itsnotadonut (5)
Playing fanatic without fireball? Isn't the whole point of fanatic that you can animation cancel?
Might as well replace sorcery for auramancy or songcraft.
[deleted] (1)
I forgot fireball when I respec'd, oops.
Also missing Arc Lightning, oh no!
Tavernsul (3)
What about the other 3 bars? U missing a bunch of skills, gliders, mounts, and weapons
hazzmatt4 (2)
There are more bars?
empnoah55 (2)
Look for shortcuts in the setting and checkbox all the other bars
[deleted] (1)
I just didnt show those bars in the screen as I don't have them bound to the pad or my mouse. I just click for mounts, pets, etc.
Hulda_357 (3)
What is this gladiator arena? Imagine playing AA and not using like 10 gliders and 10 mounts.
[deleted] (4)
Hope this can be useful for someone who is interested in keypads but hasn't delved into them at all. I am by no means a "pro" Fanatic, but I find this setup to be comfortable for my style of play.
Updated bindings: [Fireball and Arc Lightning added, other skills re-positioned.](
ApertureOmega (-12)
its not helpful.
eHug (1)
I tried something similar but had to uninstall the Razer software completely because it kept crashing Archeage every few minutes. Did they fix this after all these years?