wolf156 (1)
I just bought Gunslinger from the website but when i load up the game i dont have any mail or options to unlock it. It's been 2 days since i bought the class too.
What can i do here?
MrDeeZeee (1)
I bought mine on steam, obviously had to link your glyph acc and steam acc, then after a bit there was a chest in my mail that gave a gunslinger tome.
wolf156 (1)
I did link my Glyph and Steam account when I made my Glyph account. I still haven't gotten anything. Is there a way to verify the two accounts got linked?
So I have been looking into ArcheAge and have been wondering, are classes distinct in this game? Like if I choose witchcraft occultism and vitalism as my sets, technically I am a necromancer but will I be raising undead and spirits and shit? How different does it actually feel compared to rolling witchraft, occultism and sorcery and playing a demonologist? Do demonologists get to summon demons? Or are these just class names and everyone basically pulls from the same selection of spells?
Madliv (1)
Nope, theres nothing like that. Each class (witchcrcraft, occultistm and vitalism have their own sets of skills) some skills synergies better with other, but theres that, no new spells appear from the combination of classes, consider each class as a set of skills, you just pick 3 set of skills and use the abilities as you like.
realedazed (2)
Is AAU good for someone who is super casual and just want to play for farming and trade runs (farmville, I guess lol), decorate houses and collect cosmetics? I'm just a bit unsure since I don't really have time to grind out their battle pass just for Ser meatball - I'd rather just buy him directly.
I used to play legacy and have a few cool things there and I was considering just returning there and paying for patron for a few months. Speaking of which, I'm not a long term player I usually just drift in and out for a months at a time.
darknetwork (1)
if you're not interested competitive and upgrading your GS, AAU is good for farmville. lots of open land in FS, and i think people in OLD AAU server start demoing their house too. You dont need patron in AUU so you can just hoard tax and pay it for few months. However if doing archepass isn't your thing, it's better to stick with legacy.
Spunndaze (2)
Fist time player coming from FFXIV. I only mentioned FF for reference. I rolled Malediction and am just starting out. Lvl 20. So far the game is pretty linear and I'm sure at some point it will open up. My question to the thread is, other than seeing the word chat, I've been completely alone at these early levels. Is that by design or is it that there isn't a lot of new players joining the game and everyone is at the fist main city? There might be some assumptions in my question.
Accomplished-Day5946 (2)
Sorry for late reply
The game is massive and empty for the most part which I don't mind, I never fight over mobs or areas. Most people are farming or grinding now. It's not dead at all because it was difficult to get spacing for houses lool. marionple is often packed but players are spread all around.
recepcavusoglu (1)
Im a returning player on Unchained and cant we create a new character at fresh start server? I cant login on carmilla.
KaidenUmara (2)
any big changes coming in updates? not really been following AA but this popped up on my front page for some reason despite having one upvote and being new!
darknetwork (2)
luniz420 (2)
The gunslinger class is still relatively new and there are new zones and in game content/world bosses if that's your thing.
KaidenUmara (3)
thanks for the reply but it does not. the game has seriously turned course from what i liked about it a long time ago. to me it is a game that should have never been toucied by dalies but they have instead completely replaced the things i liked. it was the best mmo i've ever played while it lasted though :)