JoJoDeath (3)
You're better off going for garden infusions, so the pink ones from the meadows quest. Besides, if you've got \~1.5k red scrolls, you have plenty for upgrading all of your T3 gear to T4, so you'll want to take the blue infusions no matter what at that point(you need A LOT of them for all your gear).
Pranowo94 (1)
Garden still locked on my server(SEA) , and no castle. I have tons of green infusion, like 1/2 of my warehouse, but cant upgrade it into blue infusion.
So the only thing to get blue infusion is from farm at EHM, drill camp, and Daily or weekly quest.
What do you think?
drclawx (0)
Can you exchange at a castle?
krazye87 (-1)
Cant change those greens to blues at mistsong?
Pranowo94 (1)
YesthatTabitha (1)
Might as well open and throw them into your gear if you cant change them to blue. Any synthesis is better than none?
Bikaz (1)
They are absolutely not worth opening what so ever. I would rather use the labor you have spare on making gold with your main account too. Larceny is always an option. So just finish your gems, costume and undergarments off in the time till you actually get content on your server. Is there any date announced when you get all these basic things? Isnt that server almost half a year old? Im guessing most people are in fully mythic t4 or library t2 by now. Dont get why in the world they are holding back sieges from you tho and all the Castlepack pvp.
Pranowo94 (1)
They usually at t1 eternal. P2W on SEA server is massive. People who use hiram like me still have T3 armor, because they usually awaken their weapon first, except tank.
They just release T4 one week ago. I waste like 200 or 300 blue infusion and only T4 legendary 52%. Ugh, and i need to do this on my offhand, because im swiftblade. OMG
We have undergarment, costume, gem T1+3, and T2 gem T2 Library, T4 Hiram. Latest update map is EHM, no castle
But they are not announcing when castle is ready.
I think im gonna pick blue infusion on weekly or daily. I dont want to waste my time grind on EHM monster
SausageStroker (0)
not worth the labor
robertrijkers (1)
if you want to go eternal.. forget about using green infusions.. just bank them or send them to yourself (by demoing an 8x8 with an hereafter chest) until you do get the update to upcraft them.
Pranowo94 (1)
So right now better make it into full mythic gear first? and wait for next update until i can upgrade into blue infusion?