allnamesalreadytak3n (15)
Reminds me of that one time when they reduced a decor item from 500 credits to 499
Aspect-of-Death (2)
The mannequins.
Mooncakezor (11)
Another proof that all of Gamigo smokes way too much weed on the job
HoneyBHunter (8)
Hahahahah! That’s so Gamigo!
DemonVice (3)
Gotta love gamigo's marketing art people. The old price was actually 9.99$. the shop page displays it correctly
Skyborn2 (3)
So sad see this game butchered by these mongrols....
Necessarysolutions (3)
Greefer (3)
Gotta admit. It's actually a gem every time something like this comes out.