danieltm3 (16)
Get out while you can! Lol
--bird (11)
Is there anyway to play this game and be competitive without needing to spend 3 months catching up?
Nope, catching up is a myth, even in 3 months.
Kaiton11 (8)
3 months? lol it will take you at least 6 months to a year if you have a decent guild.
iConcept37 (1)
Guild means crap, i am in a guild only to farm prestige for a cloak and misagon.
If you want 15++ GS than ok you need Kraken, Dragon and all other, but for dailies and gold farm and hiram upgrade you can progress in like 20 different ways with literally no guild.
If you do a bloody cargo quest with 4 chars you get ton of gold, and that is not even playing the game, that is afking.
Kaiton11 (1)
idk what guild you were in but the one I use to be in did all open world boss content and split the gold loot weekly so I managed to reach 16k gs with them just doing that and not swiping.
iConcept37 (0)
Those are rare, usually GM keeps all the gold for himself bcs reasons.
Kaiton11 (1)
If thats the case we will farm/deny him and his friends and make our own guild, idk why people even join trash guilds like that.
macka654 (3)
Is there at least diminishing returns? Why don’t they do frequent resets?
M3ttl3r (7)
Because that would decentivize the hamsters on the wheel
Xtorting (2)
I've always wanted one persistent world, with seasonal servers that everyone knew were going to reset every 2 years.
ArgenTravis (1)
vanillacokesucks (1)
No open world pvp mmo resets people lol. If you want resets play poe. Or wait for the yearly archeage fresh start server designed to just milk more money from the morons who still play this game.
iConcept37 (0)
Leave reddit trolls to trolling, you can catch up in 1-2 months if you nolife 10h/day or 3-4 months if you play casually but do all the main dailies, than with 10-12k gs you will be able to participate in basically all content and not get 1shot.
Reddit is known for toxicity, many here don't even play the game.
iConcept37 (1)
I play for 1 week and i am 4k gs and got 15k gold , there are easy ways to earn 2-3k gold a day since main servers are very active, and stuff sells almost instantly, and dungeons and content is VERY active.
Jixyyy (7)
How thic is your wallet ?
Lareine10086 (6)
Its totally not worth to play when gamigo still here, they unbanned player that botting and let hacker teleport hack on cargo and also not fixing bug on the game, tickets took months to reply, if u spend cash on the marketplace its 50/50 u get credit or it vanished and might took months for them to return ur credit, meanwhile your patron is gone ofcourse including your house/farm/etc will gone.
ApertureOmega (12)
NO. it absolutely isnt. everyday with you lost souls wondering into a dead games subreddit asking about Arche Age's viability. ITS DEAD. ITS BEEN DEAD. ANYONE PLAYING NOW GOT SUCKED IN WAY TOO LATE AND DONT KNOW THE GAME AT ITS PRIME. ITS OVER. MOVE ON.
Alienijsbeer (-2)
Lol your replies get saltier and more desperate every week haha. When are you gonna go to farmville reddit and rant about how dead the game is there please
Aspect-of-Death (4)
If this game reset regularly, I wouldn't have even played it in the first place.
Mungus_Plop (2)
I'm on unchained and I'm enjoying it.
Ladder-Previous (2)
Dead game is dead.
TaintedPhant (1)
If you’re just looking for something you can jump in and play before new world I’d suggest gw2 not archeage. Takes months to catch up gear wise. (Remember not everyone is 19k gs, most are 15k)
Yazit0 (1)
Mate, the fresh start server on NA for AAU is probably your best bet, but even then most people pay for gold etc.
But to be honest you aren't going to 'catch up' you most likely want to try for the average of 10k'ish GS. As for latency, as an OCE player myself i'd recommend a ping reducer. ExitLag is what i use but it's up to you.
Otherwise restarting on the other servers would put you up against 15k gs on average.
InfernalWolfX (1)
yea unchained and sea are basically the same at this point. gold buying everywhere; hard to catch up (if its even possible) due to the rmt and the wealth gap it creates. big guilds get bigger, and if you don't play the game as well then good fucking luck. honestly dude don't dip even a toe in. I bought in on unchained too way back when and now i have crippling depression because this game has a really good formula but its been so horribly mismanaged that the only hope is private servers and i dont know of any that are necessarily "clean" either.
Xat0_ (1)
New World is almost out, beta on July 20th, full release September 1 for the Oceanic. It will have OCE servers along with Ashes of Creation whenever that comes out, and FF14 in November.
Kahela (1)
Sea was nuts i thought I knew p2w, on sea some rich Philippino guy paid our subs to play with him. It was nuts. Ping was good, but there was Soo much racism.
smartdarts123 (1)
I started playing recently, I'm having fun. I enjoy the smaller in game community where a lot of people know each other. I don't expect to be relevant in pvp for a few more months, but as a casual player I am having fun doing pve content and tagging along during the reset raids. If you're going to see end game players and compare yourself to them constantly, it's probably not worth starting. There is a really big gear gap between fresh max level characters and people that have been playing for a long time. All of that said, I'm still having fun.
macka654 (1)
which version of the game?
smartdarts123 (1)
I'm playing unchained on Marmas server
Purple_Catz (0)
I continue liking the game even though I can't pvp all that well just yet
However, what I can suggest is if you do want to play, the PvE options are more than enough to be honest
But that's my opinion, also constant resets are terrible for a game that you need grinding for
iConcept37 (0)
I agree, the game is playable even if not pvp-able since there are way too many activities to count in it.
ApertureOmega (1)
ie potato farming and paying in game taxes on digital property.
ArgenTravis (3)
And *dailies*
iConcept37 (1)
I like to do dungeons, exploration, sea trade or travel, archivements, bosses, rarely any dailies i like but i do part of them for gear, than i enjoy crafting and trading items, so yeah quite a few things, this can take months without touching pvp and than youll be ready for pvp. Or just play equalised arenas if you are hardcore.
ApertureOmega (1)
All about you isn't it?
iConcept37 (1)
Maybe your brain is limited in capacity so all you can do is pvp, calling every other content game offers potatoing, but there are people who actually enjoy other content. And no, i never reserved space, those are bots and gold sellers.
ApertureOmega (1)
You play the game at launch? Cause if not you don't even know what dead game means.
VinnareKen (0)
You can always try AA through the LinePod launcher as you'll be on a SEA server as the ping is around 150ms making it far, far more enjoyable as an experience. Only issue is that it is not AAU and population isn't as good.