RedTheMad (11)
The nostalgic part of me, who is in love with what this game once was... Is so much hyped and curious about this.
But the realistic and pragmatic side of me who quitted years ago can't see the point of adding a "new" class into a game with so many major flaws to be fixed..
iRengar (2)
archeage 2 is a thing
Caekie (1)
Do you think you could do translations of the passives? it seems that the passives are pretty critical to this class and theyre omitted 🙁
dpainhahn (3)
Yeah once they come out in KR, I'll do them. At the moment I don't have access to it so.
brossef (1)
The numbers on these abilities just seem so low, ya sure they hit multiple times but its like hitting someone with basic endless arrows and that does nothing to geared people.