JoJoDeath (1)
Once you've reached a certain level, you won't be able to pick up quests from older areas anymore, to make sure you don't "abuse" the simpler quests as a high level character and level up faster than intended. In hindsight, this is a dumb mechanic, because getting to higher ancestral levels is not as easy even if we had those quest experiences, but still, it's there.
This is particularly noticeable if you have the quest distance set to <No Limit>. If you were low level, you could do all quests from every beginner zone(if they were on your faction), no matter where you started, but at some point, you lose the ability to do so. I'm not sure what your current level is, but I think that is what might be going on, since that particular quest does not have any preconditions.
For your information, that quest really isn't any special, and I don't recall getting any special rewards from doing that quest, so you're not missing out on much. If you're really into the lore and want to see/read/experience the quest, the easiest way would be to just make a new character, firran, and run up there, do the quest, and see what happens. Then you can just delete the character, or whatever you want. Alternatively, you can just read the quest from the database, as you've linked, but that's not as exciting I guess.
AnAbsolutMadman (1)
Well, I'm level 38 and just got back from Nuia so that seems to be the likely cause. I just wanted to do the quest for role playing purposes since that was the big important thing that was happening at the beginning, but I guess that would mean I'm an abuser. Oh well. Thanks for answering