brossef (1)
Did anyone ask a gm if its a bug 2 factions can go in center during snake lady boss or if thats intended if 2 factions kill the worm?
So was this a really bad translation error or did we get an unfixed version of the game from xl again?
Alienijsbeer (1)
The winning faction is supposed to get a buff that prevents them from dying. The opposing factions shouldnt be able to reach it. Not sure if it is a bug if they can go in the centre or if has something to do something else boss related.
When we tried on Alexander yesterday I've seen a few reds in the finalboss circle too but not sure if they got pked or by worldy powers.
brossef (0)
We killed the worm after west last night and we got the buff that allowed us to go in the center without anything happening.
Alienijsbeer (1)
ooh interesting perspective!! As far as I know that should be the case, or translations are crazy. Maybe ask in the discord? Let me know when there is an official answer about this.