reinaqt (3)
Is there a map for where all the flowers in the garden of the gods grow?
bumblefooot (3)
When will localisation become part of your duties as a publisher?
WARNING to all new EU players. Event timers start 11pm till 2am uk time. It has been this way 7+ months. You can not access endgame content and raid for pvp under gamigo. Gamigo is not a publisher it is a server host.
Draconian1911 (3)
As a new player (EU), which server should I pick to find a good amount of people to group with for dungeons and raids?
What about land space for a house.
Is the fresh start server a good choice?
Just started on Alexander but I wonder if that's a good choice
*Edit: rearranged question.*
inXplicitz (2)
Why do people max out gear with t1 honor gems if they are going to replace it with t3 crafted gems down the track?
eHug (4)
Gold. T3 crafted gems cost a fortune and most people prefer to spend their gold to infuse their gear first since that is more rewarding then having T3 gems over T1 ones.
Trofogol (2)
What's the difference between Hiram and Illustrious gear? Is Illustrious deprecated or next stage after Hiram?
devil5x5 (3)
Hiram and illustrious are two different paths of armor. Hiram you get by synthesizing/awakening the beginning explorer gear or by farming Hiram gear in aurora. Illustrious is crafted gear using archeum and stuff. These two paths of gear don't interact with each other
Deikxtra (2)
how do kill bots in a non pvp zone? i WANT to
devil5x5 (2)
You can't
Aspect-of-Death (1)
Screenshot them and submit a ticket to Gamigo.
Arborman501 (2)
Does this game have a LFG or Dungeon finder? I made it to lvl 13 with out seeing a single person.....
BakaZora (2)
I believe it does but its mostly for end game content, I'm coming back from like a 4 year break though, so my knowledge on the current state of the game is limited
HCLogo (2)
I used to play AA back when it first came to North America but got annoyed with the P2W nature of the labor system. I've been debating whether to check out AA Unchained since it came out in the hope that I may enjoy it more than vanilla AA. All I seem to see now is hate that makes me wonder what's so wrong, why are so many people upset about AA now?
veric13 (4)
Reddit tends to just be very toxic with ex-players for certain games. I played AA at the same time and have played AAU for about 7 months now. You don’t have unlimited labor in AAU, but it is close with all the labor pots. For some people that haven’t setup a steady way to make gold or buy gold, gold is the roadblock for them. For the most part you can craft and upgrade stuff well enough to feel progress on a regular basis. Most do mines, trade runs, or dungeons for gold. There are other things you can do as well, but those are probably the top three. Other than the game and dlc the game is free so I would suggest trying it again.
Felgrand3189 (2)
I’m a new player and I’ve started as a swiftblade. I’m currently a Deathwish class due to my choices but what would be best for a newer player to be?
ZebraSmallz (2)
What do you get when you complete the magic circle at tigerspine lake? I had spikes orb but when i used it the circle reset and i lost the orb. Is there any way i can get spikes orb again or am I out of something really good?
Exhaustpipe (2)
When you get all 4 orbs, from 4 different mini bosses, you place them there, and you get a 50% move speed buff, which lasts for 1h.
ZebraSmallz (1)
I had one more question about hiram gear as well. Is there another way to get the gear besides farming abyssal mobs? The only thing im seeing on youtube and reddit is the gear only comes from farming mobs and i just hit level 55 and want some better gear.
Exhaustpipe (1)
Story (green) quests give awakening scrolls to upgrade explorer gear to hiram.
Other than that, only grind (mob drops).
You get a full set from achievements in diamond shores and reedwind as well, if you don't have those yet.
FreddoFroggers (2)
I'm a returning player and decided to play Archer this time around. Last I played, a couple of months ago, crit was getting buffed. What I wanna ask is, is crit archer viable now?
About end-game builds, I see people going 5 piece library and 2 piece hiram, is this still the go to? Which parts should I go Hiram and which parts should I go lib?
veric13 (2)
7 piece library is the way to go. And yes Archer is viable, it just requires a higher entry point to be useful during high GS content compared to a tank or healer.
CardboardPrison (1)
As a new player to the game should I buy the silver pass so I can start on a FS server? Are there certain classes/roles in high demand so I will get groups easier? Recommended classes? I typically play tanks in PvE focused MMOs (14, WoW). Does it matter much which race/faction I start as? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Trofogol (1)
According to [this article](, you need silver pack to get in (FS). I bought silver pack right before dlc release, so I can't test it by myself.

I play on EU FS server (Crazzian), so I have no info about NA servers situation. Also, I'm playing as east. I didn't get cap lvl yet, so I can't provide a lot info about endgame.
Healers and tanks are always at high demand. In nation chat I see a lots of healer requests for leveling up. Didn't notice any tank request tho. AFAIK, tanks are really needed at pvp. Most popular tank build I saw is Skullknight (Occultism, Defence, Auramancy). I play as this class and I wasn't owned by anyone who tried to kill me in pvp zones. Also I'm not really experienced in pvp yet, so most ppl just ran away on mounts when their health lowers half. If you want to be PvE-only tank, you can read some guides about it or use your own brain to build your unique set of skills.
Hostility (factions):
I didn't see east pvp zones yet (gonna go there later with leveling up), but on west zones west players looks more aggressive at all. I saw around 10 cases when west player(s) attacked opposed fraction just at will and only 1 case when it was done by east player (actually it was right after some west guy attacked this player and I helped to shrug him off). So for now, east players look like more peaceful folks. I like peace too, so I'm glad that I choose this side.
They differ only by appearance and 2 race skills (with 30 minutes cooldown afaik). Read about them when you will create your character and choose what you like. I play as east human because they have 5min speed boost for harvesting and tree chop (can be good at farming almost everything, so I would use it more often than any similar skill) and 3% cannon damage boost for 5 min (not so much, but also not bad at all).
All races can have any mount (even mounts of hostile fractions). You'll have a quest that will give you your race mount for free. The others can be simply bought in start locations of the other races.
If you're from EU and will start on east continent, I can help you ingame. If our prime time is same ofc.
[deleted] (1)
notmute_swan (2)
You do get access if you buy the base game silver pack, and yes the DLC is not included. Pretty much just base game with fresh start access
Youtubejasonwivart (1)
It’s on sale now for $10
IlijaNap (1)
Hello everyone! I have recently crossed to the pirate faction (3 months ago, considered a new pirate) and would like to get back to my original nation. However, there are no exile spots. I heard something about inactivity transfers, where if a player does not log in for a certain number of days (7 or 30, not sure) it gets "booted" to its original faction. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
P.S. I have sent an email to the archeage unchained support and even they don't know :O
Nephelinite (1)
You have to stay logged out for 30 days to get kicked out of pirate faction.
IlijaNap (1)
Thanks, this is confirmed, my friend left the pirate faction while I'm logged out still. It's still weird that the game support doesn't know the answer to this question though haha.
YukiNoYoru (1)
Just returned to aau after a long break. Only at 6k gs, what are some methods even low gs players can make gold nowadays?
iamZacharias (1)
just got the game, should I do this fresh start server?
Pro's / con's of other servers on list?
Deikxtra (1)
anyone ctd after the xlgames and cryengine logo?
this happened after a patch this morning
archeage sea
Denzelrealm (1)
I'm currently interested in playing the game. Although i am not sure whether to play unchained or the normal one. I am mainly looking for the bigger community. I am pretty fine with p2w as it never grinds me the wrong way.
Also what are fresh start servers?
ZwithaL (1)
I keep getting this odd stuttering freezing when loading new assets. My connection isn't the fastest but its still under 100ping at its worst. Lowering settings to min does nothing.
Turning off shadows does nothing.
Capping and un capping the fps does nothing.
Waiting about 10-30 minutes makes most of it go away until I load more assets.
Any ideas on what is causing it and potential fixes?
Specs are:
1tb 5400rpm hhd
Ryzen 3 cpu
Xfx rx 570 4gb vram
BoomBubbaT (1)
What is the best way to get into the crafting system? One of the main things that made me want to play was the idea of building farms, housing, and big ass warships. Sadly I just don’t know where to start. My main is a level 35 Nuian.
devil5x5 (1)
You'll need a supply of Gilda for the plans, and ALOT of materials such as lumber, iron, and stone depending on the ship. Grow trees and go mining yourself, or find a method of making gold so you can buy it yourself
vanclad (1)
Is there a region lock for AAU?
Can you pick the region you want from the launcher just like AA?
Can you play in EU regions even if you buy it from US?
Switch-D (1)
How do people find guilds in AA or AAU?
devil5x5 (1)
Ask nation chat or the archeage discord
Magnetari (1)
What is the most populated server(s) #1,#2. I don’t want to make a bad choice and have no one to play with.
Oh and this is for archeage unchained please.
ProphetVelle (1)
As far as population goes, is normal archeage or archeage unchained more popular? Also, which servers are the most populated currently?
lrazeeeee (1)
Hi! I just downloaded the game yesterday via Line Pod and a new update was released today. I didn't get to finish the update because I accidentally closed the patcher while it was updating and after which it kept saying "Failed to load game data" . Can I ask if there is anything I can do to change any corrupt files?
Lirua (1)
In unchained costumes and Crest Brainstorm are available in Auction House?
gvzd (1)
i don't see changes in base stats mentioned in patch notes(explained [here]( though update is tomorrow
Wooden-Fan5324 (1)
This isn't exactly about the game, but how exactly accounts work? I suppose this is made by trion worlds because it was on their website, but apparently they are related to glyph, gamigo and a lot of other things, so how does accounts work? Is one shared trought all these services, or each have an individual account?
Kosameron (1)
I used to play unchained when it started but stopped playing because it felt too competitive, there were bugs people abused to get way ahead of the curve and that just made me less motivated to play. Now I'm debating wether to start again or not. I used to play Ebonsong, around 3.7k gs if i recall correctly and would want to swap over to something like blightcaster or lamentor. Something castery that farms well with good CC. What would be the easiest way to do that? Skill tree leveling and gear wise because obviously I'd have to switch my archer gear for caster gear.

Also, is it often that theres bugs or glitches that still get abused and do people get banned for it now? I remember only a small portion of people that abused bugs did end up getting banned for them back when I played.

Also, is there a good resource about which dailies I should do? I always got confused about them and wasnt sure I did all I could do.
Aspect-of-Death (1)
3.7k gs is essentially what you have when you reach level 55 and upgrade your items. You can just make another character and have the same gs within two days.
Ereldia (1)
I'm trying to get my dawnsdrop boots made. But I can't seem to find Stingrays. I've tried fishing off the coast of Solis and Solzreed and I still haven't found any. Am I just unlucky, or did they move them?
Gemitus_ (3)
Dont know if its still relevant. But yeah it should drop in Solis. It's a raredrop tho.
Stingray can be obtained in Saltwater in Arid Climates.
[Here]( you can see drop Locations of most fish, post is from 2017 but afaik nothing changed.
Ereldia (2)
I did find them eventually. It just took a long while! Thank you though!
Easy_Kangaroo_9597 (1)
No Punishments for Violations of Archeage's Code of Conduct
It’s clear now that Gamingo doesn’t punish toxic players who violate their Code of Conduct.

Recently, a specific person doxxed my real life private information and shared it with the entire Archeage server population. Doxxing is strictly not allowed and even Jorah admitted that, but this person who violated the Code of Conduct is still logged in, still playing Archeage, and still able to chat freely.

Why are there no punishments of any kind for these people who violate the Code of Conduct, especially to hurt, harm, and harass other players?

With no punishment of any kind being given out by Gamingo to these people, why would they ever stop? One day, I’m going to log into Archeage again and watch them violate the Code of Conduct again by releasing my real life information which puts my real life in danger of being harassed and bullied and harmed by other toxic players. Will Gamingo do anything? Probably not. Maybe another lawsuit will actually get them to pay attention.

I can’t even imagine why have a Code of Conduct if their solution to something serious like doxxing someone else is to do NOTHING.
Aspect-of-Death (1)
They would have done something if you took a screenshot and reported it.
renzcastillo99 (1)
I need some help please, been doing library runs and im having this device removed error, anyone knows how to fix this?i did that tdrlevel thingy still doesnt work, did reinstall the game still doesnt work and i dont want to play in dx9..system spec r5 3600 rtx 2060 16gb ram
Dimeolas7 (1)
Played Archeage at the end of last year. There was supposed to be an expansion coming out w/ upgraded graphics and such. Just wondering what its called? Withe the exp is the game still free? Is it ftw? I'm just looking for a game to chill with and no worried about being the best or spending money. Id be happy to just explore the map and see how the game is made.
Do I need to install the previous version first or is this all i'd need?
Thx, WOW refugee looking at options.
wsitumn (1)
Is pvp forced? If I want to level to max level will I get attacked by other players?
Aspect-of-Death (1)
It's not forced, but any zone over level 30 rotates through pvp active times where you can be attacked.
Dimeolas7 (1)
I played the old Archeage towards the end of last year. Been a Wow player for many years. Lately I just dont much time for gaming. Not interested in spending money on it and wont be hardcore. Probably just the pve and exploring. I'm also a bit of a gearwhore so a good selection of gear progressing through the game is a plus. Thoughts on if this game may be fun for me? The original I enjoyed.
What is the expansion titled? Once you buy that is there still no monthly?
Thanks, any comments appreciated.
Ropeswing06 (1)
Where can I get adventurers evenstone. All I find at the vendors is regular evenstone. Or are they the same?
Aspect-of-Death (1)
Adventurer evenstones are obsolete now that you can buy the story infusions and scrolls from a general merchant.
Gh0stwheeI (1)
Has anyone ever seen a Dragon Heartshard on the NA Auction House?
Azazel9986 (1)
What is the RP scene looking like at the moment? Most common server for it?
PJBOnReddit (1)
So they put in new vehicle customization for a number of the vehicles, but apparently not all of them. Anyone have an idea when the remaining vehicles will be added? Or perhaps I should say IF they will be added. Kind of assuming the longboard won't be on the menu, but some of the remaining non-minicars might make the cut.
TulsisTavern (1)
Do you gotta have a certain amount of karma to post? IDK how reddit works all too well...
Syndrex (1)
Hello. Is this game worth starting? Is the pvp p2w?
Aspect-of-Death (1)
Hi. Yes it is worth starting. And the pvp is not p2w in Archeage Unchained, but legacy Archeage does have p2w.
Most of the power gap is going to be gated by labor, not money.
MoonHaa (1)
Is AAU a good match for me?
I love PvE, gathering and crafting systems, farming gear, doing dungeons and raids and have little experience on pvp but open to it.