Aspect-of-Death (10)
It's meh.
ApertureOmega (13)
The game is dead. The only ones who think its not never saw it back in the hay day and have no clue what they are talking about.
Hannelore300 (5)
Hurts to read but u god damn right. I played AA unchained on EUW I saw every god damn time the same people and if there was someone new just told me ITS ME boi my 8 alt.
InfernalWolfX (7)
This goes for both Archeage and Unchained. Just pass on it and keep your good memories. It's not worth the pain to play anymore.
Hannelore300 (3)
So true. Most of the time people just wanna relief their memories. Desperate times desperate times for an good mmorpg.
icepawz36 (2)
Hmm.. Came here feeling that same temptation.
Booted up old school Runescape but I wanted something more
Cigania (3)
ded game , you have the nice ppl that play for farmvile and the pvp big eggo whales that will never leave the game cause spend so much money on it..Run from this shit
Kaiton11 (3)
Game is dead, its the same people RMTing and exploiting for the last 2-3 years.
Testing2521995 (2)
You can advance alright...
Just takes 2 months...

NOW FUN THO.. it ain't.
mikromanus (2)
Economy is dead because of farmhand +cheap "mass production" items. Example: price of logs is under material costs. 11 copper/rough stone. But hey! You can buy mining drills and majestic trees. You can "plant" and harvest 400 seeds in some seconds.
We got too many free "high-end" eco things: tax cheater houses and farms, free full beanstalk KIT, cars = less objectives to do in long term.
Scamingo controls nothing. It lets us use unlimited accounts (near 0 bans), or we can buy anything vs real money (tradeable resources, labor trade in crafting requests, land share, no price control in AH).
New upgrade system (hiram) is too easy = it kills everything out of hiram and high-end TRADEABLE erenor gear. Older players have insane gear advantage and ALL players got easy gear upgrades in dumb events.
short version: NA/EU AAU = standard scamingo's game cemetery. This servers have not bad population because of merge (rests of ther rests merged to the same prison camp. No escape-no future). Other versions and regions = p2w.
BaQstein_ (5)
RaccoonArt (2)
Legacy or Unchained ? NA or EU ? Better go for Archeage Unchained its worth your time.
Turtle_Walker (1)
I'd be NA, probably unchained.
Not very interested in PvP focus stuff, still worth it?
I don't mind open PvP but I won't seek it
Sp1kes (3)
The Unchained servers are very much alive. If you enjoy the Farmville aspect or grinding it's great.
TaintedPhant (1)
Unchained is fine. Good population, full raids every day, loads of guilds. It’ll be a bit of a grind to “catch up” but you’ll be fine!
Cigania (1)
Good population? The game ( talking about EU and NA) dont have more then 600ppl playing active, now spread that for 6 servers and tell me how is that good population?
TaintedPhant (1)
Idk what server you’re playing on but I can get groups for anything and the guild I’m on is extremely active. We have guild events nightly.
Haxxelerator (1)
SEA still have \~500 queue, and the server came out about half a month already
ApertureOmega (0)
Shut up propagandist.
wirblewind (2)
I mean he's not wrong, the Sea server is super popular. Most people enjoy it more than the NA servers due to the fact that they actually ban people. Just you have to put up with the total p2w on the cash shop.
ApertureOmega (1)
Oh so the sea servers on this game just so happen to be popular? Even though that's never been true of any other mmo ever? Interesting. Either you are talking it up for personal reasons or we got a fucking miracle on our hands.
wirblewind (1)
Yeah because it's run directly by XL games and not scamigo so its THEIR product they actually care about some integrity.

You can check it out yourself but during primetime there is absolutely a que.

A lot of the guys i played with on NA servers all quit and left for SEA and they are having a blast with it, if PSO NG wasn't coming out id join them.
ApertureOmega (2)
You think XL games has.... integrity? Rofl there's those personal reasons I was referring to. 🤣
wirblewind (2)
More than scamigo that's for sure. And I don't play any of them so I have 0 personal reasons to care about AA or what you think.

But ignorance is bliss.
ApertureOmega (2)
So you admit you don't even play the game so you don't know what you are talking about? Didn't you JUST SAY that the pop was significant? How would you even know? Word of mouth? Rofl.
wirblewind (1)
Guess not only are you ignorant but have some severe reading comprehension problems.
ApertureOmega (2)
Whatever you say nobody.
mycackittens (1)
But how does one join sea : been trying to search for a way with no answers
ErryCrowe (1)
If you absolutely have to play it for whatever reason definitely go Unchained, otherwise I'd suggest looking for a different game.
Population is fine on Unchained but thats not the issue, the rest of the game is.
KasunL (1)
If you play any of this games, Archage, rift, play them as you play a single person pc game, not as MMORPG -- that's what I'm doing at least Cuz they are vertually deserts. Few good guilds, but less than 20 players logged on at a given time. Tho not bad if you just wanna do solo quests for quests sake, or even Intrepid adventures (tho they get really boring quick).
Sorry for bad English, from Srilanka.
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