Dylandel (4)
and in an interview (part1) with Jake Song , there are also suspected clips of AA2
Popagandice (2)
this is really good i have been looking for updates for this project since it was announced a few months ago, thank you for the post
Dylandel (2)
here's the interview part2
new clips at [https://youtu.be/wir2Btha8So?t=325](https://youtu.be/wir2Btha8So?t=325)
wirblewind (4)
Doesn't really matter what they say. If they don't get a new publisher for NA it's going to be dead in 2-3 months just like everything else.
drachennwolf (4)
Swipe-Age part 2.
The naval content of AA was the best in any mmo and where it shined. The game focusing on 1 continent is a really bad idea.
ErryCrowe (1)
Is that confirmed?
wirblewind (1)
What RMT? God yes. literally 90% of my guild bought gold. Most of them didn't even bother to hide it and you never got banned unless you bought from the cheap ass chinese sites. If you buy gold from other players as long as you didn't blatantly flaunt it around nothing would happen.
ErryCrowe (2)
No. I meant that AA2 would focus only on one continent
wirblewind (2)
Oh no idea. If it's big enough it could work.
dumbechochamber (1)
The naval combat is fun right up until you're in the water then it's just dog shit, turbulence should be completely deleted from the game.
wirblewind (1)
I think everything in general was great. The naval combat was def the best part though. But when servers launched the rampant amount of RMT pretty much killed that for me. People had legendary naval ships on like day 4.
Without the proper GM support/Overwatch the game will just get destroyed by RMT due to how much power you gain with gold.
Agataageno (1)
The european release version or archeage did not have ship component regrading.
smaili13 (3)
Since KAKAO bought XL, its most likely they self publish since they have EU/NA division
wirblewind (3)
Honestly i can't see them doing any better seeing how BDO turned out. But i guess we will see.
LunarAshes (2)
BDO's P2W was initiated and enforced by PearlAbyss, the developers. Kakao did try to reduce it as much as they could but PearlAbyss held content saying that the game design relied on these P2W systems so they didn't have a choice. I'm not saying KakaoGames is all good or anything, just that PearlAbyss didn't even give them the chance to be evil.
luniz420 (1)
another chance to spend $3000 on gear that will get nerfed or removed from the game after about a year in.