robertrijkers (1)
if you want to solo hereafter rebellion when you can enter at 8k gs... the best thing to do is to level up awakened pet gear for a tanking bear. ( it can outtank Kurt and makes it an ez dog kill for extra loot)
sonatta09 (1)
>awakened pet gear
im sorry i have no idea how to gear or awaken pet? how to do this?
krazye87 (1)
Staff mage. When you have enoughdamage that the boss dies you're good to go for greater dungeons. I started farming dungeons solo at loke 4.5k gs or so. And started soloing mistsong 2 bosses at like 15k gs.
Go leather.
c0smic_cucumber (2)
Solo greaters at 4,5kgs? How? I have a 6kgs Alt with t4 Hiram and would like to know
krazye87 (1)
At this GS it took me a lot of deaths to figure what i bosses i can or cant do.
I needed statue buff, strength of the faction, foodbuff and honor pot for more magic attack. A few bosses had to make sure i had 3 stacks of thwart justbefore pulling with ice meteor and maybe drink a healing pot. At 6.5k+ at least GHA all the bosses are like almost killed with just meteor alone, and then a few spells if you focused a staff to T3 and your gear is okayish
SausageStroker (1)
learn mechanics and skip the mobs
sonatta09 (1)
what class spec is mage??
sorcery and X X ??
ClockShift (2)
Sorcery and Malediction are the main trees for mage. Staff Spellsinger (sorcery, songcraft, shadowplay) would be the best for low gs greater dungeons I would think.
robertrijkers (1)
rather take healing instead of shadowplay at low gs...
krazye87 (1)
Like clock said, youcan go spellsinger. Or something like sorc songcraft and auramancy for thwart and teleport away from some mechanics