Miray1902 (3)
I had same problem. I tried a lot and in the end figured out that problem with the game file "game\_pak". So i copied this file from my friend\`s pc that has working version and everything work now.. So its just installator has broken version of this file after last update..
Crystacry (1)
Oh man, thank you!^^ Though Idk anyone that could send me a working game_pak :/
FlexDetroit (1)
Where is that located?
Miray1902 (2)
Miray1902 (2)
i think just need to wait until they fix this, or if you know anyone who have working version you can copy and replace this file. I tried everything and this is only thing that helped.
Sabertoys (1)
Would you be willing to send me the game\_pak you guys had?
Beerzeerk (1)
just so u know, it is not allowed to copy someones game\_pak
nefestipel (2)
Last maintenance they released a patch that broke the game for many.
Gamigo waiting devs to fix it. give it few days
Crystacry (1)
Thank you for the reply, I hope it’ll be resolved by the fix^^
Where is the best place to see if the fix has/will come out?
Aildari (2)
The launcher will say update instead of play. Let it download then when you hit play it usually takes a few minutes that first time before you see the loading screen with the text.
DemoH28 (1)
Ah so thats what has been going on. I randomly decided to redownload this game because I ran out of things to play and thought I might as well give this game another shot since I am out of things to do lol, looks like I chose a bad time to do that though. Thanks for the info!
eHug (1)
Wow. Gamigo/XLGames got this fast these days? When I played they needed weeks or months to fix stuff - if they fixed it all and didn't disable it straight away.
Sabertoys (2)
Could someone send me their game\_pak as well?
Iejirisk (2)
Olisushi (1)
also, try to put the game folder in antivirus exceptions, that was an issue for me back in the time I was playing AA
Crystacry (1)
Thank you for the suggestion, though that is something I’ve already tried without any success
Olisushi (1)
aww. Good luck finding the right thing!
FlexDetroit (1)
Omfg i thought it was me wtfffffffff
Crystacry (1)
Someone mentioned in another comment that the game_pak is the problem. Though if you have any mods like KR font or FOV mod it could cause the black screen too (Mods aren’t the problem in my case, though I thought I should let you know)
FlexDetroit (1)
I am using both mods ill have to unistall and try
Crystacry (1)
Did it work uninstalling the mods?^^
FlexDetroit (1)
Got it to work by taking game_pak off another computer and putting it on mine.
FOV mod works with this current patch but KR font doesn't. Both edit game_pak but only FOV works for me
VolticSaurus (1)
i recommend refunding it the games a shit show if ur this late with starting ur gonna be dealing with 12-15k gearscore not gonna be able to do anything
DraygoKorvan (1)
Steps (you do so at your own risk). These steps do not require a separate working install
1. Change region to PTS
2. Patch/Install PTS version
3. Copy game\_pak and pts-history.txt from the PTS version folder to the AAUnchained or ArcheAge/Live folder
4. delete history.txt
5. rename pts-history.txt to history.txt
6. launch glyph and patch the game with the glyph client
Sabertoys (1)
I tried this, it still happens :/
Iejirisk (1)
DraygoKorvan (1)
I assure you this does work if you follow the steps exactly. It has been working for a lot of people on discord. You do have to restart glyph and have glyph patch the game. A few people miss this step. Keep in mind that gamingo are warning against downloading game\_pak from any third party, if you do that it is at your own risk.
BlasterCL (1)
does someone have a link for the game\_pak?, none of my friends can start the game u.u
DraygoKorvan (1)
You can download the PTS version and patch it, I posted the steps in this thread.
Ellescalier (1)
Boomer on Steam gave me this advice, & it worked. After uninstalling/reinstalling 5x, copying game\_pak files, & changing history.txt, this worked exactly as he said it would.
Go to "Steam\\steamapps\\common\\ArcheAge Unchained\\Games" and there must be 2 folders but with different name. Archeage Unchained and AAUnchained. Copy all files from Archeage Unchained and paste to AAUnchained (replace all files). It will do new update for 1.8 GB and after that it might work.
DemoH28 (1)
Thanks! I have been needing a working solution for steam. Worked just fine for me, no issues at all.
putridition (1)
when do you guys think they'll fix this?
UnionKlutzy (1)
Charge back then never think of this game again. It's not worth it.
Crystacry (1)
I asked for help, not your opinion, I got the game working and I’ve been having a blast since then and even though the current maintenance is taking longer than expected I’m happy and patient to wait for the game to come back up to continue playing it and enjoy it, but if you feel so that it’s not worth your time, then don’t play it