Alienijsbeer (12)
1. MOST IMPORTANT: before awakening gear to Hiram, make sure you have good stats on them, ideally all 3 but 2/3 is also good. If you have a lot of bad stats, you will have regrets for the rest of your archeage adventure believe me.
2. Do the blue salt bond quests to get a farm, house, farmcart, donkey.
3. Find a family to join (or make your own) to do the daily family cargo quest for some gold.
4. Find a lowbie, casual or any other guild that you can ask all your newbiequestions to.
5. Google some skillcombo's you can use to be more efficient in combat.
6. Upgrade your glider from experimental to ultimate (find video on youtube for correct way)
7. Try to do normal Howling Abbys Dungeon to the first boss to get items you can salvage with evenstone for some gold. \*doable from around 4k GS but can be tricky still)
8. If you already switch skilltrees it's okay, but try to level up the same three skilltrees until lvl 55 so those three are all max lvl (to access ancestral skills)
9. Buy a dilligence mount they have a basespeed of 13.2 m/s (you also need to buy gear to get to 13.2) The cheap option is the bunny, but it's a single person mount (Still very good tho). As a new player it can be confusing to follow raids, so if you can keep up the pace with same speedmount, you will be less confused.
10. Don't get discouraged, lot of people already invested 1000+ hours on their character, this game is a long grind, focus on your own progression ( I know its hard). And don't feel bad if you die all the time under 7k GS.
11. Make some friends to do stuff with ingame.
I read the other post and agree with those points, I typed mine to add to the list instead of confirming other peoples points, so you are max prepared! Any specific question, let us know. There are videos on Youtube about many things I named.
SausageStroker (2)
quest gear only get 2 synthesis stats max so 2/2 perfect before awakening to hiram with some rerolls to spare preferably. also to add to that: you can buy explorer t1 gear for a few silver from weapon/armor merchants and you can make that to t3 explorer with infusions and awaken scrolls sold from general merchant. do this over and over until your piece is 2/2 stats perfect before using the explorer > hiram awaken scrolls. there is no other way to get explorer>hiram awaken scroll than the ones you get from doing the green questline so dont waste them on pieces with shitty synthesis stats
deikan (2)
To piggy back on this:
\- Try to gem your gear before your awaken to hiram, you save like 80% of the cost as explorer.
\- Save your diligence! It's an extremely valuable and limited resource. On a main character it should be primarily spent on a good mount, glider, and combat pet. In the order of importance.
Mount: white or blue kirin mount
Glider: Any class except tank should get sloth glider. Everyone should have eagle glider and rocket glider. Flamefeather, umbrella, wings of protection/terror are all really good gliders too.
Battle pet: pumpkin from archepass\*, blobby
\- Archepass\* do the october archepass, it doesn't give you a lot of diligence but the last reward is a battle pet that gives you a 3 second untargetable which is extremely strong.
gnmpolicemata (1)
I believe you save close to 3k gold when gemming explorer's. It slows down early progress, but once you're gemmed your gs just flies. It's how I originally did things when I joined Alexander late and well, managed to catch up pretty well.
qtish (4)
Uninstall - best preparation for end game.
yawnicus (1)
I tried that. Didn't help. For some reason I couldn't access content
qtish (0)
It opens whole lot other content.
JoJoDeath (1)
I believe you can do quests like CR/GR already, as the quests are obtainable at those levels. Aegis/Whalesong/hiram dailies are not doable yet until you reach level 50/55, so you can only really wait with that.
If you have money and labor to spare, you might as well start gemming up gear already, as the explorer gear can transform into hiram gear, which you will keep on using throughout the game. Gemming is more expensive, the more gems you have slotted and the higher grade your gear is. So it's best to gem up as early as possible. Of course, this is considering that you want to go for T1+6 gems and have the honor and gold to actually get the gems and are able to slot them.
I don't know what class you are playing, but getting gems for your weapons is never a bad choice(usually % crit dmg increase or penetration, depending on your build).
If you don't have those things, don't worry too much and play until you reach a higher level. Just do the quests, play around, find a nice guild, get some gold, and most importantly, have fun!
luniz420 (1)
i would just hoard currency like honor, gold, infusions, etc. other than that, go through the race quests and once you get a skill set to level 50 switch to a new one, so that by the time you get to say 51 you have at least 4 classes unlocked.
Caekie (1)
the #1 method of progressing in this game is not burning out and chugging along. absolutely only do what's reasonable for you time wise and don't feel like there's fomo or you're missing out on anything. there's a ludicrous amount of things you can do to progress/make gold and theres honestly not enough time in a day.
anyway heres a short list i came up with on the spot
gold wise:
1. first boss of howling abyss normal mode drops gear you can evenstone for starlight archeum crystal which is very good money. x5 per day = insane early game gold
2. if you can get into the RD instance that happens on a fixed schedule, it gives very very good money from spinal ridges and gold chests
3. joining a family lets you finish family missions which gives very good amounts of vocation you can sell to other players or if you have property plant yourself and sell the crops
4. try to find a way to spend all your labor everyday in a meaningful/profitable way so you you're never labor capped and not regenerating labor
progression wise
1. server reset occurs at exactly 4 PM PST every sunday. this is when "reset raid" occurs on most servers and everyone bangs out all the hiram dailies for the rest of the week. to access all the hiram dailies you need to be at level 55 at minimum. it is highly recommended you make it to these raids as missing them means doing it solo or with a guild and without already being geared can be almost impossible.
2. decide early whether you'll be using lib armor in the late game or hiram armor so you can focus your resources properly and not waste any things on sets you won't be using later.
3. in regards to lunagems, only use glorious gems. upgrading honor gems to +6 isn't worth it at this point in time
xso111 (1)
be efficient with your labor
darknetwork (1)
find a guild/nation that give you bigger chance to do hiram ring questline and noryette accesories