ulti_m8 (4)
Secret hidden meta is not actually playing
Kannun (1)
Play literally anything with song craft, you can play the healing song, and if you have a pet out you can cast healing hymn and it will bounce and pretty much heal you through downtime instead of eating food every couple minutes.
Kannun (1)
Also I play plate mage, only because we were getting slaughtered by melees when tyrenos launched.
Alienijsbeer (1)
Archers is meta since they removed evasion from mainstat of mages and boosted archerskills. Melees are having a harder time in Archeage nowadays. I would go mage though if I would start over again (im a melee atm)
xso111 (1)
Archers are the strongest right now, but if you want to choose between Melee or Mage definitely go mage. just the capability of being unavoidable, unparriable, unblockable in fights is already enough reasons.
Payne-Z (1)
Can full crit archers be viable for pvp too or is it just defense penetration archers?