qtish (12)
Botting has been problem on the server since its launch, all servers. You can show screenshots, videos, stream it - Gamigo gms dont care. They see it as hassle and extra work.
G0DLIK3 (2)
i reported a dude farming his 10+ alts in growlgate with 1 hour recording, they did nothing about it, dude made like 10k pvp kills from it and who knows how much honor LOL
Kannun (6)
You can still buy and sell gold and not get banned, nobody cares like they used to
Dekugaming (4)
Gamigo will not do anything, they dont stop gold sellers, they dont stop gold buyers, they dont stop botters or hackers using a hacked client. i know players who been playing for yearts who sell gold, buy gold, bot and also hack. not one ban or anything happened to them.. they even exploited that shit that happened on the most recent fresh start server with getting those cash shop freebies on the FS server and were not banned.
this is the reality you got to face; Gamigo is a MMO Graveyard. they buy a game, milk it for every cent they can get and run it with a skeleton crew on the bare minimum of servers and support. they already game massive profits from it and no longer want to keep the game goingl plowing seeing how far they can push P2W and microtransactions onto the game before players backlash; but its already too late.
haha_what_yeah_ok (3)
Nui server never got merged? Lmao wtf
gingerdanger123 (3)
>I submitted a ticked 2 days ago but the problem is persistent.
You must be new here... submitted a ticket, lol. To who exactly? There is no one on the other end.
Blessed_Bubble (2)
[https://youtu.be/YTaK5SqgexQ](https://youtu.be/YTaK5SqgexQ) oops here is the link to the video
darknetwork (2)
There are teleport bots in godfrey that sent packs from ahnimar to solz. And until today they're not banned and standing afk in ahnimar, airain, and white arden. Seems like gamigo has cut down the anount of available staff to the point where they cant do anything.
inquisitivelettuce (0)
man wth is up with your UI lol you can fix that :P
Blessed_Bubble (3)
Hahahahahahhaha I'm working on it xD I'm a noob and can't keep track of my cool downs without having them in my face lmao
Haxxelerator (1)
welcome to the world of mmorpgs
lerobinbot (1)
eHug (1)
>I submitted a ticked 2 days ago but the problem is persistent.

When did Archeage become a game where ppl are expecting a support ticket reply after only two days instead of the usual weeks or months? Did the population dwindle that much?
CulturalFan6 (1)
The game is bascily abandoned. There is also tons of teleport hackers and so on. No game masters banning them.