Aspect-of-Death (8)
Shield if you want to be tanky.
Dagger if you want the dual wield attack speed bonus.
Staff if you want to nuke shit.
Kaisertier (8)
You don't have to farm for rng hiram items anymore.
At the honor benches in your main cities austera/marionople you can make
brilliant explorer gear awakening scrolls for 2 sun dust/2 moon dust and
a blank regrade scroll.
So instead of farming you can just go ahead and buy the items from
the weapon/armor vendor just like your quest gear when you first leveled, and buy quest
infusions/scrolls from the general vendor and go ahead and make your
b.i.s shield
gnmpolicemata (1)
Adding to this, if you can't craft the awakening scrolls, that's because you need to complete the tutorial quests. If you got at any point a fox pet from awakening stuff to Hiram, then you're good. Otherwise, see if you have them in your quest log, if you don't then check the tutorial NPC outside of the hero hall.
Spunndaze (1)
Dude, yeah, I'm una me to craft them. I have the tutorial quest but at the papeer press outside the hero hall in my main city, the menu doesn't have an option to craft the blank scrolls. I see other types of regrade scrolls and I have the mats. I'm just not seeing the option to craft the blank ones. Weird.
bigriveron (1)
craft awakening scrolls rank 3 at a table in the hero hall. tutorial quests will let you make once as a quest.
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aftermarketcrash (4)
Usually what a lot of people do is base their gear off the top 100 geared players. Press Shift+U and it will pull up a window of top geared players. Find someone who is running a similar class as you are and right click their name and select view equipment.
ApertureOmega (4)
horrendous experience is what Arche Age does best! better get strapped in for more heartbreak if you keep playing it. dont say people didnt try to warn you.
PiercedAngel96 (-5)
Run as far away from the game as you can
Scamigo killed it.
Skyborn2 (3)
Game seems alive to me with 250 people pvp on prime time, So just move on
HugeDomuS_ (1)
What server ?
Skyborn2 (1)
Jakar(EU) , Pirates are around 50 and counting, Nuians on prime time gather 120 and Haranya can gather up to 70. BD deny was insane 150 nuians, 80 haranyans and 10 pirates.