xso111 (4)
1. your bottleneck for upgraded gems is honor(and castle coin, so RIP pirates) while your bottleneck for t3 gems is gold, so it really depends on your situation in game
2. its a gigantic pain in the ass and a waste of gold upgrading t3 gems like once t4 comes out you'll have to remove the gem again and then resocket it costing labor and gold while honor gems can be upgraded thourgh the window
cryalote (2)
Since XL already thinks stats are too high I doubt there will be T4 like ever.
Purple_Catz (1)
I was more curious in what the stats are respectively. I know it's gonna be honor heavy for the upgrades, but the gold seems to worth it if in fact the stats are higher
xso111 (2)
they are equal at the current highest tier(t6 vs t3) you can check it in item encyclopedia
Purple_Catz (2)
Many thanks, honor it is then
Alienijsbeer (2)
Really up to you. I am doing the honor route myself and it takes super long... But it does save a lot of gold.