conzilla (6)
Yes in 2015.
laffitejr (4)
just leave the game, AA is bad for your health
mycackittens (6)
I always see people saying you have to go over to a high pop server. In reality, the game overall is pretty much dead if you compare it to what it used to be. Sure, you'll find some days or some hours where there are more people than normal but sadly it's not the same anymore. Don't let that stop you from enjoying the game but do understand that it's not as active as it once was.
smiteghosty (3)
We're all just waiting for ashes to come out. So i play on unchained a few hours at night and Sunday reset to do weeklies.
MC_unknown (2)
Are you playing the F2P version, or are you playing Unchained?
InspectorCell (1)
bigbutae (1)
There is more than 1 server btw. What server are you on?
BaguhanPO (2)
I just play the trade and farming side on this game. I gave up on trying to keep up with other peoples gs.
naenref76 (3)
It's dead and has no soul
Alienijsbeer (1)
Really depends on which server you play if you arent lvl 55 yet I would highly suggest finding out which servers are the highest populated (imo EU- Alexander, NA- Tyrenos). Starter quest areas are usually empty Since experienced players and new players who do a research make a new character go to lvl 30 in about 30 minutes to an hour.
In my oppinion the game really starts at ancestral lvl 1, that is after you hit normal lvl 55. Fastest way to get there is skip all yellow quests except the glider/mount/ battlepet and only do the green quests until lvl 30. after lvl 30 do both yellow and green quests (usually startpoint is Halcyona). After you hit lvl 45 you can choose to continue lvl up via questing (which is the longer route), or grind mobs in Aegis island (the turtles on the beach). To make this grind easier you could ask in your factionchat if somebody is able to lvl with you.
If you have more questions you are free to ask 😀
InspectorCell (1)
I kinda figured... Well I have a fanatic on the freshstart server and a darkrunner on Alexander. Both feel about equally populated.
What server are you on? Judging by your name you're dutch aswell, so it could be cool to play on the same server! 🙂
Alienijsbeer (1)
Me Dutch yes. I play Alexander Haranya side, IGN Durlon, class Cursebrand usually.
Hit me up!
bigbutae (1)
Getting to lvl 55 takes a few days. Basically this is the tutorial.
ItsVanillaNice (1)
Transfers coming soon, I'd play a server you can freely do stuff on like packs and then transfer when you're strong enough.
Charming-Plan1point0 (1)
The "f2p" unchained version is already getting p2w. They got impatient and now if you pay you get more diligence for doing the archepass. More diligence = more labor. More labor = more gold/progress. That is with the pets with exp/gold drop increase etc too if i recall. They even stooped to selling x5 serp stones 1 per character (for now lol just wait) It's only a matter of time before it gets worse. They will get more desperate soon. you can just tell from them making you go to their top off page to claim rewards they can easily send to your mailbox. for example, "use this code at top off credit page to redeem xyz for free!" they are so nice! sending you free stuff and maybe you'll feel good enough to spend just a couple bucks because of it 🙂