bigbutae (2)
Tog, before a merger it is important to have all items in inventory. Old reports of people losing items from their mail. Also they full kit demo your properties so you may lose furniture and stuff stored in chests. It may take support some time to find all your lost items. Since support sucks may be 2 months or never for us to get stuff back! No idea if transfers are free. Would be nice to have us merged with the other dead servers. The longer they wait the less people will come back. Many are involved in other games and will never come back as it stands today. Merges are at least 2 months late!
JTIG22 (1)
This has been the only update I thought was 100% necessary for the health of Archeage. Other than better catchup mechanics of course.
But I'm hyped! I can't wait to transfer off my dead server!
theelezra (1)
You sound just like Charlie from Emergency Awesome lol