Environmental-Cost-5 (2)
Both have their perks, one mentioned above. That being said there’s certainly more resilience available than toughness. They are cheap enough to swap around and find out what works for you.
ArtichokeNaive2811 (2)
Resilience hands down.. Most of us run heavy crit builds
Purple_Catz (1)
Thanks, I'll be switching some gems out
resultzz (2)
Resilience is more effect than received damage has a bigger effect on reducing the incoming damage.
Aspect-of-Death (1)
Resil makes you harder to crit on. Keeps your from getting nuked by crit builds.
JeibuKul (1)
Forget both of those options, just add +Damage.. that is the ticket.
Environmental-Cost-5 (2)
This too. Faster enemy dies less damage you take.