tomenas94 (6)
Gunner class... where most games start to die xD
Caekie (2)
Aion 4.x is when gunners came out and some people regard that patch to be the absolute peak of aion actually
SwordBreaker35 (1)
Gunner was fun in Aion but hands down my favorite class in Aion is the painter my god that class was fun to level.
ItsVanillaNice (1)
True. Good thing if its shit archers can literally just stay archers.
WingAndPrayer (1)
Can someone translate? 😅🙈
MintSharpii (1)
Bang bang pow pow pew pew pew.
SwordBreaker35 (1)
That´s cool I like gunner class my main in FFXIV may be Dragoon but next best class I enjoy is Machinist.
mycackittens (0)
soooooooooo basically nothing to actually bring the game to a better state. Just dog shit stuff. Cool, seems about right for this dying game. Sad boiz.