nightwolfxtm (2)
Which server are you from ? Add me on discord
QuiteIndifferent (2)
Here’s the ipnysh discord:
There are a lot of people who have been interested in it. Unfortunately interest started to die down around 2 weeks ago because most of the people leading the groups finished awakening their 5/7 sets.
Try to form a group among the people in the discord who haven’t finished. There are definitely plenty of people who still need it in that discord. You’ll just need to do the work to form the group.
drclawx (1)
Yeah i quit and came back now the only group is done.
gnmpolicemata (1)
Uh that link has expired, could I get a new one please?
scrillexo (-3)
Time to move on
Payne-Z (6)
You are still here too.
scrillexo (0)
Following the sub doesnt mean I still play xd
Payne-Z (3)
Which just means you haven't found a better mmo otherways you would have moved on.
scrillexo (1)
I have moved on and I don’t have enough free time to be playing mmos anymore
OilfieldMayhem (-5)
Ded gaem